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  • Kellys Mom Kathy
  • Published: Jun 25, 2008
  • Author: Stoneypoint
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  • Category: Short stories
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About: "Kellys mom Kathy tells Mike she finds him sexy"

Title: Kellys Mom Kathy

There they were; Kathy and Mike side by side and half naked. Yes this was Kathy Compton, Mike's neighbor and one of his oldest friends' moms and suddenly he realized he had been seduced by her. He had been easily seduced by a woman he always liked as a friend's mom goes. But the woman who he always had the utmost respect for had told him seconds earlier he was sexy!

He had to process those words. He had to calculate the impact they had on him. "I am sexy to her I am actually sexy to her Yeah... that's right! She told me I am sexy; she told me more then once I am actually a sexy guy!"

It was unreal to him. He wasn't even "watching" the movie. He was thinking about what she said earlier. On her bed with nothing but his cock in hand while pretending to watch the movie, before he knew it he was spraying all over the place. Before he knew it held in his hands his thick, white, and sticky load dripping everywhere while trying to contain it in the palms of his hands.

Suddenly while recalling the events from a little while earlier he noticed something odd. All of a sudden Mike saw her quiver. Blinking his eyes, he looked at her bare backside. Still wearing her long skirt, she was naked up top.

He looked at her shapely slender frame. He looked at the perfectly designed shoulders. In his opinion they flawlessly supported the awesome and mature tits while he saw her quiver. It was as if she was cold, but she couldn't have been. It definitely was not cold that day.

"Are you alright" he asked.

"Huh huhh" she replied as she looked at his hands.

To Mike it was a strange reply. Mike thought about her response. Kathy was more talkative then that usually. She always had more to say then a meager "Huh huhh" so something had to be going on with her.

"Kathy, are you alright" he asked again. He was ignorant.

Quietly she spoke up "Mike put your arms around me... will you please" It sounded as if she was begging him. "Please Mike can you do that for me" she asked again. Her eyes were distressed. Her face showed desperation.

Kathy closed her eyes. Her body stiffened, but with an unseen pleasure within. A smile came upon her. She didn't utter a sound. She didn't tell him anything. Kathy smiled, but Mike wouldn't see the smile.

His eyes widened. Hugging her, he felt their glory. He was surprised. They were huge! They were fat! They were wholesome too!

These weren't what he expected as older woman's breasts go. Kathy's nipples which he eventually came across were unusually large too! Her nipples were succulent strawberries.

That's what he fashioned them too even though they were that large. They couldn't be that big, but Mike amused himself by comparing her nipples to them.

"Do they feel nice dear" she asked just as quietly as before. Mike didn't answer. Kathy smiled anyways. "They really turn you on don't they" she asked. "The movie is incredible how it makes a person feel doesn't it Michael"

Mike's raging hard cock was testament to that. She knew it was alive and raging heavily. She was patient. She knew she'd feel it against her naked body soon enough.

Kathy had paused the movie as she slowly turned to face him. She was in more then just a loving mood. She was in a state of desire. She desired him more then anything in the world that day. She longed for his company. She yearned for whatever he was willing to offer her. She longed for Mike to please her every way possible.

Looking at him the first words out of her mouth were "Kelly and you" and she stunned him with reference about Kelly. "You'll never have an opportunity like this. You two are never going to have a chance like this will you dear"

She looked at him. "No I'm sure of it. I'm sure you're surprised that a woman my age even remotely considers something that most think is vulgar entertainment as sexually exciting, but not me sweetheart. Nooo, uh uhhh... these are the best there are in this form of entertainment. Don't you agree honey"

Not knowing what to say all he could do was shake his head yes.

She knew he wasn't very comfortable so she smiled warmly trying to put the unexpected lover at ease. She looked into his eyes. She gazed upon his chest. She rubbed it tenderly offering to him a stare that said "this is nice isn't it" On Mike's chest there was a nice tuff of dark hair running up his torso. She adored it. To her it was part of becoming a man.

"Mmmmmm I sure adore this" she said twirling her fingers through it. "I love its manly nature" she said looking back up at him. "It's not too thick nor is it too bushy. It's... it is polite and it's inviting" she told him as she winked at him.

He loved how she played with it. He loved her compliment. Nobody ever complimented his chest hair before. He was led to believe it was unsightly. He began to think maybe that's why Kelly never fell in love with him.

"Thank you" he said looking down at it. He felt better while she toyed with it.

