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Title: The Wives

Last Saturday, my wife and our best friends Joyce and Tim for a get-together with our mutual friends Gabriella and Justin invited me. We have known each other for about 5 years now and regularly go out together.

As usual, we had a very enjoyable dinner. We polished off several bottles of wine and were feeling rather silly. We were telling each other stupid jokes and laughing it up. After the coffee we retired to the living room. I thought that things would mellow out but Joyce was on a roll. She was telling one joke after another and was as good as any stand-up comic. She seemed to enjoy our encouragement and our hearty laughter.

At one point Joyce told a dirty joke that had something to do with the size of some guy's dick. As if rehearsed, Tim, Justin and I jumped up, turned our backs to the girls and pretended to undo our pants. I flung my zipper up and down a few time and then pulled my shirttail through my fly. Together we counted to three and turned in unison. Justin apparently had the same idea as me because he was standing there with his shirttail sticking out of his fly and his hips thrust forward.

However, when I looked over to Tim, I was shocked to see that he had actually wiped out his semi hard dick. Justin and I fell to the floor in laughter. The wives gasped, first in indignation, then their surprise turned into merth and they burst into uncontrollable guffaws.

Tim was embarrassed and started to put his "equipment" away. That's when Joyce jumped up and said, "Wait a minute we have to measure it before you put it away." She opened a drawer and grabbed a 12-inch wooden ruler. She walked over to her husband and said, "Show me that thing I want to measure." Tim was rather reluctant. He was already tucking his shirt in his pants.

Justin and I chanted jokingly, "Whip it out whip it out!" My wife, Susan, and Gabriella were clapping to the rhythm of our chant. All in good fun.

With all our encouragement Tim slowly undid his zipper. Joyce urged him on "Hurry up hon, whip it out."

When he took his dick out for the second time, it appeared to be at full attention. I had actually never seen another man with a hard-on and I now had one of my own. Joyce applied the ruler to the top of his dick and measured. She called out, as if announcing to a gathered crowd "seven and..." here she paused to look at the ruler again, " ...half inches." Everyone applauded and laughed. I thought that I was going to split my gut.

Joyce then looked at me and said, "Well, now it's your turn."

I panicked. I never thought that she would keep going. I looked over to Susan who was rocking back and forth on the sofa in laughter. She just gave me a little flick of the wrist as if to say don't 'When in Rome do as the Romans do.' I was on my own.

Joyce said, "Come on! We haven't got all night," with that she smacked me on the backside then rested the wooden ruler in her hand waiting for my move. She was staring straight at my crotch. Then she took the ruler and gave me a couple of upward gental smacks under my balls. It didn't hurt but I kind of jumped. I looked over to Tim who was once again starting to put his exposed dick back in his pants. When Joyce saw this, she smacked him on the hand and said with stern authority, "Don't touch that mister, we might have a draw here." She looked at me and said with her arms crossed and her foot tapping on the hard wood floor, "WELL?"

By now everyone was chanting, "Whip it out." So I did. Joyce just looked down and said "Ha! I've seen bigger on a cat." She applied the ruler to the top of my dick and looked at the measurement and said, "Oh my! This boy needs a little help." I jumped when she grabbed my cock and gave it a few vigorous pumps with her hand. I was close to exploding. Susan was a little quieter now. Joyce re-applied the ruler and called out "seven and... one... line." There was a big cheer and much laughter.

Then she looked at Justin who was standing on the other side of the coffee table. She pointed at him with one hand and with the ruler pointed to the spot where he had to stand. He slowly walked in the indicated direction.

Joyce smacked her thigh with the ruler to indicate that he must move faster. When he was standing beside me she just waved the ruler around his crotch area. He unzipped his fly. Gabby was elbowing Susan as if to say 'watch this'. Justin reached in his underwear and pulled out the fattest and longest cock I had ever seen.

Joyce and Susan both gasped and said at the same time, "Oh my God!"

Justin was obviously extremely well endowed. There was silence in the room. Joyce took the ruler and started to apply it to his dick but she seemed a little dazed. She looked over to Gabriella while pointing to Justin's enormous appendage. She had a look of disbelief.

She put the ruler on his meat-pole or maybe I should call it a post. She read out the measurement with no fanfare. She said in disbelief, "Ten and one quarter inches... and growing."

Everyone just stood quietly staring at his enormous meat. Joyce put her hand around his shaft and started to tenderly stroke him. She looked at Gabriella who was nodding her head indicating that it was okay. I think she was proud of her man and didn't mind that everyone was watching.

