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Title: Raat Ki Chudai - Author: Pratap

Published: Feb 17, 2007 - Contact:

I am a Pratap, hazel eyes, real masculine built, extremely fair and good looking (better then brad pitt), blond, height: 6 feet, weight: 195 lbs. Age: 39 cock ( lund ): 9 1/2 inches. I can push any girl to the point of ecstatic satisfaction!

Soon after, I got married to one of the most beautiful girls in the world through an arranged marriage. Her name is rabia and she is from karachi . It was then that I had this sadistic fantasy to make her cry during our sexual encounters. My plan was simple but very effective, but it required a lot of will power on my part. My plan for my marriage night was as follows: french kissing: 30 minutes, sucking of tits (dhoodh): 30 minutes, sucking of pussy (choot) and licking of clit: 2 hours. Sucking of cock: 30 minutes. Ass fucking: one hour. While I did all of this my glistening, fully oiled and 9 1/2 inch rock hard penis ( lund ) remained within inches from wife's pussy but did not touch or penetrate it. The objective was to make her go crazy all night but deny her the pleasure of having her dream cock inside her pussy.

My plan worked the first and the second nights, but I did not the have the will power to hold on to my evil game for the third night. I went so nuts with her cries for my cock and her body vibrating with ecstatic pleasure that I penetrated her pussy (much to her relief) and fucked her all night. I came after 4 hours of fucking her in every possible way and decided to shoot my cream deep in her mouth. The ejaculation was so powerful that it nearly gagged her. My sperm count is one of the highest in the world and it results in pure white milky cream, and a lot of it. After that we followed this routine for another one year until I had the opportunity of trying my original evil plan on two very beautiful girls.

Rabia had two sisters. Both were gorgeous young ladies. Tall, very fair, slim, hazel eyes, sharp features, with round tits and a body to die for. One year after my marriage my father-in-law had a heart stroke in karachi , and passed way. Rabia decided to bring over both her sisters to live with us.

Soon after they had joined us, I decided to impart some sex education to both the sisters. My wife was against the idea but I insisted that all girls must have sex education, because there is a jungle out their and they need to survive in the world outside the safety of our beautiful home. This was an opportunity for me to get very close to both the sisters to enable me to try my original plan of driving them to crazy levels of ecstatic pleasure but denying them the privilege of having a large, glistening, rock solid cock in their pussy.

We finally agreed that as part of the education we will both get naked and have a sex session in their presence and we will explain everything that we were doing in advance. The session went very well. We followed our standard routine. French kissing: 30 minutes, sucking of tits: 30 minutes, sucking of pussy and licking of clit: 1 hours. Fucking in the pussy: 1 hours. Sucking of cock: 30 minutes. Ass fucking: 30 minutes. The girls really liked the show and went back to their beds with visibly very wet pussies.

The second day I convinced my wife that while we have shown them how it is done, they need to experience it as well. After a lot of deliberations we finally agreed that I will kiss them, suck their tits and pussy, but no fucking. A soon as I was unable to hold myself and had the urge to fuck I would jump on my wife and start fucking her. She was like a safety valve for my cock ( lund ) while the girls had no safety net and would continued to vibrate with multiple orgasms without being able to get a lund in their pussies. This was a like a dream coming true. We called in both the girls and explained what I planned to do. Both agreed with a big yes without realizing what they were getting into.

So I started my normal routine love making with faiza. French kissing: 30 minutes, sucking of tits: 30 minutes, sucking of pussy and licking of clit: 1 hours. By this time she had at least 8 orgasms and was vibrating like a leaf. When I could not handle it any more I jumped on my wife and started fucking her like crazy, while faiza was crying like crazy for my cock. This gave me a sense of satisfaction. One of the most beautiful girls in the world, was lying naked and vibrating with pleasure after having multiple orgasms and crying to get my cock in her sweet pussy and yet I had the will power to deny her that privilege. Actually I had my lund in wife which gave me the ability to exercise control over myself. My excuse was that this will end their virginity and their husbands will not trust them as they would know that they have had sex before.

I played the same evil drama on fiza that night and every night for another 5 years. I am proud that the virginity of both the sisters remained in tact all this time. Imagine for 5 years I sucked, licked the tits and pussy of two of the most desirable young girls in the world and yet I had the will power not to fuck them. They are both happily married. I did make real love to both of them soon after their marriage and they both enjoyed my lund more than anything else in the world. Both had a son with my features and I am proud that I can guarantee a child with only one sex encounter because of my extremely high sperm count.

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