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Title: Janes Sexual Awakening - Author: John

Published: May 20, 2008 - Contact:

I was working in France at the time of this episode. My wife Jane and I were in our late thirties and we kept ourselves slim and fit. Jane is very attractive and has longish dark hair (normally worn down), green eyes and has retained her great figure even after having two children. She has a beautiful pair of breasts and a sexy backside. A very sexy person, but who doesn't know it. Our daughters were away staying with friends for some of the school holidays and I suggested that we go to Holland for the week and spend a couple of nights at each place. The weather was lovely and hot, the height of summer (our favourite time of year).

We set off on Friday after work and arrived at our destination early evening. We booked into a hotel and then after unpacking and freshening up went out for a meal. After eating we went to a bar for a couple more drinks before going back to the hotel. Jane had been getting admiring glances whilst we were in the bar, which she always chooses to ignore. We had another couple of drinks in the hotel bar before going rather unsteadily up to bed. I told Jane that as the children weren't with us we could really relax and enjoy ourselves, we were away from home and nobody knew us, so we could do what we liked without it all getting back home for everyone to talk about. Jane agreed and we snuggled down for the night and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning we had a shower together and after donning our clothes went down for a lazy breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Jane looked very nice in a tight pair of shorts and a loose T-shirt, unfortunately she was wearing a bra. After breakfast we went out for some sight seeing and later on chose a nice little restaurant beside the river for lunch where we could sit outside in the sun. It was lovely to relax and with the meal we had a bottle of wine which went straight to our heads because of the sun. It was all very light-hearted and we were having a really good time, Jane was getting the usual glances and me as normal suggesting she should wear something a bit more daring for her devoted fans, me included. No reply and so the topic of conversation turned to something else and then the meal was over and we left.

After lunch we went for a river cruise and had more to drink with Jane and I both getting a bit tiddled. There were quite a lot of passengers and we were discussing their appearance. The drinks had affected me and I just blurted it out that I enjoyed looking at the attractive females who wore miniskirts or a sexy top and I wished that she would wear them as well as she has a great body and should be proud and show it off a little bit. She went quiet for a while and I thought that I had buggered it up but then she looked at me and said that she would think about it. I said "Great", and then we carried on talking and drinking. By the time we got back we were quite merry. We thought it best that we find somewhere cooler to sit for a while to let the alcohol wear off before we went out for the night and so we found ourselves in a restaurant/club which was only a couple of streets away from the hotel. We had been there for a little while having a cup of coffee when some music started and a girl came onto the stage and performed a striptease. The stage was about a 3 feet lower than the seating area so that we looked down on it. There are a lot of strip and sex clubs in Holland but I hadn't realised that we had walked into one. There was a couple of more strip acts and as the girls were quite attractive and being a red blooded male I had a hard-on watching them.

Jane wasn't saying too much, but when a couple came on stage she took more notice. They stripped off and started making love on stage and Jane couldn't take hers eyes off them. . Our sex life had been fairly normal up until that time. I had told Jane on numerous occasions that I would love to see her having sex with other guys, but she had always changed the subject. Jane ordered a bottle of wine during an interval and commented on the act and then admitted it had really turned her on, watching them having sex. I was happily surprised by this admission but before anything more could be said the final act started.

In this show there were two guys and one girl and when they started screwing her I could hear Jane's breathing quicken as the girl took both cocks at the same time. One holding her head as he fucked her mouth while the other guy fucked her from behind. They then changed position and Jane gasped as she sat astride a guy and fed his cock into her pussy. When his cock was buried in her she leant forward allowing the other guy free to play with her arse and then he slid a finger in, fucking her arse. After a moment he positioned his cock and pushed into her arse burying his cock inside her and then she was fucked to an orgasm, crying out as they both rammed their cocks into her. Jane was groaning now and quite loudly as the guys started cumming emptying their balls into her cunt and arse. The guys were still hard and the girl knelt between them sucking their cocks and after several minutes of this with the guys playing with her tits the guys were near to cumming again. Jane put her hand on my leg and squeezed, running it up my leg to my cock, which of course was rock hard, she squeezed it. As it was dimly lit inside I put my arm around her shoulders and let my hand slide down, my fingers just touching her breast. As she didn't object I slowly traced the line of her bra and then lightly over her nipple. I was expecting her to push me away as she normally does if I try anything in public and was very pleasantly surprised when she leant closer to me allowing me to slide my hand further down and cup her right breast and gently squeeze it, and I felt her hard nipple beneath the material ( I wish she hadn't worn the bra). The show ended with the girl sucking both guys off and then them both shooting their cum all over the girls neck and tits, she then rubbed the cum over her breasts and licked her fingers, what a sexy sight. They got up and then to loud applause left the stage.

The lights slowly came back on which meant we had fifteen minutes to finish our drinks and leave so that they could get the place ready for opening that night. Jane finished her drink and then whispered that she really loved it when the guys spunked over the girl's tits, seeing the cum oozing down them, and said was feeling extremely randy and was looking forward to a good fuck that night and that she wanted me to cum over her tits, something I had never done before. I whispered to her that I would love to see her getting a seeing to just like the girl on stage. I had said this to her before when we had watched films at home but she had always said, "No" but this time she didn't say anything and just squeezed my cock tighter and kissed me with a passion that I duly returned. I suggested to her that she obviously enjoyed the part where the girl was fucked in her cunt and arse at the same time. She said that up until that moment she had never thought about that position and it had blown her mind when she found it so erotic.

A waiter coughed loudly behind us and we came apart to find we were the last to go. We smiled at him and then hand in hand we left. We left the club feeling quite merry again, thanks to that bottle of wine Jane had ordered.. After walking for a few minutes Jane said she couldn't stop thinking about that last act and that she felt so horny and wet, she couldn't believe the effect it was having on her. Just then we saw a sex shop and before I could suggest that we go in Jane walked in ahead of me. They had a nice display of sexy clothes e.g. mini/micro skirts and see-through blouses, elasticised stockings, sexy knickers, bras, dresses, various outfits and of course the sex toys, mags and films. I asked Jane if she would like to get some clothes for herself and whether it was the drink or the mood she was in she said that she would love to get some nice outfits that I would love to see her dressed up in and a couple of toys. She said that she wanted to choose without me there and so I went and looked at the books and movies.

