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Title: Free sex stories - Muffy's Muff - Author: Anon

Published: Jan 12, 2005 - Contact:

It took Muffy all of 5 seconds to make up her mind. "Yes, of course I'll come," she said. "Great!" Ed's voice crackled with the static of the airphone. "We'll be on the ground in 15 minutes. Give us an hour to get to the hotel and get settled, then stop by at, oh... say 6:30, no that's 7:30 local, my watch is still on Chicago time."

"Okay, 7:30. Fine, see you then."

"'Bye now," he said, and then hung up.

Muffy hung up and suddenly found she had to sit down. Her legs were the slightest bit shaky. For months now, she had been having a curious affair with Ed, one in which they had never seen one another, or spoken, or even exchanged photos. Until the surprise call from mid-air, all their conversations had taken place on a computer bulletin board system - a BBS. Her whole world view of the man, outside of the image in her mind's eye, was limited to the glowing words and letters on her PC screen. But such words!

Via their modems, Muffy and Ed had fucked and sucked in nearly every position available, and through some pretty incredible scenarios. Several times she had "made love" to multiple partners via the "CHAT" option on the board, and Ed was just one of a long list of paramours who had tasted her not inconsiderable charms.

But not once had she ever acted out these fantasies in person, with a live partner, although several local board members had offered her their services. In fact, during her entire adult life, her only real partner had been her husband.

But Ed had encouraged her to explore her fantasies in real life, and had indicated he would be a more than willing participant in them. Muffy never considered it seriously, but she had never ruled it out, either.

And now, Ed was about to fly into Ohio on business, and there was every possibility he intended to make good on several promises. The only discordant note in this scenario, however, was that he was coming in with two business associates as well. His call was to invite her to dinner with all of them - hardly a conducive atmosphere for intimacy.

Nevertheless, Muffy had agreed, and decided to hedge her bets. Her outer clothes were perfectly normal - a knee length cotton skirt, pleated blouse and only medium heels on her shoes. But her panty hose were in fact stockings with a garter belt (a favorite item for Ed), her bra was her laciest and her panties were left in the drawer.

Luckily her husband was out on the road himself, and wouldn't be back until Tuesday. Feeling delightfully decadent, Muffy drove over to the hotel and sat down at the bar, as instructed, to wait for her dinner companions.

Halfway into her drink she heard someone say, "Muffy"

Swinging around on the stool, she was confronted by the deepest steel-blue eyes she'd ever seen. They looked mildly inquisitive, and were accompanied by a mass of tousled sandy hair, a finely chiseled face and an enormous pair of shoulders. This tanned god filled her field of vision, he seemed larger than life. "Ed" she gasped.

"Sorry, luv," the god answered, "Ed's the short fella over there. The nime's Mike."

Muffy was momentarily confused, she had forgotten that Ed had described himself as having black hair and brown eyes. She sat back and shifted her gaze where Mike indicated. Indeed, this guy matched Ed's description to a "T", 5'9", thick black hair, dark brown eyes, a mustache and that dark complexion. He looked Mediterranean, but she recalled he was half hispanic. He also had thin framed glasses, which he had never mentioned but which did not seem out of place - they framed his face nicely. But there was that slightly mischievous gleam to his dark eyes, just as she had known there would be. "Hi, doll," he grinned, "and this is Maureen."

The third member of this group was a smallish woman, perhaps 5' tall, with masses of red curls, a classic Irish face with a light spray of freckles across her nose, and what appeared to be a good figure, although because she was wearing a raincoat it was hard to tell. "Pleased to meet you," she said in the light, sweet voice.

Muffy shook hands all around, noting that each person's grip matched their personalities - Mike's massive, strong, reassuring; Ed's friendly, warm but with a suggestive squeeze to it; Maureen's petite, almost reserved, but still reassuringly firm.

