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Title: Mature Relationship - Author: StonyPoint

Published: Oct 20, 2010 - Contact:

She sat on the couch, her ex-husband's old roommate next to her, studying the data he prepared for her. "This is terrific information" Sally said. "How...how did you come up with all this" He told her he has friends in high places as he looked at her. For an older woman, and he was the same age as her, he thought how pretty she was looking lately. He stared at her as she looked over the statistics he had created for her. "Are you sure about all this" she asked as her eyes and head turned his way.

His eyes, now on her body, and breasts began quickly diverting themselves to her face. "Yes, I'm positive about the information" he told her. Wow, she's been...been getting in shape for something. I mean...whoa...how did she get to be so...well...I don't know.

"Is everything alright" Sally asked her old friend.

"Oh um yes" he said.

She stood up and walked to the kitchen sink. She poured herself another tall glass of water but as she walked to it, he turned, just enough, to study her figure from behind. His eyes widened. Yes, she has lost a considerable amount of weight, he told himself. Should I ask, he wondered No, leave it be. Just let it alone.

I wonder, she thought. Did he look at me at all Nah, he's not really like that. I mean I've lost close to 35 lbs. What more does a guy need, she thought. She smiled as she thought about undressing herself for him too. She smiled some more but pushed the thought aside and turned and came back to the couch.

She looked at him. She offered a pert smile and sat back down. Okay, so what if she was 57. Did she still look it Other's had said she did not. Other's, her friends of course, had told her she looked much younger...under 50 and maybe younger then that. "So what does this data mean to me" she asked.

His feet were up, hers too, and both of their feet were about to touch the other's. He felt something. He looked. It was her feet his feet were bumping into. "Oh excuse me" he told her. She said it was alright but he moved his feet away. She liked the feeling of his feet on hers. He explained what the data meant. Then they discussed it all the while he wanted to see her naked. "So when can I get you up here again" he asked.

"Huh...to visit" she said. I'd like that, she told herself. Just you and me, alone...you never know what could happen do you, but her eyes were telling him what she was thinking.

"Yes to visit...or you could stay the night tonight," the 58 year old scientist said. "No, I know. That would be a problem. You have-"

"No, I'd love to stay a weekend" she told him, their eyes meeting as if love was already in the air. "But as you know, I've got my granddaughter and this" as she shook the paperwork in front of her.

"I'd love to learn to fish. I'd love to hike with you too, Peter. I would, but" and she thought about her obligations to the project and her granddaughter some more. "I'd have to find someone...anyone who's capable of taking care of Sierra first off."

Peter understood, but his heart, and other parts of himself were telling himself to go down to the city and stay there with her for a while. "How about if I came to town instead; then we could do some stuff together" Now that's a possibility, he thought. I wonder what she thinks about that. "How would that sound"

Her eyes lit up. A smile developed on her face. "You...come to town... But where would you" and then it dawned on her. Oh...oh...oh wow...stay with me...at my place He was trying not to smile. She was trying to hold it in. "I suppose...I guess you...you could stay at...my place" she told him, relieved she'd said it.

"Really...stay at your place...honestly" he said knowing that's what he wished for all along. He shook his head. "No, I couldn't. I couldn't do that if it's going to put you out."

"Peter...there wouldn't be anything more then having you visit for a while" she said.

Really, he asked himself. Now that would be great! Just you, me, and some bedsheets... Yep, now I could get into that, he joked knowing it was a pipe dream at best. They sat and talked about the data some more while every once in a while the two of them looked at one another wondering, and wishing, something could become of their friendship. Did she want it She didn't know. But it would be worth getting to know him although she already knew Peter well. Did he want something like that Hell yes, he's always known how he's felt about Sally. But their friendship had always been defined by the work she was involved with on the committee she was a part of.

"Thanks for everything" she said, looking him in the eyes. They hugged. He felt great against her and knew maybe there could be something special between them. "I'll talk with you next week, okay"

The following week, after a stress filled six days of research and discussions, she told everyone she was going to take a few days off. Enough, she thought. I need a few days away from here. Call Peter. Invite him down. He can sleep in one of the other rooms. She smiled knowing where she'd rather have him sleep but said aloud on her way home "Yes, I know Sally...I want him with me too."

"Hello" he said.

"Hi, how are you" she asked.

"Oh hiiiiiiii" he opened. "Great, now that I know its you."

"Want to do something different" she asked.

"Sure, maybe" he said.

"Why don't you come on down and visit for a few days" she said. "I'd love for you to come in and stay. We can...do things" she told him.

"That sounds great...when" he replied.

"Tomorrow good... Anything preventing you from coming down tomorrow" she asked

"No, the fish will wait" he told her.

She giggled, he laughed, and he began packing that night so he could be there relatively early the next day. Peter told Sally he'd be there around ten in the morning. She smiled and felt great that he could come for a few days. She cleaned everything. She went out and bought some new clothes. She got up the next morning and took herself a long, hot shower. She felt revitalized and ready for a few good days with a good friend.

The doorbell rang and she was at the door quicker then a mouse. Before he barely entered her house, they hugged. Long and warm, she walked him inside it. He'd only been there a couple times before but that had been years ago.

Inside and seated comfortably, she offered him a drink but like her he only drank water plus it was only 10:30 in the morning. "No alcohol until after noon" he said. They laughed and she agreed with him so they both drank one glass of water until it turned 12:01.

"Ready for that wine yet" she asked hoping he'd say yes.

"Sure, sounds great" he answered. But before they knew it both had drank 2 glasses, full glasses of wine. "Wow, I feel a buzz coming on" he told her. She said she didn't drink enough throughout the years to keep a buzz from coming either, and still they drank one more glass afterwards.