I saw her moving amongst the clothing but couldn't see what she was picking up. I gave up trying to see and went toy browsing and looking through the video section. After about twenty minutes I wondered what Jane was doing. I looked around but couldn't see her and guessed she must be in the changing cubicle I looked over and saw the two guys behind the counter staring at a monitor screen out of sight of most of the customers and moving closer, I could see they were watching a female and I suddenly realised that it was Jane in the cubicle. The guys were too engrossed in the monitor to notice me as I edged closer and one of them checked the video machine, which I noticed was in the record mode, so my beautiful wife was now on tape in various states of attire. Now I realised why the cubicle was so large, so the picture wouldn't be too distorted. The camera lens must be behind the mirror because there was Jane in a cheeky French maid's outfit looking directly at the camera but obviously totally unaware that she was the centre of attention. I could see several items of clothing hanging behind her, but couldn't make out what they were. I was turned on by the fact that these two were ogling my wife. I turned back to the monitor, the French maid's outfit was really sexy; a black micro skirt and a see-through lacy apron that tied around the waist and neck but she had kept her bra on, but then I noticed that it was a quarter cut bra and her nipples were clearly visible. They must have already seen her beautiful tits when she had put the new bra on. She turned to one side and the apron would do very little to hide her tits, what a pity the bra was in the way. As if reading my thoughts she reached up and unclipped her bra, and slid the straps off her shoulders, letting it slip to the floor. The lacy apron did nothing to hide her beautiful tits, her large nipples were hard and jutting out against the flimsy material, she must be really turned on.

The two guys were commenting on her and making unmistakable gestures and even though they spoke in Dutch it was pretty obvious what they were saying. She stood with her hands on her hips and slowly turned, looking at herself in the mirrors. She slid her hands up under the apron and cupped her tits and then began pinching her nipples making them harder still. She actually had her eyes closed as she caressed herself. Her right hand went down sliding under her skirt, her fingers pressing against her mound. She tugged her panties down, kicking them off and sat down on the only chair still facing the camera. She leant back at the same time she caressed her tits and rolled and pinched her nipples. One hand slid down her body and she started finger her pussy, pulling her legs wide apart, the camera was looking right up her open cunt as pushed three fingers into her wet pussy, grinding her hips as she fucked her self. She stopped and picked up a box and pulled out a large long and fat black vibrator. I couldn't believe my eyes as she leant back, opening her legs wide. The camera was in direct line with her splayed legs and we could see straight up her gaping pussy, she looked very wet.

A couple more guys had come up behind me and were also watching the action. Her pussy was wide open, her prominent bud glistened with her juices. She started playing with her pussy and at the same time kissed and licked the tip of the vibrator and then opening her mouth, sucked the black vibro. She was looking at herself in the mirror as she sucked on the vibro and played with her clit. She then rubbed the vibro over her clit and then pushed the tip into her. This was a bigger than she had taken before and so it took her time to stretch to take it all but her face was a picture of lust as she finally got it all inside her, she looked down at the dildo buried in her pussy and then closed her eyes as she switched it on and slid it slowly pulled it out, then pushing it all the way in and then out again and as she speeded up she started rubbing her prominent clit and then throwing back her head, her mouth open as her body convulsed as she had an orgasm. She continued slowly fucking her pussy with the dildo. One of the guys behind me said "Fuck, look at that horny bitch" and said a few things he'd like to do to her. Jane slowly pulled it out and licked and sucked it until it was clean and then re-boxed it. Then she slowly stood up and tidied up. She didn't hurry and it was nice to see her in that outfit. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she slowly removed the apron and micro-skirt. Standing there naked and then doing a slow turn looking at her reflection in the mirror and smiling as she slowly dressed. minus the bra. She looked at herself in the mirror and then her hands cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples through the t-shirt making her nipples push out, She then picked everything and opened the door to the cubicle. The guys turned to the video to stop taping and as they did they saw me looking at them, they knew that I had seen everything and gave sheepish grins as Jane came out of the cubicle and came towards us, her sexy tits bobbing up and down as she walked. They looked at the video and then looked at me. I smiled and told them to switch the machine off because she had left the cubical. One of the other customers who had been watching and much to my enjoyment said that she was a really sexy and would love to have his cock where the dildo had been. I turned to him and said "Well I'm the lucky bugger because my cock had been there a bit earlier". He started to apologise but I stopped him and said it was ok.

Before she reached us I turned to the guys behind the counter and quietly said a good discount should be in order for the free show, they agreed without argument. Jane told me to go away from the counter while they bagged all of the clothes for her and totted it all up. I wonder what her reaction would have been if she knew about herself being the centre of attention a few minutes previously and that her video would be seen by other people. They gave me a great discount but that didn't matter because she had been the one who wanted to buy and not me as it normally was, but I still hadn't seen what else apart from the maid's outfit she had bought. I leant across the counter and asked them if they had also been recording the sound, because she had obviously made quite a bit of noise as she played with herself. They nodded and I told the guys that I would like a copy of the tape and would pick it up later. They agreed and we left.

We left the shop and wandered around a bit more. Jane's tits jiggled as we ambled along, her large nipples hard and jutting through the material. I loved it and told her it was lovely to see her without a bra on. She smiled and said that it felt naughty, but nice too. We went back to the hotel to freshen up and change before going out for dinner. On the way I told Jane that the shop assistants had seen everything she had done in the cubicle and that I had only seen the last outfit and the action that followed and that I loved seeing her in it and what she did. I also told her that I had enjoyed the guys watching her. I didn't mention the tape. Her first reaction was to say "Oh my God". She stopped walking for a minute. I thought that she was going to go mad but then looking at me, then amazed me by saying she felt so horny knowing that they had seen her and that she hoped that it had given them a bit of a thrill as well. I assured her it gave us all a great thrill and told her of the discount and we both had a good laugh. I told her we all appreciated it when she had the black dildo inside her sweet pussy.

The drink must still be affecting her, as she had always been very reserved. She looked at me and asked if I really liked it when men looked at her, as normally she chose to ignore it because she thought it might upset me, she hadn't really thought I was serious when I had said all those things to her. I said that I loved it and that it turned me on. We arrived back at our hotel and Jane showered first and by the time I came out she was already dressed, she looked great in short thin black cotton mini skirt that buttoned at the front and to about four inches above the knee and a tight T-shirt without a bra. "Do you think I look OK" she asked and I replied that she looked absolutely fabulous. I knew she felt a bit self-conscious as we left the hotel because she was getting some really lecherous looks from guys. We had walked a couple of hundred metres when she then surprised me by saying that we should go back to the hotel again just for a minute, because she needed something. As we turned around I noticed that Jane's whole bearing was changing in that she was standing straighter and pushing her breasts up and her nipples very prominent, she was far more confident of herself and I realised that she was enjoying the guys looking at her and she was giving us all a show. It all made me very turned on and I was glad we were heading back to our room, I might be able to persuade her to have a bit of fun, we had time as it was still fairly early in the evening.

