High Class Sex in Vegas

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"Having exciting sex with a great sexy high class prostitute in Las Vegas"

When I turned 30 years old, I went to Las Vegas all by myself and had sex with a prostitute. I did not plan on doing this, but thatís how it ended up. I was overworked at a sales job and this was my main 5 day blitz. I felt pumped, and when I landed at Vegas nothing felt trashy, it all felt great. The palm trees, the slots in the airport, all of it. When I drove in the rental car down to the MGM Grand, it was hot. I loved the feel of everything; even the old folks stumbling around the all you can eat buffets. I was set to get drunk, and maybe just play a bit of blackjack and take in the shows. I wasnít a big gambler so if I lost my gambling budget of 1000 dollars it didnítí matter, I would still just soak in the heat and walk up and down the strip.

The first night I just recuperated and rested. I felt great, ate some good steaks and just had a few jack and cokes, went out by the pool. I was starting to think about gambling but not sex yet. The next day promised to be great. I slept like a baby and had a great brunch, and then it was off to the tables. I put 400 down on five dollar black jack and lost 200. Then I started playing roulette. I put down a lot on number 3 and I WON!!! I won 3000 dollars. Not a big deal, but still won. I walked away. I was not going to gamble the rest of the trip. I went straight to a dance club and just drank beer.

I danced with some beautiful girls in tight black dresses and just drank in the atmosphere. I was within walking distance of my hotel room. I saw some beautiful girls that looked Latin dancing together. They sandwiched me on the floor and they both smelled so good I was really wanting to fuck. They both had their hands on me and I was just feeling great. They were all show, they didnít even want to have small talk. That was ok. I would still wake up by a swimming pool and palm trees. I loved the glitz and didnít care about the wanna be high rollers. I was just starting to really unwind and loving the eye candy.

Later by the bar, I was propositioned by a girl who asked me to dance. She was really having fun and she was white, buxom blonde, about 30 years old like me, and her 30 looked better than 20. She had creamy skin, almost looked like a 1950s pinup doll. She did not even tell me her name. Since she was not wearing some crazy fur coat or getup, I did not think she was a hooker. She asked me to come back to my room, and I wasnít as excited as a hound dog, but still happy nonetheless. I really liked the small of her neck and her lips. I had never looked at somebodyís lips for so long. She made me think of cool jazz and black velvet. A real beauty. When she clacked her heels on the hallway floor, it just made you want to see her undressed.

We got back to my room and she was just all class. She drank martinis and we talked about our backgrounds. She loved to laugh, was full of vigor, and loved the deck outside and the night palms. She straddled me and took off her blouse to reveal all class, red lingerie. I pictured it white but was not disappointed. When we kissed, it felt like a real connection there, I mean she tasted like a winter peppermint and this was so exciting. When I got up for a quick glass of water before I was ready to get naked, she looked up at me and said, ďOh, its 500Ē.

I knew right away. Jeez. I wasnít even mad at her. 500 dollars was probably standard. Also, I had condoms and intended to use them. I also had won 6 times that and was done gambling, just going to enjoy the desert, the mountains and the palms. I put it by her clip and took her in the bedroom. I did something I have never done and put her up on the dresser and let her wrap her legs around me. It almost seemed old fashioned, like her near pin up look, But felt great and In my haste for the first time in my life I had put the condom on perfectly, and achieved a hard on throughout the duration of having it dull my senses. I had never been with a prostitute before, but my money win, (which at least 2000 would be able to go home with me), my love of the palms and the desert, and my generally hard dick just wanted to consume. This was the perfect experience, she really did seem high class, she smelled good, and I held no ill will towards her for trying to perform a service and make a buck.

When I ate her out it wasnít even trying to get her to come, I didnít like usually going down on women but I just sensed that she was very clean. She actually was. She used something special down there. Even if she was acting, she did act like she enjoyed it and I tried to just fuck her with my tongue. After a while I just had her sit on my lap naked while I winded down in the living room. I enjoyed every inch of her skin and her long blonde hair. We did not talk much but she was not rushed. As soon as someone had paid, she was very good about just chilling out and sticking around.

Before she left about an hour later, she sucked my dick for awhile. It felt like a low powered vacuum cleaner. It really felt like dull nice electricity mixed with a throat. It was really peaceful and not outright lusty like our fuck was. I mean if I was staying in Vegas I didnít care how many people had been inside this girl, I really loved being with her. She just knew how to handle herself and honestly was not trashy in the least. I did eventually pass out because I went to the red wine. The next four days I didnít see her again. But I lived it up and saw some shows. I didnít have any more sex that trip. But I'll never forget her, she was like a pin up doll transcended to me from another time. Her creamy legs were the best feature on her. When I came back to my desk job and mundane existence I smiled for a long time afterwards. A real gem of a woman can have that effect on you. Even if you do have to pay them.

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