Rachel and Stormy Night Sex

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Dec 30, 2012 was written by Rachel and is from our Short stories section.
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"Emerson nearing sexual climax withdrew from her pussy and began to masturbate his hands moving quickly up and down his cock"

It was a stormy night and Rachel got out of her car in a downpour. It was a Friday night and she had been working back late to try to get through the backlog of paperwork that seemed to be never ending.

She was glad to be almost home however wasnít pleased as she didnít have an umbrella to stop her from getting drenched, well it was now or sit around for goodness knows how long to wait for a break in the weather. As she was tired from a long day at work she decided to make a run for it up to the entrance of her apartment block.

She made it to the lift drenched, her new silk blouse was peeled to her breasts and as it was cold her nipples were hard and showed through the material as little round mounds. The lift doors opened and just as Rachel pressed the button for level 15 just as the lift doors started to close a man who had also been caught in the down pour placed his hands on the doors to stop them from closing.

He was a handsome man in a rugged way. He glanced at Rachel and their eyes locked, she like him was taken by his looks and was immediately drawn to him, the chemistry was there. Rachel had a burning desire to go to him and kiss him but was nervous and felt rather silly that she should be feeling such things with a complete stranger.

The lift was fitted with all round mirrors so it was impossible not to look at him. He noticed her interest and motioned towards her with a smile and gently took her hand kissed it and introduced himself as Emerson, his kiss even to her hand made her tremble and she tried to discreetly rearrange the blouse so that her breasts were not so exposed. He touched her hand again it was to reassure her that he enjoyed seeing her hard nipples and gently cupped both her breasts with his hands. Rachel sensed the aching in her vagina and her pulse quickened with his touch. Emerson moved closer and gently kissed her mouth, his tongue dancing with Rachelís in circling motions that made Rachel feel even more turned on. He began to unbutton her blouse and with the other hand pressed the stop button Ė the lift came to an abrupt stop. Rachel leaned back into the mirror and grasped the handrails that ran the whole way around the lift. She was tempted to run her hands all over his body but wanted to savor the moment so leant back even more so so that he could kiss her neck.

Emerson unbuttoned his pants and began to feel his hard cock in one hand whilst releasing Rachelís breasts from her bra and kneading them gently. Rachel could no longer hold back and reached for his cock, he was so hard she moved her hand slowly up and down and applying a stronger grip with each movement, Emerson started to groan. Rachel slowly moved her mouth down his chest and onto his cock and gently licked the head making circular motions together with her firm grip moving up and down his shaft. She moved her hand down to his balls and gently massaged them in unisism with her giving head. Emerson groaned louder and found it hard to support himself standing.

Emerson moved his way down the mirror so that he was sat on the floor and moved his hand to Rachelís crutch where he ran his fingers over her and slipped his index finger underneath her panties. Her vagina was wet and soft he circled her clit with his finger numerous times sliding up and down and then inserted his finger into her ever so gently. Rachel was moaning and found it hard to continue with pleasuring him. She had to stop every now and then - he was so good with his fingers that she was on the brink of coming so many times but didnít stop - it felt so good.

Emerson gently laid Rachel on the floor of the lift he removed his wet jacket and shirt and placed them behind her head. He circled her nipples with his tongue and moved down her stomach towards her vagina. He stopped at her belly button and circled it with his tongue gently biting her. Rachel gasped and looked at him with wild excitement. He moved quickly to her vagina and whilst still fingering her slid his tongue into her circling her clit. He licked her quickly and stopped and then repeated the action. Rachel could feel herself close to climaxing and pulled his jeans off - she so wanted him in her and pulled him towards her.

Emerson pulled Rachel to her feet and lifted her so that both her legs were around his hips, his jeans were now around his ankles and he placed his cock into her hungry vagina. Rachel leaned back to take him, Emerson was thrusting into her first slowly and then the pace quickened. Rachel could feel the herself starting to climax and ran her fingernails along his back, the climax was amazing and Rachel began to thrust herself against Emerson.

Emerson nearing climax himself quickly withdrew from Rachel and began to masturbate his hands moved quickly up and down his shaft, he came quickly onto Rachelís stomach. Rachel rubbed her stomach with his come, their mouths met and Emerson kissed her passionately.

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