The Tattooed Blonde Call Girl

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Nov 10, 2012 was written by Steve and is from our Short stories section.
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"She already knew that I wanted a blowjob from her, so she told me to strip down on the bed and put on a condom"

I travel a lot on business and from time to time, I like to be in the company of a young lady who can relieve the tensions that build up from having a stressful job. One day early this year, I selected a very pretty blonde from a website who said that she did “outcalls only”. This suited me, as I was always staying in a hotel  when I was away.

The next evening, the young lady in question came to my room in the hotel and knocked on the door. She said, “Hi, I’m Debbie” and I welcomed her in. She looked to be in her early 20s, strawberry blonde hair, very attractive all-round. We had a short conversation.

She already knew that I wanted a blowjob from her, so she told me to strip down on the bed and put on a condom, which she handed to me. Then she took off her jacket, to reveal an enormous tattoo on her right upper arm. In fact, it looked like three tattoos that had been joined together. I found this an incredible turn-on and Debbie’s mouth wasn’t around my cock for very long before it released.

A few months later, I found myself back in the same area, again on business. When I checked, I found that Debbie was still working and I asked for her again. When she arrived at my hotel she looked as stunning as before. She asked if I wanted the same treatment again and I said that I did.

This time when she undressed, I saw that even more tattoos had appeared, this time on her left upper arm and breasts. Debbie serviced my cock again and it erupted as quickly as before. She asked me why I was unable to hold back from squirting so quickly and I told her it was her tattoos. She asked if that was something I was into and I replied that it must be and we talked about it a little while. I didn’t like the thought of the pain, though. I asked if she would give me a hand job and let me cum on one of her tattoos. She agreed.

I told Debbie that the following month was my 30th birthday and as I enjoyed her services so much, could I see her again as I would be in the area around that time. She replied that it would be OK.

This time, she turned up at the hotel with a large, brown holdall bag. I asked what was in it, she said it was a birthday surprise. She had also brought two bottles of bubbly with her, to celebrate my birthday (as we had agreed). Debbie had a glass or two, but she insisted I had the majority of it as it was my birthday after all.

The bubbly really went to my head during the next half hour or so and when Debbie came to sucking my cock again I was almost asleep, although I do remember squirting. Then, I really did go off to sleep.

When I awoke a few hours later (with a sore head) the lights were out and Debbie had gone. She must have let herself out. I then realised that my left forearm felt a bit warm and something seemed to be wrapped around it. I reached out and put the light on.

I removed the covering on my forearm, to find a beautiful red rose with thorns tattooed on it. Now I remembered that brown holdall and what must have been inside it. There was also some writing on the back of my left hand in blue pen ink that read, “Happy Birthday. Debbie (tattooist)”.

I contacted Debbie the following day to thank her for the blowjob and this wonderful gift. She said it had been a pleasure and to be in touch again if I needed some relief or more tattooing. I am still thinking about it.

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