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Title: Nash and Stepmom Leanne - Author: Graze

Published: May 6, 2008 - Contact:

Nash's First Day

It was Nash's first day as a Grade 12th student at his new school and his step mom, Leanne was more than happy to give him a ride to school. Ever since she married Nash's father, Leanne had had a hard time trying to raise Nash as one of her own, but as he got older Leanne and Nash had become closer

"Thanks for the ride Mom."

"Your welcome honey."

Leanne got out of the car and gave Nash a nice tight hug. A smile crept on Nash's face as he felt Leanne's breasts press against his body.

"You be good Nash, no funny business."

"I know Mom, don't worry."

Leanne began to say something more, but Nash wasn't paying attention, instead his gaze locked on to her lips, watching the way she mouthed her words. Nash then began admiring how beautiful his step mom actually is.

Her wavy blonde hair, sexy brown eyes, beautiful soft lips and her supermodel-like face, Nash loved every bit of her.

"Okay Nash I better let you go."

She gently kissed him on his cheek and then got back into the car. Nash was just about to turn away when he suddenly noticed something, something bad.

"Oh Shit!"

Nash was staring down at his school pants, and there it was, his cock and fully erect, it looked like it was about to tear right through his pants. He quickly ran to the driver's side of his step mom's car hiding his 7 inch erection from anyone who might see. His Mom quickly wound her window down.

"What is it Nash"

Nash just smiled sheepishly and removed his hands from his crotch showing his throbbing bump. Leanne stared at her step son's erection which was just inches from her face.

"Not again Nash. That's the fourth time this morning. "

She stared up at Nash giving her best disappointed mother look and Nash just replied with a half hearted giggle.

"Oh give it here." Leanne demanded. She opened her door just to give herself some more room, and then she began to undo Nash's belt and zipper. Nash loved this part. Leanne then lowered her step son's pants just enough for his hard 7 inch cock to spring free. She quickly took his cock into her hand and she began to stroke it. It felt so good. Nash closed his eyes enjoying his step mom's warm, soft, hand expertly massaging his throbbing cock.

"Mmmm...can you use your mouth Mom"

Leanne shot a dirty look at Nash, "C'mon Mom, please" he said in his innocent boy voice, she shook her head disapproving but she couldn't help but smile.

"You dirty boy."

Leanne wrapped her soft lips around Nash's hot cock but not before quickly lapping her silky tongue around his long shaft. It was not the first time Leanne had had her step son's hard cock in her mouth and she knew just how her step son Nash liked it. Her tongue massaged Nash's cock as her soft, moist lips dragged down and around his smooth shaft. Nash ran his fingers through Leanne's soft hair while feeling Leanne suck his cock faster and faster.

Leanne playfully raked her teeth across the head of Nash's sensitive cock which got Nash's attention. Their eyes met telling each other how Nash was enjoying his step mom's blowjob and how Leanne was enjoying her step son's pleasure.

"Ahnnnn...Mom I'm going to cum!"

"Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face"

She said, briefly letting his cock free from her sexy mouth. Leanne could taste his young spunk leaking in her mouth.

"The face." He answered simply.

Leanne took his saliva covered cock in her hand again, stroking it close to her beautiful face.

"Yes baby, cum on Mommy's face." "...cum on Mommy...!" "Cover my face with your cum Nash...mmmm!"

"Ohhhhh! Mom! Here it comes!"

Leanne opened her mouth, letting her tongue hang out. She held his cock closer to her face and she could feel Nash about to climax.

SPURRRT! SPURRRT! Nash's cock exploded, splattering streams and streams of cum over Leanne's pretty face. She was always impressed by how much cum shoots from Nash's young cock. He came a ton, which Leanne happily tried to catch with her horny tongue.

Finally Leanne wrapped her cummy lips around his cock again sucking every last drop of his salty cum till Nash's cock finally went flaccid in her warm mouth.

"Thanks Mom that felt great."

Leanne smiled at Nash letting his cum spill out of her mouth and down her face. Nash looked down at his step mom and couldn't help but think about how even more sexy she looks covered in his hot cum. Leanne then closed the car door and looked at Nash, her face drenched with cum and calmly said,

"You're going to be late honey, better get going."

And with that she drove off leaving a very satisfied Nash waving her goodbye.

The End...