We reached the hotel and when we reached our room she sat me down and stood in front of me with her legs apart, telling me to feel her pussy. This was all new to me, Jane had never been this way before, but I was enjoying the new her and was willing to go along with anything that would spice up our sex lives again. I stroked her, starting at the knees and worked my way quickly up to her already soaking panties. I pulled them down her legs she stepped out of them. I leant forward, pulling her gently closer and undid the buttons on her skirt letting it drop to the floor. She put her hands behind my head and pulled my mouth onto her soaking pussy, my tongue probing and the licking, alternating between hard and soft. She was getting really worked up and then when I slowly slid two fingers into soft open pussy and finger fucked her as I continued to kiss her clit she suddenly screamed out "Oh my God I'm cumming" and slowly sank to the floor making more sound then I'd ever heard from her. I stood up and stepping over her then stripped off my clothes and sank down beside her and kissed her on the mouth and then our tongues were also making love with each other. I manoeuvred her body beneath me and quickly pushed my cock deep into her soaking cunt, we both knew that we wanted the same thing, and that was just a good quick fuck. I pounded my cock hard into her, we were grunting together at every thrust and then I emptied my load of spunk deep into her body, shuddering as I slowly came down to earth again. We lay there for a while with my softening cock still deep inside, her legs holding me in place.

Slowly we came apart and moved across the floor to the bed and sat down next to each other, then fell back on the bed and kissed. Jane then went on and told me that when we were in the club and on the boat, she realised that it wasn't bad to wear sexier clothes in public, meaning that whilst we had been walking around, on the boat trip and in the club because she had been also been looking at what women were wearing and that she should get something a bit more modern and something more daring. Then we had seen the sex shows and she had felt so turned on.

But the real starting point for her was when I had told her about the guys in the shop who were peeping on her. She reasoned that at first it had scared her that she had loved the idea of being watched and also realised that she loved the idea of playing the tease in front of other people. She knew that I loved her in sexy clothing and as she had dressed to go out she the scared part and the new part got together and what she had worn was the compromise i.e. sexy but not daringly so. As we had left the hotel she immediately saw the looks she was getting and had almost had an orgasm on the spot when she suddenly realised after returning their gazes and following their eyes looking up and down her body in open admiration and that they were all mentally stripping her naked and fucking her and she loved the new feeling of eroticism it aroused in her. She wanted to be a more daring, which is why we had returned to the hotel for a nice fuck and a slight change of clothes for her, something she knew I would love to see her in. I asked her to tell me what she was wearing. The only clue she gave was that it was an outfit that up until that afternoon was an outfit that she would only have worn for me at home in private. That sounded promising. She then told me to have my shower, get dressed and she would meet me down in the bar. I duly obliged and ten minutes later closed our door behind me and went to the bar downstairs.

It was two drinks later when she came in and I was very happy with the way she looked as were all the other guys in the room. She had put her hair up showing her sexy neck and she was dressed in a very short black lycra mini dress that clung to her body and had a plunging neckline down to her midriff and showing a lot of cleavage. Her nipples were hard and jutting out through the material. She wore high heels which she knows turns me on because they accentuate the calf muscles in her tanned legs. As she walked towards me her breasts were giving a nice jiggle. She looked incredibly sexy and I had a hard-on just watching her. She was smiling as she came up to me and whispered to me that she wasn't wearing any underwear and gave me a deep kiss. "How do I look" she asked. I said just look at the guys looking at you and you will realise just how good you look. She said that she felt very horny knowing the guys were ogling her. We moved towards the door, all the guys watched her with open admiration and as we got to the door she just stopped and the slowly bent down and adjusted the straps of her stilettos, of course the mini-dress rode up and the guys had a perfect view of her bare pussy and backside. Whistles, calls and applause from the guys showed their approval. Jane stood up and looking back at the guys, smiled and then taking my hand we walked outside. She said that when she came into the room and saw their expressions when the guys looked at her she realised they all wanted to stick their cocks up her pussy and fuck her stupid she nearly had an orgasm. She said she had bent down on purpose to give them a flash of her pussy. She said perhaps we should go back to the hotel again. I knew what she meant and no we should continue and that there was plenty of time for whatever later on. She said she felt so turned on.

We went into a nearby restaurant. The waiters couldn't do enough for us, really they were getting a good eyeful of her tits. I asked Jane what she wanted to do that night and she said that we should go back to the same club, and I instantly agreed and poured more wine into our glasses. We were good and merry again by the time we left and strolled arm in arm to the club. It was about 10:30 pm by the time we got in and as all the cubical tables around the stage were full and we had to get stools at the bar. Looking around I saw that there were mostly guys with about a four couples. We sat down and ordered drinks and glancing down As it was dimly lit I gently touched her knee and slowly slid my hand up; she laughed and gently smacked my hand away saying "naughty". She was obviously enjoying playing the tease.

She was getting admiring looks from the guys who came to the bar and she was obviously enjoying the attention, because she moved, allowing more of her breasts be seen. She smiled back at them as she sipping away at her drink. A couple of strippers had come on stage and were performing, they were both attractive and as we watched I said to Jane that I would have loved to have seen her on stage being the centre of attention. A couple left and we quickly took their places in one of the stage side cubicles which was large enough for four. About 11pm, a couple came on stage and after doing a slow strip started to screw and I kept glancing at Jane who was just staring at what went on. The acts that followed became more intense with a mixture of 2 women and a guy, then 2 guys one woman and then Three guys with one girl. Jane was transfixed as the girl was screwed and sucked the guys off, there was spunk everywhere. There were a two black guys with big dicks and a white guy with a similar sized dick. Jane was digging her nails into my arm as they pushed their cocks deep into the girl's cunt. Jane kept brushing the back of her hand against her nipples.

