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  • A Familys Sexual Hypnosis - Part 2
  • Published: Jul 13, 2008
  • Author: Michael Williams
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  • Category: Incest and Taboo
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About: "Michael takes on his Aunt Diane and once again fucks his second cousin Kristyn"

Title: A Familys Sexual Hypnosis - Part 2

Michael only thought of two things the entire week, and it wasn"t work either. He thought about how he had sex with his four favorite cousins, in the same room at the same time! He also thought about how his Aunt Diane had come on to him and how he had vowed to take Aunt Diane with her massive mammaries during the following weekend!

It was now that next weekend. Michael"s cousins had not come around during the week, so he"d thought that he would visit some of them after popping by Aunt Diane"s house. He still had to cum inside of Kristyn. She was his second cousin and Michael wanted to shoot his baby-making seed deep into her womb. Michael figured that giving Kristyn a baby was the least he could do for his cousin, besides he wanted to fuck her while she was pregnant! That was for later, now it was Aunt Diane"s turn to "Feel the Love".

Michael pulled into the driveway at Diane"s house. The door to the garage was open and the only car to be seen was Diane"s. He parked in the drive and knocked on the open front door. Michael heard his aunt say, "Come in Michael", from somewhere in the house. He entered letting the screen door slam with a rattle. Michael went into the kitchen expecting to find Aunt Diane. He was surprised to find the kitchen empty. Michael almost jumped out of his skin when he felt two hands massaging his shoulder and neck. The hands moved his head around until he felt two hot lips kissing his. Michael turned towards the lips returning the kiss. He had never been kissed like this before, the passion and energy was fantastic.

As Michael turned he felt a pair of big soft breasts pressed against him and knew that it was Diane and she was still hot, despite her sixty four years and giving birth to three daughters. He picked her up and perched her atop a stool and drank her vision in. She had lovely black hair coffered up on top of her head and flowing down to the base of her bare neck. Diane was wearing a housecoat, her short legs uncovered and crossed in a seductive manner. Michael could see that she was naked under that housecoat, a portion of her left breast peeked out from behind the gap between the edges of the coat. Diane"s mouth was flashing him a coy smile as her eyes watched his gaze rove over her body.

"What about your husband" Michael asked. "I would rather not get Uncle Bob mad at me.

"Don"t worry, lover. He"s out beating the drum and getting more converts for the Kingdom, he won"t be back for hours. I wish the man would take up golf and leave those poor people alone. Now, carry me up to my bedroom and do what you did to my daughters."

Michael picked her small body up in his arms. "Don"t forget Kristyn, your grand daughter, she was there too."

"I haven"t forgotten, I just hope you have half the energy for me that you used to please those cousins of yours." Diane nuzzled his throat, making her point even more obvious.

"Don"t worry your sweet little head," he replied as he rushed up the stairs two at a time. "I"ve got plenty of energy for the pushin" into your cushin"." Diane giggled as her nephew Michael manhandled her up the stairs and plunked her down on the queen size bed that she shared with his Uncle Bob.

Michael looked down at his aunt splayed on her back in the center of the bed. Her body showed some of the effects of time and the birthing and suckling of three beautiful little girls, but she kept herself in shape. Her face showed the strain of past years, her tits sagged some, and her legs had some age spots, but Diane was one willing, sexy bitch and ready for Michael"s big, hard cock.

He never lost eye contact with his exposed, loving aunt while he removed his clothes. Diane looked up at Michael and licked her lips waiting for him to take her needy body. Her lust had over-ridden any doubts she may have had, she was raring to go and her eyes showed it. Michael saw the lust in Aunt Diane"s eyes and moved onto the bed. His hand touched her ankle and she gasped at the contact. Michael slowly slid his hand up her soft leg.

Diane was moaning as Michael"s hand roved closer and closer to her honey pot. His hands soothed her trembling thighs then detoured north to her soft tummy. Michael"s finger traced slow circles around her sensitive belly button. Diane moaned, it had been so long since she had felt such a loving touch. "You know, your uncle used to be great in the sack, until he got older and more involved with the "Kingdom". Our sex life was condensed to the mandatory Saturday night token event, until he had his prostate operation. After that, I was limited to my own fingers and a vibrator I managed to sneak into the house."

