This erotic sex story published on Jun 8, 2005 was written by Molly Hagen and is from our Interracial stories section.
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I was forty nine years old and my sex life had been nonexistent for more that seven mouths and I felt such a need to have my desires satisfied. Leon was a black guy who for more than a year had been after me to let him bye a drink after work. I finally throw my female common sense to the wind and said yes. It was 1952 at the time and it was not socially executable for a white women to be seen with a black man unless she was willing to except the being called a “nigger lover” if she were found to be hanging out with black men. I was forty-nine at the time and was still having my customary visitor every mouth. I was just as regular as clock work. Leon took me to what he allude to as a balloon room: I didn’t know it at the time but a ballroom meant a bar were it was safe for men and women to smoke (pot or a joint) marijuana the ballroom he took me to was on the south side of Chicago, it seamed mostly populated with black men a few black women and no white women till I walked in. Leon order us drinks and rolled me a joint, I never smoked before, so he told me how to smoke it and how to inhale it. It was not long after that first joint that I had a really big decrease in my social inhibitions. “Some people who are shy in social situations who turn to marijuana to loosen up, frequently end up making fools of themselves and doing things that they later regret.” That was me that night, After just two drinks and a joint I became a first class whore for a group of black men I couldn’t keeping track of time, and it seamed like I had a short-term lose of memory.
It wasn’t long after my second drink and the  finishing of my  first joint and starting on a  second joint  that Leon started to undress me as we were  standing at the bar. I felt his hand move down my front, pressing against my body as he moved,   down toward my crotch my vagina. My breath quickened as he started to undo the  buttons on the front of my skirt  that held it  together. When he got to the last top two button’s he quite  and pulled it apart so my leg’s became exposed to public view. Then with skill and  slyness of a fox on the hunt, Leon  grabbed both sides of my panties and gently pulled them down,  sliding them off my hips and easing them down past my thighs, knees and letting them  drop to the floor. Then with my help he slipped them  over my angles and free of my  feet.. They became  a prize, like a trophy, something that should be on display. Leon placed  them on the top of the bar for all the guys to see and take a whiff of. I could feel cool air  wafting by the newly exposed portions of her flesh, flesh that should be covered and hidden  away.  I t was now or never, I had a small window of  time to act, to say no, to turn back before it would be too late. It was the only time in the  evening that I gave thought to the fact that I was married.            When Leon want to work on the button’s of my  blouse I reached a point of no return, no turning back, no say “NO I don’t want to do this!!” one  at a time he slowly unbuttoned each button. All I had on for undies were my panties and my bra  along with some nylon stockings held up with garters. My crotch bush was dark brown and it  began  to dampen I could feel the moisture as it formed between my legs. Leon must have rounded up ten or eleven black  guys he knew and told them that it would be ok for them to dance with me and play with my body.  The alarms in my head were screaming, realizing what would happen if I let this  continue. The thought of Leon or some other guys ravaging my body made me squirm with sexual  desire and forbidden passion. The thought of  black guys fucking me was driving me up the wall. I couldn’t help but feel a strong lustful  unrestrained desire start to rise at the thought  of having illicit sex and receiving so much spunk  into my  fertile womb the risk of conceiving a black bastard child all made me squirm with some  unrevealed thrill. The scent of my wet crotch  reached Leon’s  nostrils making his shaft hard. Leon and his nine of his buddies took me to a  shoddy motel where they divided the ten dollar cost for a room. I yelled now for them to fuck me, faster.  I wailed ““Ohhh my god, I’’m already guys. Give  it to me, come on baby, hurry up now! Ohhh, ohhhh, oh my god!  My womb is opening I can feel it opening for you  guys. Ohhh, ohhh, yes. I was yelling at tem  now.  Ohhh, ohhh! Was all I  could get out of my mouth as one of the guys slamming into me full force, his balls banging  against my upturned ass so loudly that I could hear the sound of flesh pounding against flesh  and I realized that in a moment he would be reaching his climax, his  strokes were becoming  erratic, and almost savage, brutal pounding at a furious pace. Then I yelled”” Ohhh, ohhh, right  there! Yes, yes, right there baby! Your cockhead is going into my womb. Ohhh my god!  Please now! Please now baby! Give it to me now! As he ended his climax he fell on me with all his  weight. He was totally exhausted. I said for him to just keep it in me. “Keep it in me love. Don’t  you dare pull out yet!”  I wanted all that lovely cum way up inside me,  flooding my womb. I want to feel the sperm swimming up my tubes seeking out the fertile egg  there. Ohhhh, ohhhh, ummmm, it feels so wonderful inside me. I can almost visualize the  insemination taking place soon. Please my love hold still, let’’s let nature take it’’s course.  Let all those sperm get as deep in me as they  can.  About twenty minutes pass before the guy got of   me and another one took his place between my legs.. I felt the stranger's weight on top of  me, felt the thrust of his dick sliding in and out of me. I felt his cock poke at my cervix, I  knew that I was vulnerable and fertile, knew that soon another stranger would flood my  womb with his potent semen, semen loaded with sperm. I was fucked by nine black  guys, and one white guy,  the owner of the bar where we had gone. There were several more that  jacked off in my mouth and on my body. Five weeks passed and I knew  that I was  pregnant, when I could no longer hide it from my husband he insisted to know the whole store so  I told him. The transformations my body was going through  during these first eight months of pregnancy left me quite speechless at times. I had been  extremely fit before I started carrying the child  and at forty-nine years old, I felt I was still young  enough to take the entire nine months in an easy stride. Was I ever wrong! By the time the third trimester was coming to an  end, my body didn't seem its own anymore. My breasts had mutated into what I could only  describe as sagging, milking bags. They weren't sagging, in all honesty, but they sure as hell  weren't as firm as they had been, even though they had grown quite a bit.46dd.  Even muscles I  didn't know I had were sore constantly, but  nothing was more painful then my back. Every day, my back  hurt more and more. It was horrendous. But all of it, the over-sized and over-sensitive  breasts, the leg cramps, the back pain, everything would have been fine if it wasn't for my tummy:  it was huge. My belly had grown more then seemed possible. I knew why though, and the idea of  giving birth brought me immense joy, but it wasn't being pregnant that depressed me, it was how I  looked pregnant. I felt hideous, fat. Sometimes I would even cry at the sight of myself naked in  the shower. The fact that my husband walked out one me that didn’t help matters. Leon was happy  that UI was pregnant and made sure I knew how beautiful I looked pregnant. He also took care of  me and became my best friend. And lover.  It was time for me to give birth.  Leon was  fucking me when my water broke. I was having my  baby at home. I  sweated, squeezed and screamed. I was  pregnant ok,  I had three bastered in my belly to give birth to. The babies were born a little  white girl and two black babies one a girl one  boy. The midwife tied the cords and put the babies white  girl on my breast to feed..  It was  about three weeks and Leon and friends  were fucking me again. They sucked my milk filled breasts, I had so much breast milk that it hurt.  I had to be relived every three hours. My lovers  would make me get on hands and knees, then ehey would  pull my on my tit milking me like a cow, squirting my milk into a pan.  My black lovers  would get drunk on beer and have  wild sex orgies with me. After a while tow mouths  they made me  pregnant again.

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