The three had their coats on, but over a quick drink it was decided that they would simply eat at the hotel restaurant. All during dinner, Ed kept up a lively conversation, acting as moderator but not seeming obtrusive at bringing everyone into the discussion. He seemed to be as forthright and friendly as he was on the BBS. But Muffy's head was turned by Mike, a co-worker of Ed's who originally hailed from near Perth, Australia. Apparently, Mike had grown up on a cattle ranch there, and had played championship rugby for his school as well. He certainly looked the part, with his broad shoulders, barrel chest, trim waist and strong legs. He also had a great ass. And his accent drove her nuts.

Although she was ostensibly friends with Ed, and may actually be getting into bed with him later, she found herself wishing Ed was out of the picture, so that she could explore the wonderful world of Mike from Perth.

Ed was completely aware of his "date's" enfatuation with his partner, and found it extremely amusing. He knew that in a beauty contest, Mike would kick his ass every time, but it never fazed him. "Why worry about things you can't change," was one of his many creeds. It went along with "Play the hand you're dealt." But Ed had actually dealt this hand himself, and he had stacked the deck.

After an enjoyable dinner, the four returned to the lounge, where a dj had set up shop in a corner. After the first round of drinks, however, they quickly grew tired of the music. None of them were into the bubble gum pop stuff the skinny, balding man seemed to play constantly. "I think this guy was booked for the bar mitzvah next door," Ed joked.

It was decided that they would adjourn to the suite the travelers had booked and make use of the bar there. If Muffy had been one on one with either guy, she would have jumped him the minute they got to the room. In fact, if she had been one on two with both of them, she still may have gone for it. But Maureen seemed to be a real drag on the party. Not that she wasn't extremely nice, and very pretty as well (with a huge set of breasts that had been hidden by the raincoat), but she seemed to be a constant guarantee that nothing sexual would take place.

The suite seemed to emphasize that point. Mike and Ed were sharing one bedroom, Maureen had the other. The common room had several comfortable couches and chairs, and a quick trip to the bathroom off the center room revealed a large jacuzzi. It's a shame they wouldn't get to use it.

There was only one hope that Muffy could see, and it was realized after several rounds of drinks. At that point, Maureen stood up and stretched (threatening to pop several buttons off her blouse) and declared she was going to bed. Muffy's heart leapt, perhaps this would turn out alright after all.

After Maureen had retired, Mike freshened everyone's drink. Ed swirled his drink, gazing reflectively at it and spoke, almost to himself, "You know, Mike, I think Muffy really likes you."

Muffy almost choked on her scotch.

"Really, mite" Mike said, "wot mikes yer think that"

"Well, I'm not too sure, but when she first laid eyes on you, I could swear her nipples were going to poke through that blouse."

Muffy blushed bright crimson from her throat to the roots of her long blonde hair.

"Well, it'd be a shime to ruin such a noice blouse as that." "That it would, my man," Ed said, "that it would. You know, if you asked her, I'd bet she'd sleep with you."

"Aw, I could never horn in our your play, pard. After all, if it weren't for you, I'd've never met 'er."

As a child, Muffy had hated being talked about right in front of her face. Many times her step-mother had complained to her father with her standing right there, and they acted as if she weren't even in the room.

She'd hated it then, but this was actually exciting. Two really great guys were politely arguing over which one was going to get to fuck her brains out. It was funny, 10 minutes ago she would have been rooting for Mike, but now as she listened to them both, she found them equally attractive. Maybe it was the scotch. Anyway, she couldn't stand the suspense any longer, and blurted out, "Why don't you both fuck me" They both turned their heads, and looked at her, seemingly surprised that she actually could talk. She knew it was probably an act, but it was a damned effective one at that. She was ready to go!

"Both of us, hmmm," Mike mused.

"One after another...." Ed asked.

"...or both of us together" Mike finished.

"Fuck!" Muffy answered, "One at a time, all together or taking turns, I don't care." She stood up, swinging her long blonde hair back over her shoulder. "Just get over here."

Both men stood up and were instantly at her side. Mike bent down and gave her a deep, soul-searching kiss. Ed slid one hand around her waist and hugged her hip, the other hand sliding down on her ass as he stuck a tongue in her ear.