Justin's hips started to pump back and forth and Joyce grabbed him with both hands and stroked him harder and faster. I looked at Tim and he had his tool in hand and was rhythmically stroking himself as he watched the show. I joined the fun.

After a few minutes of Joyce's manual attention, Justin exploded and Joyce moved out of the way just in time. His spurts of white seed landed on the glass coffee table in our coffees and on our cookies. We all started to laugh.

Then Joyce looked at Tim and I, our hands still wrapped around our cocks and said, "Wait let me do that," and she grabbed one swollen dick in each hand and began pumping. Tim was the first one to shoot his wad on the coffee table. Joyce then turned all her attention to me and pretended to lick my cock but she didn't actually touch me with her tongue.

I would have loved to slip my meat in her mouth but she just kept pumping with her hand. When she reached under and grabbed my balls, I shot my load and almost got her in the face but she directed my hose toward the coffee table just in time.

When I opened my eyes and came back to reality, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My wife was stroking Justin's mammoth cock. He still had a hard-on the size of a baseball bat. Susan looked at me with a bit of a guilty expression but I urged her on. I think I was just as fascinated by Justin's size as was Susan. Joyce then joined Susan and began stroking Justin's cock again. Even with two hands it seemed like there was more cock to spare.

Gabby called out, "go ahead and taste. He tastes great."

Joyce seemed transfixed by Justin. She was the first to kneel in front of him and try to insert his cock in her mouth. He was so big around that she had a hard time fitting the head in her mouth but she gave it a valiant effort. Justin flopped into the sofa while Joyce kept trying to give him a blowjob.

While I was watching, I felt Gabriella grab my cock and pull me toward her. I stuck my hand in her blouse and discovered her hard nipples. She started to unbutton her blouse. At this point I became oblivious to what was happening around me. I groped with Gabriella for a few minute and the next thing I knew I was on my back with her riding my cock. I had no idea what Susan was doing. We pumped like this for a few minutes till I exploded for a second time and filled Gabby's love canal with my seed.

When I finally sat up, I saw that Susan was just stepping out of her panties and was about to get fucked by Tim. I sat mesmerized as I saw his rigid cock disappear up her cunt. I inched over to her and whispered into her ear "I love you." She started to buck and pump her hips up and down. Tim responded with rapidfire thrusts. I took one of Susan's nipples in my mouth and sucked. Tim kept pumping my wife, then I herd him say, "Oh shit! I'm coming."

Susan was in frenzy I had never seen her like this. After Tim made his deposit, she pushed Tim off of and walked over to Justin who was still getting a blowjob from Joyce. In a husky voice she said "It's my turn." She pulled Justin to the floor and straddled his waist. His wet cock was standing straight up between Susan's ass cheeks. She positioned herself over his enormous cock and started to lower herself on his pole. I thought she was going to split herself in two.

Justin was holding himself at the base of his cock.. I had a perfect view as the head of his cock disappeared up my wife's cunt. It was the size of my fist. She threw her head back and started to pump very slowly. She was obviously having trouble taking him in. With one hand on the coffee table and the other on the sofa she was able to maneuver her cunt into perfect position.

Joyce joined me in admiring the show and started pumping my cock while staring at Justin and Susan doing it very slowly. Then Joyce started to lick my stiffness but still looking at Justin sinking into my wife. She was obviously an expert at oral gratification because soon, I was no longer looking at my wife but rather enjoying the great tongue bath I was getting.

After a few minutes of great head, Joyce instructed me to get on all fours. She positioned herself between my legs with my cock pointing directly at her mouth. This is when she started to pump me and said "I want all your cum in my mouth" It didn't take much more encouragement for me to spurt everything I had as she stroked and squeezed every last drop out of me. Then she did something fantastic. She slid up from between my legs till we were face to face and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my seed and was electrified.

Instead of getting soft after coming, I was twice as hard and easily slipped all the way into Joyce. As our tongues danced and tasted my milk I slowly and rhythmically pumped her. I couldn't see Susan but I could tell she was having a great time because she was squealing the way she does when she comes.

When I opened my eyes and turned over I was surprised to see Susan lying quietly on top of Justin. With my cock still deep inside Joyce we maneuvered ourselves so that we could get a perfect view of Justin's cock all the way up my wife's cunt this made me stay stiff for another ten minutes.

We lay on the floor expired and content. When we came back to our sense, we all dressed, graciously thanked our host and hostess for the lovely evening and then went home. I'm certainly looking forward to our next friendly get-together.

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