I looked around and saw that other couples were getting quite amorous, kissing and touching in a more than friendly way, I pointed them out to Jane, she said that she was glad that she wasn't the only woman feeling randy. I pointed out guys that had their dicks out and wanking them. Jane had dropped a hand onto her legs and was slowly stroking the inside of her thighs. Her very short dress had ridden up and her fingers were close to her pussy. I pretended not to notice but kept glancing down and by now she had parted her legs sufficiently to be able to press her fingers against her mound. The girl on stage was getting a really good fucking, her legs high in the air as the black guys fucked her silly. Jane groaned as the girl had a cock deep in her cunt and another cock pushing deep into her arse. I looked down and saw Jane's hand moving to and fro as she pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy. Some of the guys in the audience were looking at the other couples and over at Jane. Jane's eyes were glued to the action on stage. It was obvious that some of the guys came in to watch the couples as well as the show itself. I couldn't believe my eyes as she wanked herself off, I told her some guys were wanking as they watched her and suddenly I felt her shudder and heard a low moan as she came. She sagged against me and I said to her that after watching her frig herself I had a raging hard-on. She looked at me and said she couldn't believe that she could feel so totally wanton and horny. She put her fingers to my mouth and I could smell her pussy juice. Her fingers were soaked and I licked the cum off them. Her hand had dropped to my lap and was squeezing my cock and felt I was about to cum inside my pants so I told her to ease off a bit so that I could settle down, there was plenty of time for that later on, I said that I bet she wished she could have the guys cumming over her body. She replied that it would be nice to rub all that cum into her tits. That gave me an idea but I wondered how she would take it and little did I know how it all turned out.

I ordered some more wine. There was a lesbian show on and Jane was watching intermittently and gazing around the club as well, making a few comments about what the other couples were doing. She looked at me and said that she was feeling all hot and bothered but in a really nice way. Her voice had changed slightly, more husky. She was leaning against me and told me to touch her tits. I told her to pull the top aside so that I could see them better, without a word of argument she pulled the top apart showing me her beautiful tits and her hard nipples. She whispered to me, asking me if I minded that others were looking and then I reminded her that it was always me asking her to show more and also reminding her of the sex shop that afternoon and guys had already watched her. I said that I felt as randy as hell when I saw others looking at her. Before she could reply I cupped a lovely warm tit and gently rolled the nipple between my finger and thumb. She pulled my head down and gave a long kiss, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, as I continued to squeeze her tits, I had pushed the top open and her tits were in full view of anybody watching. Another act was just about to start and once again a girl was going to be the centre of attention of two guys. I gently eased her away and said that I had to go to the toilet. She groaned and said "okay but hurry back". I looked down at her and she didn't bother to cover her self up. I told her she looked totally fuckable. She just smiled as I walked away.

On the way to the toilet I stopped at the bar and asked the barman if they ever got any members of the audience to join in the acts. He replied that it sometimes did happen but only if the person was good looking. I pointed Jane out to him and said "what about my wife" He said that she certainly was attractive, but would she agree. I said we can always try, she could only say yes or no. I told him that she wanted to have her tits covered in cum. He said he would have a word with the owner. I went to the toilet and when I came out I went to the bar to get another bottle of wine. I looked over and saw that Jane had been joined by two guys, one on either side of her and very close. The action on stage was just starting to get interesting and the lights were fairly dim as I made my way back. I held back and stood a bit behind them to see what would develop and was not disappointed. Her tits were still bared as one guy started kissing her and she was returning it in full. The other guy reached across and started playing with her tits. She loves this and I could just hear her moans of pleasure. I looked around and saw there was a lot of action going not only on stage but also with the audience, it seemed as though this was a club where anything was ok.

I looked back at Jane and the one kissing her had dropped his hand onto her thigh and was stroking upwards, her legs opened. His fingers continued up the inside of her thigh and I saw her jump as his fingers found her pussy. She turned and French kissed the other guy, he dropped his hand onto her other leg and she opened her legs wide as he moved his fingers up to her pussy as well. One guy whispered to her and I watched as she undid their zips and pulled their cocks out, running her fingers over them and wanking them slowly as they started on her. One guy pushed his finger into her as the other one found her clit, her moans had turned to groans as she wanked them faster. Her legs were spread wide as they both finger fucked and rubbed her clit. Suddenly she cried out as she had an orgasm and at the same time one guy started cumming, spurting streams of cum over her thighs. As she squeezed the last few drops out the other guy came as well and his cum splashed over her. She milked the last drops of cum from their cocks and then rubbed the cum into her legs and over her pussy with her legs still spread wide and then she licked her fingers. The guys zipped up their trousers and after a quick kiss and another feel of her tits got up and left.

I moved back in and sat down. She said she was sorry but she couldn't help it, she felt so randy. I told her I had watched it all and had loved seeing her like that. We kissed and she stroked my face, I could smell cum on her hand. I put my hand down between her legs, running my fingers up her sticky legs and then pushing two fingers into her sopping pussy, I pulled them out covered in the guys cum, Jane raised my fingers to her mouth and sucked the cum of them and then she kissed me transferring the guys cum to my mouth, I was quite surprised by this but I quite liked the salty taste and swallowed the cum, Jane looked at me and said that I liked it as well and I nodded. She wiped the remaining drops of cum and we shared it. swallowing it down. I couldn't believe how much we had changed, I certainly hadn't anticipated liking the taste of another mans cum mixed with her juices.

Just then the act finished and the lights came back on as people moved over to the bar to get fresh drinks etc, before the next act started. Jane said she needed the loo and after pulling her dress back into position went off to the ladies. She came back ten minutes later tidied and refreshed, just as four well built black guys came back on stage, they were only wearing thongs that did little to hide their bulges. A single bed was brought onto the stage. One of the guys picked up a microphone and said that there was someone in the audience who might want to join in the fun. Jane looked at me and said "who's the lucky girl". Well this sounded promising and I said that we would just have to wait and see. The guys left the stage and wondered around the audience and then slowly made their way over to our table until we were surrounded by them. Jane looked at me, her eyes wide open and said "you can't be serious. I just said "enjoy" as one of them held his hand out to her. She held out her hand and was gently pulled to her feet and led down onto the stage. A cheer went up from the rest of the crowd. Jane is only five feet tall and she looked tiny in comparison to the fours guys. They went to the centre of the stage and stood there only a couple of yards away from me.

