My Roomate - Afternoon Sweat

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Author: MD
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Category: Short Stories
Published: Jun 4, 2014
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Short Quote From the Story: You pulled out your cock and stuck it in my pussy driving it in deep I tighten my pussy muscles around your rock hard dick.

I was working out in our garage/gym

You walked in pissed off . You worked out at the gym and thought it was dumb I worked out at the house. What!! I Asked .

Did I fuckimg say anything! You responded.

I can tell your pissed off. I am fine, you says.

Fuck you then be pissed at the world. You were a pretty private person, but you had been my roommate for over a year now and knew you could trust me.

I Could tell I was pissing you off more. You looked at me! What the fuck, you don't get dressed to work out any more.

I had to just laugh.

I was in bra, white tank (pretty sure was yours) and a pair of vs boy panties.

What do you care I am asked. I picked up a plate and bent over the ab bench locking my feet in. I could feel you staring at my ass .

I have to give it to you when your mad works out well for me .

One swift step your keys and gym bag hit the floor.

I Began to lean up and you pushed me back down .

Don't move it will a only take a min. Oh, so your an ass and now I have to play. Get the fuck off me! You push me back down hard and whisper shut the fuck up!

I felt you snatch of my panties. Then you in laced you fingers in my hair! Between the pressure of you pushing me down with your arm and pulling my hair I was in a lot of pain.

I told you to get off of me or I was going to kick your ass! Now I was mad you shoved your fingers deep in my pussy and laughed your to wet. You want it you always want it.

fuck . I hate you !

You were finger fucking my pussy and I began to moan . you put a thumb in my ass and started to fuck my ass you pulled me up close to you and said are you done bitching. I was already so close to orgasms I just nodded you pushed me back down my legs still stuck where I had started. You pulled out your cock and stuck it in my pussy driving it in deep I tighten my pussy muscles around your rock hard dick scared you would take it away. Harder and deeper you went it hurt, but was amazing all the same. I began to moan and enjoy every stroke. I could feel every inch of my body want you. Harder I said. Show me how pissed off you are.

Slamming your dick in me with your balls slapping against my wet pussy and my tits swaying. I came hard I could fill it with every twitch and every

Muscle tightened, I begged you to stop I couldn't take it you just fucked me harder didn't miss a beat you dick went deep in my pussy and I came again.

Pulled you out and I could barely stand.

You looked at me finish this.

I dropped to my knees and sucked your dick. I could fill it swell in my mouth as I took it deeper holding your balls in my hand, I tightened my lips around your shaft and let you fuck my face. Spit was dripping down my face all over my hard nipples . I sucked hard and I could feel your body tense and you slowed I went faster taking the whole thing as it slammed against the back of my throat I began to choke I knew you were going to shoot your load in my mouth and you grip tightened in my hair and as cum filled my mouth you started to shake so I sucked hard and slid your cock in and out of my mouth hard and fast. swallowing every drop and not quitting cause I could tell you were happy again .

If the chicks have wet dream I did I felt the whole thing it was an amazing dream.

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