Mike's hand ran down the front of her blouse, undoing buttons. He brushed her aching tits only lightly. When he got to the waistband of her skirt, he pulled the blouse up out of it.

Once the blouse was totally unbuttoned, Ed slipped it off her shoulders and down her arms. It dropped to the floor. Mike, meanwhile, continued kissing her while massaging her tits heavily with his huge hands. Ed undid the clasp of her bra, and it came off in Mike's hands. He pulled it free from Muffy's arms and returned to the chest massage.

Ed ran a hand up under her skirt, along the inside of one leg. When he got to the garter at the top of the stocking he murmured "I knew it," then continued up towards her pussy. Muffy could hear the sharp intake of his breath in surprise as his fingers contacted the fluffy curls of her pubic hair without encountering panties. In a second, however, she gasped sharply herself as his fingers slid into that tangled mound and caressed her labia.

She now had two hands on her tits, one one her ass and one teasing her pussy. Suddenly (but not surprisingly) her knees got weak. She felt the men gently lower her to the floor, then lay her back.

Mike dropped his lips from hers and fastened them around a nipple. Ed busied himself with the zipper and catch on her skirt, and she was soon naked except for her stockings and garter belt. Mike picked up his head, as finished pulling the skirt off her legs. Muffy felt like she was on display for these two studs as the knelt, one at her side, one at her feet, gazing down on hr naked loveliness. Then they began to take off their shirts.

Within seconds, both men were as naked as she. Mike was, as expected, well-endowed with what appeared to be 7 inches of steel hard manhood. Ed was of average size, but also rampant. Mike returned to suckling her breasts. Ed leaned down over her legs, which were slightly parted, and extended the tip of his tongue so that it lightly, almost imperceptibly, grazed the length of her pussy.

Muffy's response was immediate and electric. She shivered deliciously and thrust her hips off the deep carpet, trying to urge that tongue to do more.

Ed pulled his head back, however, and continued to tease her lightly and gently with his tongue. Every so often he would flatten it out and lick her hard, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. But then he would pull back and tease her some more.

Mike for his part was licking circles all around her nipples, teasing her as well but with more direct contact. He would suck one, then the other, then bite them gently, causing her to whimper and moan. The two men were not in sync, each was hyper-stimulating her at odd intervals, making it difficult to catch her breath. Finally, the teasing got to be too much for her. She settled her ass down on the carpet, making Ed have to move done to apply his tongue, then she flung up her stockinged legs and wrapped them around his head, pulling him into her sex nose first.

"Mmmmph," the startled stud gasped into her pussy, setting off new waves of pleasure. At the same time, Mike, also startled by her move, sat back on his heels briefly. Muffy lifted her head up and caught a guick glimpse of Ed's eyes, watching her from above her pubic mound. They sparkled with pleasure and/or amusement. Then she turned her head quickly and plunged her mouth over Mike's massive tool.

"Mmmmm, looks like she turned the tables on us, mite."

"Mmm, pfff, mmm hmmph hfff," Ed answered with his lips around her clit, sending Muffy crashing into orgasm. After she had recovered (and freed Ed's trapped head) she swung around on her hand's and knees. She lifted her head from Mike's huge cock, grabbed his stiff member and began steadily jacking him off.

"I want this big fucker up my pussy," she declared.

"Ho- ho- hold on there, woman," Ed said as he lay down beside her, looking up into her eyes as he absentmindedly twiddled one of her nipples. "You are in no position to make demands here. We're in charge and you'll take what you get."

"Fine, whatever you say," she said, lowering her eyes in mock contridiction.

"Mike, get behind her and shove that big fucker up her pussy," Ed ordered. As Mike slid around behind her, Muffy looked up at Ed again, who was grinning. "I want to suck you while he fucks me," she said in her best Kathleen Turner imitation sultry voice.

"Absolutely not," he declared, "Instead of that you're going to suck me while he fucks you." Ed hitched forward on his knees and presented his cock to her. She immediately started sucking it.

Mike came up behind her, got his knees between hers and grabbed her hips. She nearly fainted in ecstacy as he slid his prick slowly into her pussy. Pretty soon the three established a rhythm, with Ed's in-stroke matching Mike's out-stroke. Muffy felt as if she were impaled by one long cock from her pussy to her mouth.