"Don"t worry auntie; I"ll take care of your needs." He said and his hands cupped her old, but still meaty, tits. Michael jiggled them in his hands like he was checking fruit in the market. His mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss and he squeezed her ripe melons. Diane"s groan was swallowed by Michael"s mouth as their tongues caressed each other.

"Take me now nephew, your auntie"s pussy is all yours." Michael shifted placing his distended organ at the dripping entrance to her Garden of Earthly Delights. He then guided his tool in. Diane almost sobbed in joy as Michael"s pulsing meat filled her needy hole. He was eager to please Diane; after all, she was his favorite aunt, so he pushed with his hips until his balls rested against her soft ass cheeks.

"Did I fill you full Aunt Diane" She nodded answering his question. Michael waited a moment until his aunt"s pussy relaxed around his large cock, and then he began a steady rhythm of long slow strokes that caused his aunt to become limp and relish the experience of a long needed fuck. Michael watched her massive boobs quiver as his dick was stopped deep within Diane"s sopping quim again and again.

Michael felt his aunt climax. He was far from ready, so he chuckled and continued drilling with his hard tool. Diane came back down from her rush of pleasure to find Michael still rutting in her cunt like his entire existence depended on him depositing his load in her womb; even though she had undergone menopause and was no longer fertile.

Diane"s whole body shook as Michael fucked her faster and harder. His cock was almost a blur as he pounded into her overflowing pussy. Michael was now close to release and grabbed her tits for better support as he slammed his hard meat into her. Diane"s scream of pleasure joined Michael"s as his dick was thrust solid into the depths of her vagina and lodged there while his spooge pumped into her.

They were just resting, regaining their strength with Michael"s head pillowed on her immense mammaries. Her huge tits that showed the passionate claw marks his fingers had made. Diane"s fingers were caressing Michael"s brown hair as his cum leaked out of her satisfied cunt onto the bedspread.

The slamming of the screen door broke the relaxed mood in the master bedroom. Michael was about to leap up and get dressed when Kristyn"s voice called out for her grandmother. Now Diane was alarmed and tried to push Michael off of her, but he kept his weight on her as she struggled in vain. He knew that Kristyn would be nonplussed by finding her grandma and him naked in bed together.

Kristyn"s footsteps sounded on the stairs as Diane pleaded with Michael to hide and let her get dressed. He just started sucking on one of her soft tits as he held her there. Kristyn heard the sucking and struggling noises as she reached the top of the stairs. A big smile of satisfaction came upon her face and she stormed into the master bedroom to find her cousin lying on top of her grandma and sucking on one of her huge jugs. "I knew it! As soon as I saw Michael"s car here, I knew he was fucking you Grandma!"

Michael finally let Diane sit-up on the bed letting go of here boob in the process. Diane"s arms covered her chest and vagina as much as they could while she tried to explain, "I... erm... I fainted an...and your cousin tried to revive me, tha... that"s why my house coat is off. I"m so embarrassed, will you both leave and let me get dressed!" Michael grabbed his clothes and they both went into the hallway, Michael closing the door behind him.

Kristyn stopped Michael from putting on his shorts. "Let me clean you up cousin, you wouldn"t want your messy dick put away in those shorts." Kristyn dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked until the big hunk of the ten inch meat was spotless. Kristyn let Michael"s saliva coated semi-hard dick fall from her mouth. She gave a sigh of longing as he got dressed.

As they walked to Michael"s car he talked to Kristyn. "I"ll tell you Kristyn, your grandma is no spring chicken, but she keeps in shape and can still fuck like a trooper. Boy was she surprised to see you looking in at her and me naked after a good fucking. She"ll never live that down, haha. By the by, how did you get here anyway If I remember correctly you could never get a ride anywhere."

Kristyn looked very satisfied with herself. "It"s amazing how many of the boys in school will give me a ride at the drop of a zipper. All it takes is a little ole blow-job and they"ll take me where ever I want to go." She tried to look innocent as she asked, "Are you gonna want a blow-job for taking me home" Michael returned her innocent gaze with a look that could have frozen molten steel.

