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Title: In the arms of another... - Author: Max (Content Husband)

Published: Jan 12, 2006 - Contact:

A while back I hooked up my wife with another man to give her what I thought she always deserved a man who is well endowed. For those who may have missed the true story you may want to read "It Finally Happened". This story is a follow up of what happened when we got home.

My wife continued to thank me so much for allowing her to spend intimate time with her new found friend Bill. My wife and I made love several times during the next couple of weeks but no matter how hard I tried I never got any response close to what Bill had gotten while screwing her. I guess my 5 1/2 " inches just wasn't doing it for her any more.

Last week I came home early from work and found a familiar looking car in my driveway and finally realized it was Bills. I entered the house and found them both sitting on the couch together and looking very happy. My wife mentioned that Bill had come bye to show his appreciation to us for including him in our vacation. He had brought my wife a dozen red roses and what appeared to be a book or something it was still wrapped up. She of course ask him to stay for dinner and he more than jumped at the chance. After dinner we found our way back to the den to watch a little TV. Bill continued to talk about the exciting weekend we had spent together and constantly talking about how good by wife was in the sack. He then proceeded to insist she open her present.

My wife grabbed the box and open it and wouldn't you know it was the newest swinger video. My wife if you remember didn't care to much for these type of videos but was very eager to view it. After about 15 minutes into the swinging video, Bill made the remark about bringing back good memories. I could tell my wife was getting hot by the way she was squirming around. Then the statement come not from me but from my wife. "Do you think it's possible to make some new ones" I looked into her eyes and she was practically pleading for my permission. To be honest with you I was getting somewhat horny watching those large cocks penetrate those tight pussy's. I ask Bill if he would be interested in continuing where we left off and he smiled reached over and kissed my wife with a deep passionate kiss. I had my answer.

He began massaging my wife breast while kissing her and I knew it was on. He stood up in front of her and I noticed that familiar bulge in his pants and my wife undid his belt and he dropped his pants and his massive thick cock not quite erect was hanging semi erect between his legs and was at least 7 inches. She smiled at me and ask me if I was going to join them and I told her I would just watch the first time because I knew he would be there for awhile. She grabbed his cock and started kissing and licking it and it started growing longer and longer until it was at it's full length at least 9".

She started sucking him for all it was worth I started feeling that familiar feeling in my pants and my cock was growing in watching my wife serve this man. His hips moving with every motion her head was making and he seemed like he was getting close to cumming. He pulled away from her and said it was her turn. She laid back on the couch and he started taking off her clothes. First he undid her blouse then her bra her breast now free looked so beautiful, I couldn't believe here I was again watching this man preparing to fuck my wife. I finally had worked my cock out of my pants and slowly stroking it watching this man prepare my wife. He began sucking my wife tits and she started moaning and commenting how good he made her feel. He then undid her belt and started removing her pants and panties. She was finally naked and he was between her legs licking her cunt ever so softly spending time on her clitoris she was estatic. I had tried to do the same things numerous times but never with this type of response. He finally broke away and said he couldn't wait any longer he had to have her.

My wife open her legs up and she grabbed his massive cock and placed it at her pussy's entrance and he slowly entered her. She whisper loud enough where I could hear that she loved his cock and please go slow until her body adjusted to his size. I exploded at the sight of him burying his large tool in my wife's pussy. He wasn't banging her as if it was a sex only thing he was very passionate about how he was screwing her. Then it dawn on me this man wasn't just fucking my wife this man was making love to her. I realized then there was a big difference. His pace was quickening and my wife said she was cumming. In and out he was withdrawing the entire shaft of his cock and burying it again I could hear his large ball sac slapping her ass. He finally thrust one last time and I could see his load and hers, oozing out of her plugged pussy. I was astounded on how much she enjoyed this man.

He rolled off of her and my wife mentioned that we should take it to the bedroom to be more comfortable. We all got up and left for the bedroom and I noticed my wife was leading Bill by the hand. When we got to the bedroom my wife positioned herself in the middle and Bill and I was on either side. I reached over and kissed my wife and she said I had no idea of what she felt when Bill made love to her. I reached down and started rubbing my wife's pussy and felt their love juices they had left behind. I was full erect now and was wanting to take my turn but she ask me if she could suck me off while Bill took her from behind.

Disappointed I agreed and she started working on Bills cock again. Flacid he was larger than my erection, how humiliated I felt. Women who talk about size not mattering these women are only being kind. Slowly my wife worked his cock to its full length once again and he positioned her on her knees with me in front and him behind, she started slowly working on my cock and when he entered her she let out a gasp and she started thrusting to every move he made. Then she said she wanted us both and wanted us to take turns fucking her.

Bill motioned me back and I went back and kneel beside him, He started pumping his huge cock faster and faster I was amazed on how turned on I was watching his large cock penetrate my wife he finally pulled his huge cock all the way out and motioned me into position. I entered my wife's pussy and started pumping my 5 1/2" for all I was worth but I honestly felt nothing I wasn't rubbing the sides It felt like I was thrusting my dick in mid air. Bill had completely reamed her out, her moaning subsided and her body movement slowed down. I knew it was no longer my pussy it was his. I pulled out and he re-entered her and she immediately started breathing heavier and he started banging her harder and harder she was moaning louder she was cumming. I eased off of the bed as he pulled out and laid on his back and she mounted him and slowly started riding his cock she was taking every inch of it as he suck on her breast.

She was breathing heavier and she now was kissing this man with passion. He was returning her emotions and there I stood again watching my wife in complete submission to this man. After about 25 minutes of this erotic activity he announced he was cumming and they both exploded together. He burried his entire load into my wife. My wife collapse on this chest and I heard the words I had dreaded hearing, she softly said I Love You and said that was the best love making session she had ever had. I looked at the clock and it was about 1:30 am and she ask if I minded since it was so late if Bill stayed the night. I agreed what the heck after all that, could it had gotten any worse.

They retired to the shower and I could hear them laughing together as they wash each other. I walked in and started to join them and seen she was giving him a blowjob while the water was cascading of their bodies. I eased out of the bathroom and used the spare shower. When I returned to the bedroom they were both in bed and I eased in on the other side of my wife. She immediately fell into my arms and whisper to me how much she loved me that she always would, but she loved making love to Bill.

We all drifted off to sleep that night, some more content than others. I awoke a couple of hours later to find my wife in the arms of Bill sound asleep with his arm wrapped around her and I looked down to see her holding onto his cock. Needless to say when I wanted to see another man who was well endowed make love to my wife I had no idea of what I had started. Yes size does matter just ask my wife.