Getting Fucked by Strangers

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Quote: "So he entered his cock up between my legs and held my thighs and gave me the biggest happy smile ever"

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The! My legs were open and my tits were hard and cock was vanishing up my wet hot pussy and I had cum again and was panting. That felt very good.

Then my hot sticky mouth was turned and another cock was put in between my red lips and pushed into my mouth for me to suck so I did, keeping my eyes closed and legs open for who ever was fucking me.

"Suck that Silke" a deep male voice says. I was I was! o wow this was what I was made for! Another cum takes me and I slide his cock down my throat stretching me. " o fuck I'm going to cum" says the voice. So he spent and my head was pulled off his erect cock so I could breath again. I could smell my passion so much I could even taste it in my mouth!

Wondering who the voices were and where I might be I opened my eyes and say my legs open in a dark building with some hairy guy fucking me and I watches his cock vanishing and reappearing! Another voice laughted! who was that It was a female voice! Didn't recognize that either, or care. And there was cum on my belly. some one had cum before!

So fucking guy has a good groaning and pulls out his shiny cock and woosh spurt, fires his cum load splat into my face! haha ha good one!

"Thats it slut, your done, you were great!"

oh right ok. So I cleared my voice and said:

"Greetings! I am Silke the unseen shadow, a phantom. A bright spring day somewhere with the warmth was a good time to go walk about and amble along looking for what would be."

"yeah" says a voice. "slut" says the woman.

I was in a garage so I lounged against the wall and looked around...two unattended cars. I spotted a another guy. "hay!" says me, has he had a go yet" This blond guy who had been fucking me looks over to him and says "nope" that was it, nope.

So someone calls to him and says "come over and fuck her" "yesss!" says me. So he did. So he entered his cock up between my legs and held my thighs and gave me the biggest happy smile ever. I smiled back stroked his chest fuck fuck slut slut slut noises, good noises.

Big guy walks in and looks over at my tits which were swollen with delight. "She still here fuck!" he says. Then he thinks..a dangerous pass time in my experience...and looks at my eye shadow. "wanna ride back to the Silke" "yeah ok. I escaped again and have robbed the city bancrupt." says me."I'll just wait until this guy has finished fucking and has cum in me ok"

Another amazing adventure. Hope you liked it too.

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