Jane looked at me and I smiled at her. She smiled nervously back at me and quickly looked around the room, then up at the black guys around her and then back at me. I blew her a kiss and mouthed the words 'enjoy yourself' The guy spoke into the mic again and said that Jane wanted to have them cum over her tits and that they would be most happy to oblige her. Another guy standing behind her whispered in her ear and she nodded. She was looking at me as he put his hands around her, they were large hands but also gentle as he grasped the dress and slowly pulled it apart exposing her tits and then sliding the straps off her shoulders and she held it at her waist. Her nipples were hard and swollen, the black guy leant down, kissing her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the attentions of the young black man. Her breathing was fast as we all saw her tits rising and falling with each breath. Another guy started stroking her arm and then cupped a breast, the contrast of black on white was highly erotic, he gently pinched her nipples and then sucked one into his mouth making her moan loudly with pleasure, she loves her tits being sucked. There was a mic on somewhere close to her as we could all hear her over the speaker system.

They led her over to the bed. She was quite demure as she lifted her legs up and held her dress down as she settled and lay back, her legs together. Jane was lying with her arms by her side as two of the guys stood either side of her and dropped their thongs. Their cocks were large and sprang to attention as the guys started slowly wanking them, Jane was turning her head from side to side as took in the sight on either side of her. One guy started stroking her breasts which really turns her on, fingers playing with her nipples. He picked up her hand and placed it on her breast encouraging her to stroke them. She ran her hands over them pinching her nipples and pushing them together, she must be so turned on. They continued slowly wanking, moving higher, so their cocks were only a couple of inches from her face. She raised her hands and slowly wrapped her fingers around their cocks and started wanking them, this was really mind blowing as she turned from passive to active. As if sensing the game had changed the other two moved in and on either side of her level with her legs. They started to stroke her legs and she really started to squirm as they brushed the inside of her thighs, her legs parting as they stroked upwards pushing the dress upwards, she lifted her backside and they pulled the dress down her legs and then over her feet, draping it over a chair. There were a lot of cheers from the audience as they realised she wasn't wearing underwear, her dark bushy mound in full view.

The guys were stroking her thighs and she opened her legs as they slowly moved up and brushed their fingers over her bushy mound. Jane was wanking the guys harder as fingers worked their way back and then touching the swollen lips of her pussy. Just as he pushed his finger inside her she opened her mouth and suddenly a cock was placed between her lips. Opening her mouth wide she sucked him into her mouth. All around me guys were wanking, watching as the action started to heat up, with Jane being the centre of the show. A couple of other guys were on-stage and were video-taping the show (another video for my collection). She bent her legs, pulling her knees up to her chest and then slowly opened her legs as wide as they would go, pulling the lips of her pussy apart exposing the very wet pink inner lips beneath. It was incredible watching another man fucking my wife's mouth, sliding his prick in and out and her legs wide apart showing her open pussy to the audience and slowly thrusting her hips in their direction.. She was stroking and squeezing his balls as she sucked him. She stopped and turning her head pulled the other guys cock into her mouth and sucked it deep, her cheeks bulging as she took him in deep.

The others were stroking the insides of her thighs and then up to her bushy mound. The two guys worked well together, their fingers playing over her mound and just touching her pussy lips, making her squirm with pleasure and groan, which was muffled by the cock deep in her mouth. Fingers worked over her and then one guy pushed his finger slowly into her soaking pussy. Pulling the cock from her mouth and lifting her head she cried "OOHh yes, push it into me". She watched him as he pushed it in as far as it could go, his dark black finger buried inside her. He started finger fucking her slowly, as he pushed in, he thumbed her prominent clit. She lay back and her mouth was soon filled with cock again and she sucked, going from one to the other and playing with their balls, squeezing and stroking them. The fourth guy bent down and sucked her clit flicking his tongue over her bud making her buck and moan.

Suddenly she started shuddering as she had a massive orgasm. Perfect timing as the guy she was sucking started cumming, exploding in her mouth and then pulling out sprayed his cum over her face, neck and tits. She swallowed the cum and sucked his cock back into her mouth, sucking the cum covered cock. She had always been reluctant to swallow cum before but now she seemed to love it. The guy removed his finger from her pussy and then he lifted himself onto the bed moving up until he was kneeling between her legs, his large hard erect cock just a couple of inches away from her wide open pussy. He moved forward and gripping his cock, started rubbing the swollen engorged head over the outer lips and lightly pressing it on her clit. She was thrusting her hips towards him. Lifting her head to look again, she saw the big black cock between her splayed legs and then he placed it in the entrance to her pussy, the head just pushed slightly in. It looked so black against the pink inner lips.

I couldn't believe it but it was only twenty four hours since we had arrived and Jane a little prudish, and now here she was lying on her back surrounded by four black pricks, cum on her neck and tits and a cock pressing the entrance to her love tunnel, in front of her husband and an audience. Pulling his prick away he asked Jane if she wanted his cock. She nodded but he said she had to ask for it. "Please, please" she repeated and then she said "I want you to fuck me with your beautiful big black cock, stick it in me and fuck me long and hard". All her pleadings perfectly audible over the sound system. He edged forward, the black tip forcing its way inside her a couple of inches, her pussy accepted the intrusion stretching to accommodate the fat prick. He slowly moved back and forward pushing deeper into her. She was squealing as he forced deeper into until he was buried to the hilt, his balls banging against her arse. I was amazed that she could take it all but here she was stuffed completely with a big black cock. All she was saying was fuck me, fuck me. He started thrusting, and grinding his hips into her forcing his way even deeper. As he pulled out her tight pussy lips were pulled too and then as he thrust into her they were squashed as he continued driving his cock into her willing pussy. She had another orgasm, her body bucking wildly as his cock drove her over the edge. His thrusting was much faster and then he was cumming, his balls pumping spunk deep into her cunt and then pulling out sprayed the rest onto her belly and onto her triangle of black hair. When he finished cumming he pushed his still hard cock into her again and then moved, turning over so she was now kneeling on top of him, still impaled on his fat cock. She leant down and kissed him long and hard and then she started fucking him.

One guy started stroking her backside and over her little anus. She started squirming as he rubbed the cum around and then inserted a finger. She was groaning and pushing her self back onto his finger making it go deeper into her. He pulled out and then slowly inserted two fingers into her. She was so turned on she was letting them do anything to her. She was impaled on one guys cock and had two fingers fucking her arse bringing her to another orgasm, she really screamed out as she climaxed. The guy pulled his fingers out of her and got on the bed behind her, started pushing the tip of his cock into her arse. She started saying "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God" over and over as he pushed his cock deeper into her arse. As he buried it fully into her she started saying loudly "fuck me, fuck me hard". He began to thrust in and out of her arse as the guy under her started thrusting up into her widely stretched pussy. The guy was fucking her arse faster and harder and then he was grunting as he started shooting his spunk into her arse and then pulling it out spraying the rest of his cum over her arse and back, as the guy beneath her shot a second lot of cum deep into her cunt, grunting as he filled her pussy with his spunk. There was one guy left now and still impaled on a cock, lifted her head up and he pushed his cock into her open mouth, she took him deep and played with balls, the other hand around his cock wanking him harder as she sucked on him, As he was about to cum Jane pulled back so his cock was touching her lips as he started squirting streams of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed and over her cheeks, chin and neck. When he finished cumming she sucked his cock back into her mouth sucking the last drops cum. Her hands were rubbing the cum into her face and tits and down over her belly, she pinched her nipples as she rocked back and fro. She was coming back down after a sexual high stroking the cocks around her. The guy behind her was rubbing the cum into her back.