She looked down upon the hairy chest. Smiling she told him he was welcome. She lifted his chin and her eyes said she liked him more then just as a passing fancy. She leaned in and kissed his lips. That had Mike quivering at that point. He wanted another one just like that, but wanted to ask a question.

She could tell he something on his mind. "Feel free to ask me when ever you're ready to" she told Mike.

"How did you know"

She said it was evident. His face said many things to her; more then he realized. He thought that she was very cool. He looked at her tits. He looked at her. "Can we watch more of that" he asked looking at the TV.

She said sure, but wanted to get completely naked. She took off her skirt. He took his jeans. Every last item of clothing came off; everything including her yellow lace panties came off. He loved them and it was clear to her that he did.

He looked down at them as they slid off her toes. He only became hornier at the sight of them.

"Wow... that's a look Michael" she said. "Please honey... Tell me what you're feeling this moment! I want to hear how you are feeling at this exact moment."

He closed his eyes. She proudly displayed a smile expecting him to tell her how wild he was about the situation he was in.

"I am hornier then... well god Kathy I am so horny and I well I can't understand how I can be as horny as I am since I already ummm..."

"Masturbated once dear" she asked as she completed his sentence.

"Yeah exactly I mean I can't believe I'm ready and willing to do it again. I mean I can't believe I'm... Oh hell yeah I can" he said. His eyes scoped her out. She was too much. Naked from head to toe there wasn't an ounce of her he could not appreciate. "Yeah looking at you makes me understand how easy it is to be so freaking horny!"

Kathy smiled at him! She rubbed the ragging hard cock! His eyes floated backwards as did his head. They turned to watch the movie together as she kept her hand on it. Looking at him again, she winked and told him to watch it and cuddle with her if he felt like it.

The movie was riveting! Both were engaged in it's sexual fanfare. Both were going mad all over, but held themselves in check. Still she rubbed his raging hard erection while they watched the realistic movie.

He pictured her. She envisioned him. She was riding him. He was banging her madly. Screams of delight filled the house. Their eyes were glued to every mesmerizing moment.

They each wanted everything the other was ready to offer. Kathy knew exactly what she could offer him. She knew what he could give to her! He had all the tools. She was holding it in her hand.

Having known him all his life Kathy practically, she knew he had the desire. She saw it the first time when he jacked off in front of her. His desire and his determination were there to satisfy her every way she wished him too.

She would get it out of him more then she ever expected and be happier then she ever expected.

She hoped it wouldn't be just a one time affair. Kathy had lots of vacation time coming and that could create the perfect solution to her needs.

"Oomph ohhhh" she heard from behind. He was getting hornier by the second. He couldn't help himself any longer. He grabbed the throbbing cock out of her hand again! As quietly as possible while looking at her naked body and at the same time watching every erotic scene in the movie, Mike was close to ejaculation once again.

Mike was so close to blowing another raging load as Kathy engrossed in herself in her movie she kept stored away. She was enthralled by the scenes. She imagined herself as that recipient of the incredibly good looking guy's thick and long throbbing cock as it rammed the sexy looking woman's hot swelling cunt.

Hearing her moan for more and more had Kathy burning for his within.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh god" he called out of no where. She looked over abruptly. "Ohh crap, ohh shit" he moaned loudly.

She looked down and didn't know what to do. She couldn't let it go untouched. She couldn't let it just unexpectedly go off without interceding.

"Noooo nooooooooo" she cried out. "Oh Mike please don't please don't let it happen again" she begged.

It was almost too late. He rocked back and forth. He was practically too far gone and she turned over on top of him. She didn't have time. She couldn't mount it fast enough.

Kathy opened wide and plopped her mouth over the raging hard monster. Grabbing hold of him, he grabbed hold of her too and she sucked on it fiercely while each moaned pleasurably until he blew every last ounce of the hot and thick white load up inside her throat.

Gagging and moaning all at the same time he called out to her as he tried pulling her up over him. But she was still wallowing in his load of cum. It swished and slid around her long-suffering throat with a grateful appreciation she hadn't had in years past.

Gulping down the last bit of it she looked up smiling and said "One of these days...ooooohh yes baby one of these days we are going to get this right aren't we" and she smiled and winked as she pulled him to the pillows and snuggled against his warm and weary body.

"Mmmmm I love your load" she said "and I love you too. Care to come over in a few days and do this again "Oooooohh wow that was terrific" she told him "and ohhh wow... you are too!"

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