Down in the woods today

This erotic sex story published on May 20, 2005 was written by Kevin Blake and is from our Erotic Stories section.
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I was chatting to my mates over a pint in the pub and was trying to explain t them that, well basically I was frustrated with my wifeís lack of interest ins sex.

One of my mates said that I ought to take her out more.

One suggested I get her to dress up in kinky clothes.

I said I had tried everything but when we do fuck she justs lets me get on with it and has no interest at all.

One friend suggested I give her a bit of a fright to heighten her excitement levels. I said how can I do that.

A plan was discussed and my three drinking buddies all decided to help.

I would drive her to a wood and I would walk too fast so she was on her own and then she would get scared. When she found me it would release a vast desire and she will want me to take her to bed. It sounded great to me, well not too clever but I was ready to try anything.

I convinced Pauline to where a long flowing dress and said I was going to take her out for a drive so we could discuss things. She knew I would talk about sex but I knew she thought if she was in the car I wouldnít try anything on.

We drove a few miles out into the countryside and I said I had ran out of petrol. She called me stupid and I said it was not going to be a problem because we could just walk through the small woods to the garage the other side. Or I said you can stay in the car if your prefer.

Pauline did not want to stay in the car and we locked it up and set off for the woods.

After a couple of minutes walking I said we will have to hurry up as the garage will soon be shutting and I ran off calling back to Pauline that she better run.

Pauline had a pair of high heel shoes on and couldnít run so she drifted behind me.

After five minutes had past I hide in the woods as planned and Pauline carried on walking. She tried to run and ended up taking her shoes off. She ran a little and caught her dress on a tree and it slightly ripped. At that moment she her a voice and said is that you john? There was no reply and she ran a little further and caught her dress on another sticking out branch and it ripped a little more.

A voice whispered something and Paulineís heart started to pound. She decided to hide behind a tree and wait.

It was dark and John was nowhere in sight. Little did he know but one of his mates Tom fancied his wife and he saw Pauline sat on a log and crept up behind her. He decided to wrap a rag around her eyes so she did not recognise her and wrestled her to the floor.

She started to scream but Tom was a big lad and he soon silenced her with his hand and then ripped at her dress and exposed her bra. She recognised it was Tom. He soon ripped her bra off and she managed to push him off and ran calling him to chase her as she felt quite excited.

She was now bra less and her dress was in shreds exposing her long sexy legs.

Pauline ran a little way and one of Johnís so called mates stepped in her way and she fell to the floor.

She looked at him and recognised he was Johnís mate and she secretly fancied him.

Tom arrived and the two looked at her on the floor and then at each other. They know and she knew exactly what was going to happen.

She told them she wanted to be fucked by them but her husband was near by.

They knew he was way off because they planned that he would be back at the car by now and only the three of them were in the woods.

The third accomplice arrived on the scene and they thought they would have a little fun.

Tom said he was going to be first and dived on her while the other two chatted to her about her sexual desires.

Each of them took it in turns fucking Pauline and Pauline panted and moaned with pleasure.

She didnít know why but she really enjoyed being used and fucked by Johnís mates and at one point told them to fuck her again.

When hey all finished fucking she got up and they told her the plan.

She agreed to go back to the car and took John home and fucked him liked he never been fucked before.

She also agreed to meet the lads and some of their friends for further gang bangs in the woods each month.

Kevin Blake

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