His cold look traveled down her nubile body taking in the backless pink cotton top that left her midriff bare and led to blue jean short shorts that barely covered her toned thighs. From there it was down her long supple legs to a pair of black high heeled sandals. Kristyn was outfitted for easy access to her hot, young body. "What if I wanted more, what if I wanted to play with you awhile"

"I"m sure we can detour to your place, Michael, on the way home." the high-school vixen said with a naïve smile. Michael returned her smile and climbed into his red and grey Ford Bronco. He drove to his two story house that was in a quiet neighborhood, Kristyn"s long blonde hair waving in the breeze from the open windows. Kristin"s hands were busy the entire ride making sure that Michael was cocked and ready for the upcoming festivities. Michael was still in amazement, for he still had no idea what came over these girls since that barbecue, and more than that he does not know what came over Kristyn, who was once to shy to even hug and say hello to him.

Kristyn had no hesitation in showing that she was her cousin"s current distraction in his life, even though Michael wanted to keep all liaisons with the women of his family under the radar screen. She got out of the truck on his side and clung to his arm like he was her favorite lifeguard and she was in the deep end. Michael managed to get her into the house without any of the neighbors seeing, not that they knew who Kristyn was, but you could never be too careful.

Once the front door was shut, Kristyn went about overpowering Michael with a sloppy French kiss. He felt her fingers trying to pull his shorts down, she wanted to fuck now! Michael scooped her up in his arms, their passionate kiss never breaking. He laid her on his bed and stood, pulling his lips from her energetic mouth. They both raced to lose their clothes, Kristyn beating Michael only because she left her heels on.

Kristyn laid on her back with her legs spread wide open waiting for Michael to ravage her. "Turn over you slut, on your hands and knees. I want to drive by baby-making sperm deep into your womb when I come. I want you to waddle around your school with a big pregnant belly while you suck all those High School boys off.

Rolling over, Kristyn got onto her hands and knees. Michael was just slipping out of his sneakers when Kristyn looked over her shoulder with a mischievous smile on her face. "You might have some competition in trying to knock me up. Last night I finally got my dear-ole-dad to fuck me. Why do men have to be so difficult about things that are gonna happen anyway"

"Well, if your dad got a head start I better get on the stick... erm get you on my stick." Michael guided his hard dick into the entrance to her moist fuck-hole. He slapped Kristyn hard on the ass and drove his cock deep into her. Kristyn let out a gasp as he roughly filled her pussy all the way up. Michael didn"t give her a chance to adjust, but started fucking her with his stiff shaft. He enjoyed seeing her meaty tits bounce and quiver as he slammed his body into the high-schooler.

Kristyn was moan and groaning as Michael thrust his dick into her deep, fleshy trench. She started thrusting back, really sending her boobs into an erotic dance on her toned chest. The knowledge that he was going to spurt his seed into his cousin"s tight cunt and fulfill one of his fantasies brought him to the edge very fast. Michael groaned, "I"m cumming!" just as he flooded Kristyn"s sopping pussy with his fresh, hot sperm.

Feeling Michael shoot his hot thick wad into her, Kristyn stroked her clit, trying to reach her own climax. Just as his orgasm was petering out, hers rolled over her in a wave. Kristyn"s clenching love-muscles milked the final trickle of sperm from Michael"s cock. They lay there a moment, two lovers sweaty and spent from their afternoon delight.

Grabbing her pink cotton top, Michael wedged it into her full cunt as he pulled his limp dick out. "That will keep my seed in you and I"ll guarantee that if you weren"t pregnant, you will be by the time you get home." Kristyn waited until Michael had his shoes and shorts on, and then wrapped her naked body around him. "Take me home stud!" she demanded.

Michael just shrugged, acquiescing to Kristyn"s decision and carried her down to his truck. Much to his chagrin, she acted liked the home coming queen as he drove to her parent"s house.

Kristyn hopped out of the truck before it had fully stopped and traipsed into the house without a care in the world. At first Michael was alarmed, but then he realized that she had nothing to hide and just might give her little brothers a thrill. Michael drove home satisfied, and the melody of Dr. Claibourne"s hypnotic destruction lingers on.

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