Her jaw was just starting to get tired when Ed's eyes glassed over. "Oh babe, I'm gonna cum," he gasped, and without further warning spurted jet after jet of thick, sweet cum into her mouth.

Muffy's cheeks bulged out to accomodate the load, but after the initial surprise, she was able to swallow quickly enough to not lose a drop. Utterly drained, Ed fell back, then he got up, sat on the couch, put his head back and closed his eyes. "Out-RAGEOUS," he mumbled. Meanwhile, Ed's withdrawal had allowed Muffy to relax a bit and she dropped her chin and breasts dwon onto the carpet, her ass still lifted high as Mike smoothly fucked her from behind. This new angle, however, took her love channel out of alignment with his dick, with the result that it provided a tighter angle and more friction for him to push into to. He renewed his attack vigorously, grunting with each thrust.

Muffy , too, grunted as each thrust slammed home. Her nipples were being rubbed against the carpet, and she could feel another orgasm starting deep in her pussy. Push- push- push- went Mike, each push bringing them closer to the edge. Then, as Mike's prick ground against her channel one time to many, Muffy came, wailing an ecstatic moan into the carpet, her fingernails digging deep into the shag pile.

Her spasming cunt sent Mike over the edge as well, with a cross between a grunt and a moan, he rocketed his cum into her, splashing jets of jism deep into her pussy.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, their orgasms finally subsided. Mike withdrew form her well-fucked channel and Muffy collapsed onto the carpet. Mike lay down next to her and seemed to pass out. After a minute of catching her breath, Muffy flipped over on her back and lay her tousled blonde head on Mike's outstretched arm. She opened her eyes and found Ed looking right into them from up on the couch.

"Hi gorgeous," he murmured.

"Hi babe," she answered softly.

"How about a jaccuze to wind down," he asked.

"Mmmm, sounds heavenly," she said.

"I'll go get it started."

After he had left, she closed her eyes again. She heard the soothing splash of the water in the tub. The gentle roar dimmed as she dozed.

She was dimly aware that someone was settling down between her legs, and she again felt those teasing caresses of a tongue fluttering against her pussy.

"Ohhh, Ed," she groaned, "What about the jacuzzi"

The tongue only fluttered more avidly between her labia.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, "okay, yeah, in a minute."

Muffy was in absolute heaven. Here she was snuggling against a hunk of a man who had just fucked her deeply while the most inventive lover she had ever come across (for real or online) was licking out her freshly fucked pussy. She marvelled that Ed would eat her out with Mike's cum still in her. Almost as if reading her thoughts, the tongue dived deep into her pussy and licked out some of the juices there.

She moaned again and moved her hands down to urge Ed deeper into her pussy. Her fingers found his head and curled themselves in his long, silky hair.....

Wait a miniute, Ed had short hair! Who the fuck Her head shot up in alarm, as Maureen lifted her mouth from her pussy. "Hi there," she grinned, "tastes like Mike fucked you. He is dynamite, isn't he"

"Wha- What What are you doing" Muffy gasped, shocked at this latest turn of events.

"Well, I couldn't sleep and I felt like a snack. So I wandered out here and saw exactly what I wanted. I hope you don't mind I helped myself"

"But, I, what, I never... I've never been eaten out by a woman before"

"Well, how do you like it" Maureen asked lightly, dipping her head briefly to give Muffy's pussy a quick slurp.

Her head in a whirl, Muffy could only answer truthfully, "It feels great."

"Then relax and enjoy," Maureen encouraged, then dropped her face back into the blonde's muff.

Unable to think of any other course of action, Muffy did as instructed. Mike, who had awakened during their exchange, hugged her aourn the shoulders and dropped his hand to idly paly with her tit. Maureen was quite, good, but her technique seemed a little familiar. "You eat pussy a lot like Ed," she mused.

