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Title: Mens Night Club - Author: Unknown

Published: Jul 19, 2008 - Contact:

I worked at the men's club in town. Guys would come in and see naked girls. Of course there were private rooms in the back. My job was a part-time lap-dancer and part-time naked girl.

As a lap-dancer I wore nothing but a lace push-up bra and lace thong. I would walk around looking for men with numbers. The higher the number, the sooner I would get to them.

When I was a naked girl, I would stand in a glass cubicle dancing and shaking. Then I choose a guy to come in the booth with me and dance and grind.

Tonight I started off as a lap-dancer walking around looking for men with high numbers. I found a guy with a blonde navy-cut. When I walked over to him, he smiled. "hi. i wanna do more than just dancing tonight." I smiled back. I took his hand and led to the back rooms.

We closed and locked the door. He pulled off his shirt and undid his belt. He slipped off his pants and wasn't wearing anything underneath. I sauntered over to him and started making out with him. He undid my bra and stepped back to inspect me. After he was done, he pulled off my thong and his fingers danced all around it. "excuse me." i said. " i belive its my turn now." He stepped back and opened up to me . I sucked on his cock and he laid down on the ground and sucked my tits. I stopped sucking and so did he. He pushed his dick into my pussy again and again, thrusting faster and faster. Then he turned over and I knew it was my turn. I straddled him, bouncing up and down, faster until I was riding him.

After half an hour my boss was pounding on the door yelling at me. " Give some of the other customers some attention will you It's time for your naked girl act!" We both dressed fast, and ran out the door.

I walked into the clear cubicle and pulled off my bra. All the men watching cheered. I then pulled of my thong and they cheered louder. I danced and danced and then chose a guy to come in with me. I pressed against him and grinded. And an hour later, my shift was over.