The crowd started clapping loud as Jane was slowly lifted off and gently placed on the bed. She looked up and smiled as the guys helped her up, and her dress was passed to her and then she kissed all the guys in turn. They lead her back off stage and the cameraman came over to me with the tape in his hand and told me it was the only copy for me to have, unless I didn't mind them copying it. I said go ahead and copy it. He thanked me saying it was a very good show and asked me to follow him through to the back where Jane was having a drink with all the performers. She was still naked except for her stilettos, her skin still glistened with all the guys cum on her. As I came up she turned and kissed me deeply and pulled my hand down and placed in on her pussy, she told me to feel how wet she was and I pushed a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy, she pulled my fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean. All the guys started telling me that she was a natural on stage and really loved fucking. I told them things were totally different 24 hours ago but it was great to see the change in her. Jane smiled and said she had loved being fucked and was now a confirmed gang bang girl, I was surprised but very happy at the change in her.

The owner came over and introduced himself as Peter. He was about 50 years old, well tanned and in very good shape. He had brought a towel over, standing behind Jane, draped it over her shoulders. He looked at me and said "May I" and knowing full what he meant I smiled and nodded. He started gently drying her back and kneading her shoulders making her nice and relaxed. As she didn't show any resistance he dropped his hands down her lower back and then rubbing the cheeks of her arse. She wriggled as he squeezed her cute backside. She looked over at me and mouthed the words I love you. She turned around and asked him if he would dry the front as well. There were a couple of guys watching as he gently wiped her face, neck and shoulders. She looked down and there were still a few drops of cum on her breasts. Peter suggested that perhaps he should rub it in before he dried her. She looked over at me and smiling at me, replied that perhaps he should!

He gently rubbed his fingers over her breasts lingering around the nipple and then gently scratching his nails across her erect nipples. She closed her eyes as he cupped and caressed them. Her breathing had quickened as he dropped the towel and stroked down across her tummy and then teasing her bushy mound. She was looking at me as his probing fingers found her very wet pussy lips and as he slipped his fingers into her sopping tunnel, she just said "Ooohhh Fuck". He led her over to a big couch. He asked her to undress him. She unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it apart, rubbing her nails across his chest. The shirt came off, followed by shoes and socks. She undid his fly and belt and pulled his trousers down and he kicked them off. She knelt and her face was level with his groin. She was transfixed by the sight in front of her as she took-in the size of the bulge in his jocks. He said to her that she might like what she saw, meaning for her to pull them off. She tugged the waistband down and released his huge circumcised cock rearing up almost fully erect. It was about eight to nine inches long and large around the girth. I couldn't believe the size of it, I thought she wouldn't be able to walk for a week if that went inside her. I looked around and there a several people getting it together. Jane reached up and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing shaft and moving forward licked at his balls and sucked them into her mouth, she had never done that to me before and I was looking forward to a similar treat. She worked her way up from the base of his shaft to the tip, pushing her little tongue at the opening that had drips of his pre-cum which she licked into her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked in the first couple of inches allowing her mouth to relax as she accepted another couple of inches, her cheeks were bulging as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth.

She came off him and lay back on the couch, her legs wide open as she seductively gyrated her hips and did little thrusts in Peter' direction. Peter moved in between her legs and gently lifted her, placed a cushion under her back, raising her up towards him. Holding his cock he pushed the engorged purple head at the entrance to her open and very willing cunt. She reached down and pulled her pussy lips wider apart as his cock slowly pushed it's way into her. She was breathing very hard as her cunt was stretched wider than ever before. He was doing it perfectly as he moved deeper into her at each slow thrust. Her hands were now playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples as he drove his cock completely into her, she groaned loudly as she lay they both lay there, still, as she grew accustomed to this huge cock inside her. Then he slowly started to fuck her, she pushed against each thrust taking it as deep as she could, She was talking non-stop, telling him to fuck her with his big fat beautiful cock and then he quickened his speed building Jane up to another incredible orgasm. He pulled out of her and turned her over, she bent over across the arm of the couch. He pushed his cock right up her pussy and she started groaning as he pushed the length of deep into her and out again. He was playing with her anus and then he pushed a finger in and finger fucked her arse. She cried out as another orgasm swept over her. He pulled out and poked the tip of his cock into her anus, she realised his intention and said she would never take it as it was too big. He told her to relax as he slowly rocked back and fro and just kept probing, his cock going slightly deeper with each thrust. Then he was in, the head of his cock inside her arse. She tensed and then started to relax, her body accepting the intrusion. He started moving again pushing a bit deeper, she tensed again but relaxed quickly, and then he was fully in her. She had become very vocal, urging him on, her fingers were between her legs playing with herself as he fucked her arse with long powerful thrusts. He pulled out and told her to kneel on the couch as he wanted to fuck her mouth again. She was like a bitch on heat as she reached out and pulled his fat prick into her mouth. She was playing with his arse as he pushed his prick deeper into her willing mouth. He was wanking himself as well as he fed his cock into her mouth.

She pulled away and pushed him down on the couch and then kneeling on the floor between his legs, took his cock into her mouth swallowing as much as she could. She looked back at me and wriggled her cute backside in invitation. As I started stripping off the cameraman took advantage and already stripped off, knelt behind her and pushed his cock straight into her widely stretched pussy and slowly started to fuck her, he reached down and cupped her tits, she was in ecstasy as she sucked and licked the large purple dome and was getting a great fuck from behind. Suddenly she had an orgasm, she squealed as her vaJanel muscles clamped around his cock giving the guy a tighter hole to fuck, and soon he was speeding up, holding on to her hips as he thrust his cock deep into her and then with a loud groan he started pumping, which seemed to go for ages until he finally stopped and after a minute pulled his cock out and wiped it over her backside. He moved away and I took his place. As she sucked on this guys cock I knelt forward and whispered to her that she was acting like a slut and I loved it. She took the cock out of her mouth and started wanking him, at the same time she turned back to me and said "I hope you realise what you have started" I laughed and nodded. I was rubbing my cock over her backside. She said that she was now going to finish sucking him off and swallow as much as she could. She smiled as she turned back and covered his cock and sucked him deep into her throat, she must be getting used to it.