"Who do you think taught her," Ed said laughingly as he came out of the bathroom. "The hot tub's ready, you guys want to soak"

"You bet yer arse, mite," Mike grinned, lowering Muffy to the floor and hopping up.

"I'll be there in a minute," mumbled Maureen, her mouth muffled by Muffy's muff.

"Yeah, a minute," Muffy replied absently, her head back and her eyes closed.

"Ok, gals," Mike said, heading for the bathroom, "sixty seconds and we're coming for you. Grab the bottle, Mike."

"Fuck you, MIKE," Maureen lifted her head and called. "Mmmm, I already did," Muffy sighed. Then she lifted her head and looked at Maureen. Both women dissolved into giggles.

Maureen crawled up to Muffy and took her in her arms. "Well, what do you think about my co-workers" she asked.

"Do you have any openings" Muffy asked.

"Several, but those guys usually fill them."

"No, no, I mean positions."

"Yes, we have several of those, too," Maureen giggled.

"No! You know I mean jobs."

"Who's got time to work with all that fucking going on," Maureen said with finality. Then she leaned down and kissed her.

An instant before the kiss, Muffy felt Maureen's luscious globes spill onto her chest and merge with her own 38-D breasts. She returned the kiss with gusto, revelling in the new sensation of loving a woman. She noticed a distinct flavor to the kiss, then with a start realized she was tasting her own juices (mixed with Mike's). Suddenly, she knew she could return the favor for Maureen.

Maureen's free hand was massaging one of Muffy's breasts, her long- nailed fingers tweaking the nipple. Muffy brought one of her hands up to touch Maureen's tit. Their hands met briefly. Maureen gave her a reassuring sqeeze, then returned to her breast. Muffy reached over and hefted the first female breast she'd ever felt (besides her own). Maureen moaned into her mouth.

The two women continued to kiss while liberally rubbing each other's breasts. Muffy found herself heating up incredibly. Maureen sensed it and moved her fingers down her lover's torso to plunge into her pussy. She began a nice finger-fuck tempo which soon had Muffy gasping for breath.

"Now, wait," Muffy panted.

"What's wrong," Maureen asked concernedly, pausing right away.

"Nothing, I just want... well, to eat your pussy."

"Oh, Muffy, that would be great. Are you sure"

"Yes, I'm quite sure."

Without further ado, Maureen lifted up her leg, straddled her companion and gently lowered her pussy onto Muffy's mouth. Muffy teased Maureen by chewing her labia with her lips, then began to lap at the red-head's pussy steadily.

After several minutes punctuated only by soft moans, sighs and wet noises, Maureen started really grinding her pussy against Muffy's chin. Muffy was excited to realize that she was bringing this sexy woman to orgasm, so she doubled her efforts.

With a long, sexy, rising groan that nearly ended in a shriek, Maureen came all over Muffy's face. Muffy drank down her lover's juices avidly, savoring the new taste sensation. When Maureen had finished her cum, she slid down Muffy's body until they were face to face, tit to tit again. Then the two sisters of sappho shared a deep, loving kiss.

Maureen broke the kiss, jumped to her feet and said "Let's hit the jacuzzi."

Muffy followed her closely, and as the two entered the bathroom, they found the men waiting for them in the jacuzzi with wolfish grins on their faces.

"What are you two grinning at," Maureen demanded.

"Well," Ed replied, "we just noticed that this tub isn't quite big enough for the four of us."

"Well, get out, then, it's our turn," Muffy said.

"Now 'old on," Mike protested, "We were 'ere first. You'll have to wait your turns."

"Like hell," Maureen asserted. Climbing into the frothy water, she swiveled her hips in front of Mike, waving her strawberry muff in his face, before straddling his legs and sitting on his lap. Shoving her ample tits in his face, she grabbed his glass, swigged from it and said "Lick my tits, you barbarian."

Muffy followed suit quickly. When she sat down, she found that Ed was already half hard beneath her. She pushed her pendulous breasts in his face and demanded equal treatment. As he gladly gave it, she felt his boner gain strength, pushing up off his thighs and against her pussy and ass. Bobbing up a bit, she felt it straighten up. She reached down with one hand, repositioned it, then plunged down onto it.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that Maureen had already accomplished the same thing with Mike and was riding up and down as if she were cantering a horse. "Slide your ass sideways," she told Ed.