"Wow, I've drank too much" she told him. He agreed. "I don't know why I'm going to say this but I am anyway. I want sex, Peter. I want to make love and have sex, badly. There I said it. Can you believe what I just told you" she said almost laughing.

He looked at her with a straightface and said nothing, at first. She'd almost forgotten what she'd said but he hadn't. He finally smiled and stood up. He walked towards her. He put out his hand and she took it. For what reason, she didn't know. She stood up. He held her hands in his as he looked her in the eyes.

"I've always thought you were an attractive woman, and when you lost that weight you lost, I began wondering to myself of course...should I ask her out on a date." He gazed into her eyes as she looked back at him not knowing what to expect.

"I like you Sally Potter. I've always...always liked you and I find you...very pretty not to tell you this. There are so many" and his eyes closed and he forgot why he was telling her what he was. He opened his eyes. He smiled. Then, out of nowhere, he kissed Sally on her lips. "Mmmmmmmmm, god I've wanted to kiss you for so darn long" he said. "I'm glad I did."

"Me too" she told him... "Me too."

"Want to go and lie down...see what happens" he said.

"Sure why not. I mean, okay, I'm older, but I don't and haven't felt that old, yet" she replied. "Let's...see...what happens...okay"

She smiled as she took his hand in hers and led him to her bedroom. He anxiously followed as he noticed her back, and it looked sweet, in his opinion. He wanted to say so too but didn't. He should have but refused to let the thought out. She turned the corner into her room and walked closer and closer to her bed. It was large, very large in fact, but being there, near her like he was meant everything in the world.

"Are we really doing this" he said.

"Don't you want to" she answered.

"No...no I want to lie down and see what happens" he told her.

"I do too" she added.

She sat down. Her body looked...in great shape, better then he'd ever seen it in years he started thinking. Finally he let out his thoughts. "I'm going to say something I was thinking last weekend that I didn't tell you and wished I had." She asked what. He took her hands in his. "Sally...you're sexy and you have a sexy looking body at that."

Silence gathered in the room. She looked into his eyes. She looked down at his and her hands. She looked up at him and she smiled. She took one of her hands and pressed it against his aging chest. Slender and slightly soft, he was still a very good looking man.

"I think you're a sexy looking man also" she said quietly.

They looked into one another's eyes. Searching, looking the two of them didn't really know, for sure, where to begin, or what to do next. She lay down on the bed and with her hands had him lie down next to her facing her.

He knew how he felt. Something within him told him he wanted to pet her body, any exposed flesh he could, if she would expose herself to him. God allow me to undo your top. Let me pet your bosoms. Let me stroke them, Sally he told himself.

He suddenly felt himself growing hornier. Oh my lord, he thought. Oh my...god. As he looked into her eyes he reached up and stroked her cheek. She smiled affectionately. He stroked it again and then her hair. She stroked his cheek as the two gazed into one another's eyes. Sally reached up. She undid a button on her top. Surprised she did so, he watched with hidden excitement in his face. Another button came undone. What should I do...undo a button myself, he wondered No, let's see what happens. Another and another and another button came undone and before he knew it he could see all of her beautiful upper body.

In a quiet voice she asked "Is that too much Peter"

With arousing enlightenment in him he said no as casually as he could. She asked if he would like her to take it off and he told her only if she wanted to. Sally slipped her top off her shoulders. "I can't...ohhh Sally...you're really attractive to me." She smiled and took his hand. Placing it upon her breast, she closed her hard, and then pushed down on it.

"Mmmmmm" she told him, her eyes still closed. "I'm so happy...I invited you down here." They looked into one another's eyes and both smiled. Then she reached up and began undoing his shirt. Her eyes focused on the unfolding of his chest and upper body as she eventually untucked it from his slacks. "Have I ever told you...how attractive I think you are"

He thought no but I'll accept it now regardless. She rubbed his chest, slowly removing the top from his shoulders also. The two of them lie shirtless and stared into the other's eyes. Smiling at each other, he wanted to ask her how far "this" was going to go but didn't. He just did what seemed natural. In his mind she was the host. It was, in his mind, her decision what happened that evening. He liked her very much but never in a million years wanted to mess that up.

"I want you Peter. I really do" and she paused as she looked into his eyes "but I'm not necessarily that kind of woman you should know."

He smiled and leaned into her. He kissed her on her lips, lightly. "That's alright. I want you too but never in a million years, Sally, would I do anything at all to ruin our friendship."

Never in a million years she thought as she caressed his chest and smiled into his eyes. As she did, she could see what he'd like more then that and that was to feel her breasts. So she reached behind her and undid her bra. Nice boobs, she hoped, and she wanted to thank him after seeing the look on his face. He leaned in again and kissed his friends lips. She reached around him and pulled him forward. Then she kissed him back.

All night long, although their pants remained on. Why, she didn't know. They had kissed and touched one another, showing how much they liked being together. The two truly enjoyed the other's company but by morning neither had garnered any sex from one another. With their tops off all that could be bared were arms and upper bodies cuddled into each other. She opened her eyes and saw him sleeping against her and told herself there would be other days and nights. Yes, to both, sex was integral to them, but for now the affection he showed her and visa versa meant more then anything so she closed her eyes and lay in bed waiting for him to awake. Kissing and touching and showing how much they cared for one another could always wait, she thought. Step two and three and... Well that would come soon enough she told herself as she cuddled with him.

"Good morning" he said once she opened her eyes again knowing they'd been cuddling all night. "Sleep well" he asked.

She smiled and felt his frame against hers. The need to be held closer quickly developed and she said "Don't stop holding me like this." As they cuddled, she kissed him on his lips again.