I pushed my cock into her very wet and sloppy fanny and slowly fucked her. Jane's head was bobbing up and down and then Peter groaned out and held her head as he shot spurts of cum into the back of her throat. She took as much as she could and pulled away. She swallowed and then took his prick back into her mouth and sucked the final drops of cum from his cock. I pulled my cock out and rubbed the tip against her anus and then slowly pushed in, she pushed back to meet my thrusts and then I was ramming my cock as deep as I could go into her arse. It felt very tight and I could feel the sensations getting more powerful as I fucked her hard. My prick erupted and my balls pumped my cum deep into her arse. For a while we were all still and then we came apart, and just lay there relaxing for a few minutes. Jane leant over and kissed me, our tongues explored and she tasty salty from all that cum. Then she rolled over onto her back and opened her legs wide in open invitation. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me down to her gaping pussy. Cum was leaking out and she was just smelling of sex. My tongue lapped her clit and then sucking it in I flicked my tongue quickly over it. She was moaning and pulling my head harder against her. I felt someone get hold of my cock and start wanking me, making me hard again. Then a mouth replaced the hand and my cock was sucked in and it was the start of the best blow job ever. It was incredible as I licked at Jane's clit and sucked the cum from her and my cock being sucked like it hadn't ever been sucked before. I felt as though my balls were going to explode and just as Jane started her orgasm, she was grinding her pussy harder onto my mouth, squealing as I continued lapping her pussy and clit as she convulsed and jerked through her orgasm. I started cumming, pumping my spunk into the willing mouth still sucking at my cock. We all lay there for a couple of minutes to regain our breath. Jane raised her head, looking down and past me and then started giggling, She said I had a surprise coming and looking down saw that the mouth belonged to one of the black guys who had fucked Jane on stage. He raised his head and looking at us both he said "I'm bisexual and couldn't resist the temptation. I laughed and said that I hope that Jane's new found talent of cock sucking was as good as his. It was strange but it didn't bother me that it was a guy that had blown me.

One of the other black guys joined us, he was slowly wanking his cock as he looked down at Jane. She lay back on the cushions and opened her legs wide in invitation to him. And in a second he was down kneeling between her legs and then feeding his prick deep into her cunt with one powerful thrust. Jane wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her steadily, bringing to yet another orgasm. He got faster, driving his cock deep into her and then he erupted spewing his cum into her cunt. I had another raging boner watching her getting fucked and loving every inch and every second. The guy rolled off her and she lay there and pulled my head down to her gaping pussy again and again I pushed my tongue into her, licking the cum out of her. A girl lay next to us and as she watched she pushed a vibrator up her and started fucking herself. I felt her hand and then her mouth on my cock, sucking me into her throat. She pushed a finger up my arse, it felt incredible as she moved it in and out. She pulled it out and then she pushed the vibrator into me and turned it on. It was a lot bigger than her finger and I felt stretched as she rotated and pushed it in and out. I thought my balls were going to explode as the sensations ripped through me. My head was locked between Jane's legs, her hands locked behind my head. The girl was so good at sucking, keeping me at a peak but not taking me over the edge. She kept pulling the vibrator out and then pushing it back in deep again, I had never experienced anything like this before and it was driving me nuts. The vibrator came out and then in again. I continued sucking Jane as my arse got fucked. I felt hands grip my hips as I felt the thrusts getting deeper and suddenly I realised as I turned my head that I was getting fucked by the black guy who had just blown me. In that instant I realised that I was enjoying the fucking as he pumped into me. I pushed back against him as he rammed his cock deeper into my arse, the sensation was incredible. My cock was being sucked as my arse was being fucked as I was sucking Jane's cunt. Suddenly he quickened his pace and my arse got a torrent of spunk. I went over the edge and emptied my balls into her throat. Jane screamed out as she came and then lay back on the cushions as the prick slowly pulled out of my arse and the mouth sucked the last drops of cum from my prick. We all collapsed in a heap.

Jane looked at me and said in a voice loud enough for those around us to hear "What a great fucking night" and we all just laughed, She then said to Peter that she would definitely be coming back again as long as she would get to fuck him and the others again. He smiled and nodded and said that perhaps it would be the main part of the show. He asked her how many guys would she like and looking at me she replied "how many can you get on stage, I want to be gang fucked in front of an audience, I want cock in every hole and spunk all over me, the more men you can get the better and perhaps I might fuck some of the audience as well". I was amazed but very turned on by the change in her. I leant across and kissed her and told her I loved her and would love to watch her getting fucked again. She said that would be great because one of her greatest thrills that night had been when she first lay on the bed, and saw the crowd looking at her and she got so horny knowing she was exhibiting herself and that they would love sinking their cocks into her. One of the guys said "See, she is a definite 'Natural', she just loves to fuck". Jane lay back on the cushions and the girl leant over her and kissed her gently on the mouth. Jane went to pull away in surprise but then she returned the kiss. The girl pulled away and then lowered her head and started sucking Jane's nipples and then moving down between her legs and sucking her clit, Jane was moaning in pleasure as the girl sucked her pussy. Jane moved and got into a 69 position and then Jane was pushing her tongue into the girls pussy as the girl did the same to her. All the guys from the show and a few others that had come backstage gathered round to watch as Jane and the girl writhed around and brought each other to an orgasm. As they finished all the guys started clapping. They kissed again as they lay back, contented smiles on their faces.

It was past midnight as we slowly all got dressed and tidied ourselves I said to Jane that my arse felt a bit strange and she said that she wasn't surprised after what it had taken, my bum was no longer virgin, my arse had been fucked well and truly. We all said goodnight and then with hugs and kisses all round, we finally made our escape, with a copy of the video tucked safely under my arm and my other arm around her. It was still lovely and warm outside as we walked slowly along, Jane said her legs ached a bit from all the fucking. She said she could feel the cum dribbling out of her pussy and down the insides of her legs. I wonder what she would think of the video of her. As we walked I told her it had been such a turn on watching her with other men and she went on to tell me how she felt with all the cocks she'd had inside her. She said just talking about it was making her feel horny again.

