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Title: Unexpected Threesome - Author: Lynn Bac_ _ _ _

Published: Jun 13, 2008 - Contact:

My husband Sam has always wanted to have a sexual threesome with me and another woman. I never thought much about it. This did however happen quit by accident. I am a seamstress; I went into my sewing room to work on some contracted alterations that my customers left. I was working on a ladies business suit for a female attorney. I called her and asked if she could come over for the last fitting. While Sam watches his sports channels on TV, I can work on my sewing.

Sam & his buddies are into sports. I could care less about sports. Sam has season tickets for the NFL, NBA and NHL, I don't know what all It costs him a small fortune to keep these active. The football season was coming to the end, Yahoo! From aug. the Jan. there is nothing planned for the weekends or Monday night because of this damn football. Sam says It's Football, we can't do anything now! He would either go to the games or sit in front TV and watch football players pat one-another on the butt. I get so tired of his sports crap.

Lucy came and knocked she on the door, Sam never heard her knocking. I did, and went to let her in. Lucy followed me to my sewing room and closed the door. Lucy was dressed casual in sweats. Her garment was on my dress dummy. As I removed it, she removed her sweats. I turned around, Wow she was completely naked except the polish on her toenails, small patch of pubic hair and a rose tattooed just about her pussy with the stem pointing to her clit. No panties & No bra.

"Oh I see you are in the buff, very pretty. Lucy did you happen to bring a bra It's hard to get a good fit across the breasts when they are loose."

"No Lynn I didn't bring one" I wear that damn thing everyday, so during my days off I'm naked under these sweats"

"Here Lucy, we are close to the size" I gave her one of my bras

My breasts are 36C's. Lucy's were a good D cup. It was a tight on her titties. She put it on and had to tuck those big D tits in a C cup. "Is this ok Lynn " Yeah, it looks like the cup runnith over a little Huh" We laughed a little. Lucy it'll be fine!"

She slipped the suit pants on and pulled them over her round firm butt. Lucy put the suit coat on and I pinned it here the button holes go. This was leaving the lapels to measure and pin. While I was pining the back of the lapels I had to touch her bare flesh. Her tits were so warm, soft and firm at the same time. I did get a tingle in my thighs.

"Oh you noticed, they are a little bigger than I wanted, but they're fine. My tits were smaller than 34A's" The magic of medicine. I even had my nipples re-constructed. How do they really look Now tell me honestly"

"These are pretty breasts Lucy. The scars are hardly noticeable. Cost much" She told me they were 1, 500.oo per side.

I finished the coat and she removed it and the bra. I had a hard time working on the pants with her bare titties hanging out. The tingle in my thighs increased as the moisture increased. I didn't know why it but this really turned me on. I made some last adjustments to the cuff dimetions for the hem and pinned them up. She took them off and handed them back to me. When she did that she took my free hand on placed it on her right breast. "Lynn how do they feel I have been told they were too firm" I felt her flesh, molded her tit in my hand and flicked her nipple with my thumb. "Lucy they feel great! They're not too tight"

Just then Sam opened the door & came in. "Sam, Damn-it Don't you know how to knock Lucy didn't even try to cover up. She stood there while Sam was gazing at her magnifenct body. He said he was sorry for barging in, but it was 1/2 time he wanted to know what we were doing. Lucy asked me if he could feel her new boobs. As I gave her my ok, she grabbed me and kissed me full on the mouth. She was searching inside my month with her tongue. She took Sam's hands and put them on her perfect globes. Sam was kind of shocked by Lucy's movements. He didn't think anything about it. He started to knead them like pie dough. She let out a short squeal of improvement. "Oh Sam, A little harder. Here like this" She placed her hands over his and squeezed his hands, thus squeezed her tits. Sam politely asked "Why are you doing this"

Lucy replied " Sam I have always' wanted you. Since Lynn is here, I figured why do not!"

Watching Sam as he followed Lucy's lead, It was really a turn on to me. I Un-buttoned Sam's fly and pulled out his hardening cock.