"Huh" he said.

"Slide over," she insisted, "move over on the seat so we get next to them."

"Oh, okay," Ed caught on, and Mike began moving too, so that the two men were seated next to one another. The two women were thigh to thigh and bouncing in unison. They wrapped their arms around one another and shared a sexy kiss. Then their hands began massaging each other's chests. Ed leaned over and nuzzled Maureen's breast, then began avidly sucking it.

It wasn't long before all four adults were on the verge of cumming. The women insisted on finishing the men off with their mouths, so Ed and Mike sat on the edge of the tub while the girls knelt on the seats in front of them. It became a race to see who would finish first, and both women's heads were whipping smoothly up and down their respective shafts.

By virtue of the fact that Muffy had less ground to cover, she was able to bring Ed to the brink more quickly. Right before he was going to cum, she pulled back, grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, and, wrapping it around his cock, jacked him furiously. The incredible sensation of that silky blonde hair whipping up and down his shaft sen Ed over the edge, and he began shooting jet after jet of sperm. Some of it slipped through the golden net encasing it to splash over Muffy's face and chest. Much of it got caught up in her hair, though, clinging like pearly droplets of dew.

The visual stimulation provided by Ed's cum splashing all over Muffy's body was all that Mike needed to send him into orbit as well. His jism rocketed out of his cock, filling Maureen's cheeks to the bulging point. His excess spend dribbled from the corners of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her bulging breasts. When he had finally finished, the two women turned to each other.

"You're a mess," Maureen laughed.

"You too," Muffy laughed. She then leaned over and licked the cum from Maureen's lips and chin. She worked her way down the red- heads throat onto her chest, slurping and licking Mike's sperm as she went. Pretty soon she had cleaned Maureen up totally. After a few swirls around her pouty strawberry nipples, Muffy straightened up. Maureen began to return the favor. Within minutes, Muffy was also clean, except for her hair.

"You'll have to wash your hair to get that," Maureen said.

"I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair..." Muffy sang, and the girls laughed.

"Wite one," Mike spoke up, "the guls hevn't cum yet."

"We can fix that," Ed said. "Okay 'gulls', switch places."

And so the ladies ended up on the edge of the tub with the men kneeling before them. To keep things balanced, Ed went to work on Maureen's puffy slit, while Mike ministered to Muffy's luscious pussy. To make it interesting, the men tried to keep their hands behind their backs, a "fur pie eating contest" Ed called it. But the overanxious guys kept slipping into the water, so in the end they cradled the ladies' asses and ate with gusto.

Soon Maureen began huffing and puffing, tossing her head to and fro and moaning uncontrollably. Then she grabbed Ed's head and pulled him in tight, cumming like mad. When she was done, Ed floated away to the other side of the tub and they both caught their breath. Meanwhile, Mike had three fingers up Muffy's slit, and soon she was cumming as well. Mike floated over next to Ed, who passed him a drink.

"Whew," Ed sighed, "this is going to be a fun three months."

"What do you mean" Muffy asked.

Mike smirked and Maureen giggled.

"Would someone mind letting me in on the joke" Muffy demanded, sitting up, her long hair swinging wildly.

"Well, Muff, it's like this. I've got a contract in my briefcase for the clients sign tomorrow. Once they're on the dotted line, we'll spend 4 days a week the next 3 months setting up their system and training their users, flying home for 3 day weekends on Friday. So the three of us will be around a lot."

"Oh, shit, I'll never get any rest!"

"Unless... Hey, I've got an idear," Mike said.

"What' the other three said in unison.

"We could 'ire Muffy and train 'er as our rep. That wigh we'd only be out 'ere two months. 'Course, she'd probably have to visit Chicago twice every month."

"I'll take it!" Mufyy cried.

"Don't you want to know what it pays" Maureen asked.

"Who cares" she replied, "with fringe benfits like these, who needs a salary"