I said I wanted to call in at the sexshop to pick something up. We talked more about the night and what had turned her on. We arrived at the shop and were greeted rather nervously by the guys when they saw Jane next to me. There were only a couple of other people in the shop. I was surprised again by the change in her as she slowly pulled the material aside exposing her lovely tits to them. She ran her hands over them and then rolled and pinched her nipples. She asked them if they looked better close-up. The guys had their mouths hanging open and just dumbly nodded in answer to her question. She let the dress slide back to cover her tits again. She was just oozing sex as she smiled and told them that she knew they had watched and she was happy that she had turned them on. They said that the dress looked great on her. She smiled as the wrapped tape was passed across the counter to me and asked what it was. I told it was her in the cubicle, she replied and asked if their were any other copies. I said there were and that they would probably sell them. She suddenly laughed and said it would be funny if any of them got back to our home town. One of the guys suddenly asked Jane if she would model some of their clothing the following afternoon at a small select fashion show, their other model had let them down and said Jane would look fabulous in the outfits. We had planned to leave next day, but I said we could stay on if she wanted to model. At first she wavered, but finally agreed after one of them said she could keep the clothing she modelled. They gave us the details and we left. As we walked away she suddenly said "I should have asked what the outfits were, oh well, We'll find out tomorrow".

There were the same guys in the hotel bar and they called out to us to join them. Jane thanked them and declined saying she was going upstairs for a shower. She suggested I stay for a drink or two while she went upstairs. I kissed her and I went to the bar and got a drink. I joined the guys and they complimented Jane in very suggestive words. I listened and sipped away at my drink nodding in the right places as I thought of the dramatic change in her. WOW. I couldn't believe how much cock she had taken that night and she had still felt randy as we walked back saying it was mind blowing when she had all those big black cocks fucking her. It had really turned me on watching her getting fucked.

I pulled the tapes out of the bags and put them on the bar. One guy noticed and asked what films I had bought I just said they were holiday tapes of my wife. He suggested we put one on, the others urged me and I thought why not and put the tape of Jane in the shop into the video and switched it on. There on the big screen was Jane entering the cubicle in the sex shop. She hung up several garments and put some items on the floor( I hadn't seen this part yet so I just let it continue. She seemed to just glide around in the large cubicle, nothing hurried. She was obviously enjoying herself, the smile on her face evident as she pulled the T-shirt off and then slowly removed the bra and gently running her fingers over her breasts. The guys were talking about her and saying what they would like to do to her. She put on a 1/4 cup bra, God she looked sexy. She tried on a few items, admiring her reflection and then on to the finale. What a performance. Just as it finished my mobile rang and it was Jane telling me she had showered and dressed in a sexy little outfit for me and asked me what I was doing. I was horny as hell and told her that I was having a drink and watching a soft porno tape with the guys and then went on to tell her that it was her in the shop changing room. She said you cheeky bugger, but then I told her that they were asking to watch the second tape. She caught on straight away, realising what was on the second tape and giggled, asking me how she could show her face at breakfast, knowing the guys had seen her getting fucked. I suggested she should come down to the bar so she could watch herself. She amazed me by saying OK, I'll be down in a few of minutes. I put the second tape in and turned the lights down. I pressed the play button and as all of them glued their eyes to the screen to watch Jane being led across to the bed.

They were all talking and didn't notice Jane quietly enter through the passage door and come up behind me and sitting down on the next stool. It was only then in the dim light that I could see what it was she was wearing. She had on a see-through white blouse that covered but did not hide her beautiful large dark nipples, A very short black leather skirt, that buttoned up the front, black stockings and high heels, her perfume was beautiful. The skirt only had the top three button done up and the way she sat I could see above her stockings to her hairy bush. I told her she looked fabulous. She kissed me and took a sip of my drink, and then she turned to the screen to see a black cock being fed into her mouth. I watched her face as she saw herself performing and then the first guy cumming in her mouth and over her face. Her fingers were digging into my arms as the action continued. Her look said it all as she turned to me. She whispered to me that it felt like her pussy was on fire. I whispered to her to swap stools, and without asking why she sat down, she was now between the others, facing them and the screen and in full view of them when they eventually would take their eyes off the action on screen. I moved closer behind her putting my hands around her and cupping her breasts, gently pinching the erect nipples. The noise from the guys as they watched her getting fucked was quite loud. I told her she was a horny slut, suggesting that she wanted some more cock. She told me her pussy was soaked. She was leaning back into me as I played with her breasts. As the video finished the guys turned to see Jane, with me stroking her tits. Taking the lead I told them she hadn't had enough cock and were there any volunteers. Five guys quickly stripped naked and closed in on us. Their cocks were all rigid. I undid the blouse buttons and eased it off her shoulders. She quickly undid the skirt buttons and sat on the stool as I put the clothes on the bar. The guys were slowly wanking as Jane then opened her legs wide showing them her soaking pussy. She then told them to fuck her. One guy moved between her legs and lifted them up pulling her pussy toward him, He pushed his cock straight into her dripping cunt and as he fucked harder and faster she was grunting as he rammed in and out. The timing was perfect and as he emptied his cum inside her, her body was shaking as she had yet another orgasm.

As the guy pulled out Jane said that her pussy was worn out and as the other guys started to groan She quickly said that her mouth wasn't. With that she knelt on the floor and all four crowded round her but leaving me with a great view as she sucked the first cock into her mouth and then deep throated him, then pulling off him and turned to another and did the same to him. And so it continued with her going from cock to cock and sucking them deep into her throat. Their hands were all over her and she was loving it. After a while She told them all to finish themselves off and all were to cum in her mouth. As the first guy stood in front of her wanking his cock she looked over at me just as the guy started spunking into her mouth and kept looking at me as the second guy delivered his torrent of cum straight into her mouth. She was holding it all in her mouth as the other two stood on either side of her furiously wanking. First one and then quickly followed by the other they both emptied their cum sacks into her mouth. Looking up at us she just swallowed the lot and then licking her lips and using her finger to gather any drops from round her mouth and then sucking her fingers clean. Then she stood up and said that she was off to bed. With that she picked up her clothes and slowly walked to the door, her cute backside swaying from side to side. I scooped up the tapes and said goodnight to the guys and followed her out catching her up on the stairs. She stopped and kissed me I tasted the cum on her mouth. In unison we turned and went into our room and after cleaning our teeth fell on the bed and went straight to sleep totally shagged out.