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"The first mechanical rabbit vibrator was invented in the late 1800s as a way to perform a type of therapeutic massage in female patients"
Sometimes, misconceived & revered, but secretly loved by its supporters, the vibrators has as colourful a life as the present day models which perch with pride in the shop shelves or the pages of websites, waiting for wearilessly and offering the pledge of pleasurefulness to an eager purchaser.

Most are not too varying in form & function from the earliest ones found, much to the embarrassment of archaeologists earlier this century.

Excavations of ancient civilizations unearthed stone objects that were clearly sculptures of willy. Probably used in fertility or religious rituals, these objects played an important role in their communities.

The ancient Greeks with the olive oil and phallic objects understood a little better than almost all and realised which if they went to war and they wouldn't be around to satisfy the girls, that they would develop a wandering uterus, so they would leave his wives with phallic shaped objects produced of wood or leather to joy themselves until they returned. Naturally the olive oil came in handy as a natural & healthy lube for such devices. These days Vibrators are far some more developed & the usage is certainly incompatible to that prescribed in their unusual beginnings..or is it?

The historical documentation of the development is certainly an interesting story to note.

The first mechanical rabbit vibrator was invented in the late 1800's by a British physician as a way to extra efficiently perform a type of therapeutic massage in female patients.

First we must set the scene in the 1800's with a society of right dressed gents and ladies in flowing gowns who carried parasols & certainly didn't discuss pleasures of the flesh. Imagine for a moment all these ladies parading around in the finery but hiding a deep mysterious affliction.

What was this affliction?

Apparently it was called "hysteria" a sinister type of madness. Hysteria was originally perceived as a disease, but what it basically boiled down to was sexually frustrated women suffering from an deep want or longing for an rapture.

This forced repression began early in in the schools for young females where the matrons would glove the hands of their pupils at night in the dormitories to hold back them from the carnal desires to masturbate, everyone caught would have the further embarrassment of having the hands strapped to the beds while they slept.

To cure this affliction or Hysteria, doctors would manually massage girls to orgasam in the hope of relieving them of this mysterious illness. No doubt it came as a massive relief although the first steam powered device was invented. Doctors all over Britain, suffering from repetitive strain injury, no doubt breathed a sigh of relief as now they would just have to stoke the small steam contraption and let it do the work for them.

Well you can imagine how busy those doctors were!

One world of good means and ways aplenty females feigned hysteria simply to embrace to the doctors for almost all hands in relief!

Fortunately in the 1950's this idea of hysteria was replaced by the theory which it was easily a revolt of the womans need for sexed liberation following periods of caressive deprivation. How quite a few husbands were suddenly jolted by the realisation which the local GP had been wanking their wives for them for years.

I would imagine there were a few doctors a little disappointed by the downgrading of this 'disease' as easily!

Today, gone are the crude stone, wood & steam powered models. They come in differing lengths, sizes, shapes and textures to some more adequately replicate which which they are representing. Most have collections to perform individual functions while companions could use them as an enhancement to the sex lives.

Owning a double rabbit vibrator is a sign that you are comfortable with your sexuality and which as a lady you don't ask to rely solely in another bloke to give you satisfaction. Means and ways could we compete as common man with these battery operated or rechargeable wonders anyway. As positive as we approach we have almost all stiff competition.

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