" Oh Wow! Lynn, what did you find in there ah Levi snake Lucy said. She continued, "that cock meat is a lot better then my husband's dick" Do you share that Lynn"

With that she turned around and dropped to her knees taking as much of Sam's dick as she could swallow. I took off my clothes as I watched them. Lucy was slurping on the underside of his cock while deep throating him. I walked over to Sam and kissed him hard and very passionately. My moisture was currently getting my panties wet. I took them off. Sam played with my love connection and fingering the inside. We lay on the single size bed. My thoughts went wild, how could I let this happen A naked women laying on my bed with my husband! At that point I was so turned on I didn't care. Lucy and her naked body was taking her way with Sam. I could tell Sam was enjoying this. He was giving me grin has he continuing to molest Lucy. We were in a circle on the bed. Lucy was giving Sam a blow-job, I had my cunt in his face and Lucy was fingering her cunt as I was nursing her glorious titties. This was the first time I had a woman's breast in my month. Every time I took a hard suck on her nipple, I could feel her twitch with excitement.

Sam got up and moved to kneeling & picked up Lucy's hind end at all fours. He had his 8" cock aimed right at Lucy's ass. He looked at me asking approval, I just nodded my head & shoulders as if to say "Go for it" He put his cock deep in her cunt to use her wetness for lube. She was backing up against him trying to get more of his cock in her cunt. Sam started fucking her pussy as he was using his thumb to open her bung a little. He then took Herman, (my name for his dick) and placed it's helmet against her ass and pushed forward. Plop! He was in her butt. Lucy started screaming,

"Oh Damn-You I don't want it in my ass! I have never had a cock in there" Sam said with a sadistic smile, "You got one now baby, so take it like a street whore"

She was starting to thrust her ass back to him. She was getting accustomed to her ass invader. I watched my husband fucking my customer's ass. I got so turned on by the site. I started to wiggle my self under Lucy's arms and legs until I was right below her saturated dripping love hole. The site of Herman thrusting him self into her ass was too much. I started to flick Lucy's large elongated clit with my tongue. The nectar of her wetness was so tasty. I opened my mouth as far as I could & sucked as much of her in my wanting mouth as I could. Sam' balls were hitting me in the forehead with each stroke in her ass. I reached & up squeezed them lightly while I was sucking on Lucy's cunt. I had never felt his balls erupt before. He was getting closer to filling her ass with his seed. He was stroking her butt hard with anticipation of cumming in her ass. She was screaming again.

"Oh damn that hurts but, Fuck My Ass, Fuck Me Deep in my hole. C'mon Cum Cum in my butt Now!" Sam was getting ready to explode; He did one more hard thrust deep in her bowels and stayed right there with his balls against her cheeks, as he started to empty his nuts. "Oh My Gawd Sam I can feel your hot cum. Fill me up to the brim, I am going to cum also. Her orgasm hit so hard caused her to almost pass-out. She was light headed as she continued to cum. I was still sucking her cunt and fingering her G-spot. She squirted all over, my titties the bed and my face. She had made a mess.

"But I haven't gotten off yet I Screamed" Lucy told me to move up so she could eat my snatch. WoW I had never had a woman go down on me before. This was a new experience for me. Sam liked to eat my love connection, but this woman was even better than Sam. She knew what, where and when to do her thing. I guess it took me to do a woman as she was good. Lucy had me cumming in just minutes. Sam was sitting in a chair and he was spent. He was smiling with his eyes closed lightly stroking Herman. Herman was semi-hard. Lucy had seen what he was doing. She went over and sat on his dick forcing Herman to her cervix.

Lucy said "I gotta have that cock spit more of that hot cum in pussy, Now Sam, Do what you do & make him hard again and Fuck my cunt hard! I need that cum in my pussy" She started to ride Herman like a wild woman after only one thing. I got up and straddled them, putting my cunt right in her face. She lapped up my ejaculate that was oozing out of my pussy. She sucked fingered me to orgasm. Sam was fucking her, She was eating me and I was having a great time with my husband and another woman. Sam had gotten what he always wanted!