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  • Pool time part one
  • Published: Jul 20, 2008
  • Author: dreamwalker
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  • Category: Swinger stories
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About: "It was not until John introduced Kandy to swinging that they discovered a perfect way for them to kick things up a notch or two"

Title: Pool time part one

John was a tall, heavyset man, with American Indian features, deep brown eyes and a smile that lit up a room when he entered it. His wife's name was Kandy, a petite BBW with red hair, emerald-green eyes, and a cute button nose.

She had a vivacious attitude toward like, love, and sex. Both of them were retired, and spent their time traveling and spoiling their grandkids. However, when they were at home they acted like newlyweds; making love in all the rooms of the house in every way imaginable. In addition to that, they had always wanted to add more spice to their already hot sex lives. It wasn't until John introduced Kandy to swinging that they discovered a perfect way for them to kick things up a notch or two.

That was four years ago. On this particular night, they were sitting on the sofa discussing their newest encounter with a couple named Rex and Julie, who live about an hour from them. They had already met them for pizza and found they were not only exciting to talk to but the chemistry between them made them both want to go to the next step and see how hot the sex could be.

Kandy looked into John's eyes with a sad expression on her face and confessed, "I hope this couple is not like the last one."

John pulled her closer, kissed her and with a reassuring tone admitted, "From their actions and attitudes darling they are already more open than the last couple we met. Keep in mind, some folks are just hung up on themselves, others are out to only have sex to add a notch in their belt, and the good ones are out for fun, and friendship, in and out of bed. By the way, do you remember our first encounter"

Kandy rolled her eyes, trembled with desire and squealed, "Oh God do I! I wish all men were like that! Wow, that guy could make me cum so many times that I lost count!"

As Kandy went on, John's mind went back to that first encounter...

They'd received their first email on this swinging site from a single man, named Bryan. He encouraged them to look at his profile and gave then the URL link to it. Then wrote the following; he had done several threesomes, one on one's, and a few foursome's. He also asked if they would be interested in playing with him. He finished the message by saying he hoped to hear from them soon.

After viewing Bryan's profile and careful consideration John and Kandy decided to meet him for drinks and see what happened. They emailed Bryan, gave him the name of a bar and grill near them, then told him they'd like to meet him that coming Saturday. They ended the message by including their cell phone number and encouraging him to call them.

He called them the next day and, after a brief discussion, agreed to meet them for a drink and go from there.

Following the phone call, John sat down with Kandy and took a hold of her hand. He knew she would be nervous about her first meeting so he wanted to instruct her on what to do, as well as what to expect, hoping she would not be too worried.

Of course anyone who knew Kandy was aware she worried about everything. By Friday night she would be a nervous wreck.

John started teasing her a bit hoping to relax her about the meeting, but deep down inside he knew that only one thing would do the trick; a good hard fucking. After all he knew his baby very well and the idea of swinging made her so aroused that she wanted to have sex morning, noon, and night.

Once they got into bed, Kandy snuggled up close to John. She trembled as she lay there in his arms.

He was about to ask her how she was doing when she exclaimed, "Oh John, the idea of another man touching me while you're there has me too horny to even think about sleep. How about you"

John just took her hand and placed it on his hardening member and said, "Does that answer your question, doll"

Kandy rolled her eyes, licked her lips and squealed, "Let's fuck!'

John's face lit up with excitement, he trembled from head to toe, flashed Kandy a devilish smile and admitted, "Oh God baby, the idea of seeing another man fuck you has me hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July! I just have to have your hot sexy body, or I won't be able to go to sleep either!"

The two made love for over two hours then fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day was Saturday. John was a bit nervous, anxious, and hornier than a rooster in a hen-house. She was nervous all day and fought the urge to fuck John because she wanted to be ready for a night of wild-hot sex.

Finally it was time to meet Bryan for drinks. When he entered the room, he looked sexy, with the body of a bodybuilder, with an outline of a sizable piece of meat between his legs. He walked toward them and the moment their hands touched, there was so much chemistry that all they could talk about was going to Bryan's hotel room. Once there the magic began with a frenzy of fingers, mouths, and genitals. You can bet, no one slept much that night.

John's daydream was cut short when Kandy poked him in the ribs and asked, "Hey, are you listening"

He grabbed his rib and yelled, "Ouch, what'd you do that for"

She frowned and replied, "Because you looked like you were ten miles away. What's up"

John pulled her close and confessed, "I was daydreaming about some of our past swinging adventures. God they were pretty hot!"

Her frown turned into a smile and she squealed, "Yeah and some weren't! Remember that couple who seemed compatible when we met After going back to their hotel room things really got hot and I did things that I had only fantasized about. It wasn't until we returned home the next day that we got the surprise of our life. They had sent us an email stating that the previous night was the worst night of their lives!"

He made an evil face, howled like a wolf and answered, "Yeah, his wife was jealous because she thought you and him had more fun. I swear she had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex."

Tears formed in Kandy's eyes when she remembered how devastated she felt. With a shaky voice she said, "I almost gave up swinging over that dumb bitch!"

John comforted her as he remembered the few times in the past, before he met Kandy. When his swinging partner lit his fire and turned him every which way but loose.

He quivered, pulled her closer, and with a reassuring voice said, "There, there my dear, calm down. Just keep in mind that we have met some great friends through swinging and had some hot sexy experiences."

She sniffled, dried her eyes and admitted, "You're right love. When I think about the men I have been with, I must say, I have never felt so alive and turned on." She paused and then said, "When we swing from now on, I don't want to do any more one night stands with anyone. After all we're looking for friends and playmates."

The next time they went online to search for playmates they noticed that they had an email from a couple named Rex and Julie. The couple had just moved to Tennessee from another state and was looking for friends and more.

So John clicked on their profile and noticed it had several sexy pictures and the following blog.

"Married while couple, him 62, her 52, looking for other couples to become friends with and share good times in and out of the bedroom. We will play in the same room or separate rooms. I am str8 and she is bi, and loves it. We both love giving as well as receiving oral. We're not into pain or water sports. We're D&D free and expect the same. Single males need not write us we are only interested in couples and bi-females.

"We're easygoing and love to have fun, and making friends is the most important part of this lifestyle. We also like to go to swing parties with our friends and have fun.

"We both enjoy watching each other with other people. I love to watch my wife with another woman, and she likes to have me watch. I know she is having fun just by the look in her eyes.

"One of the most important parts of this lifestyle is making lasting friends, sex is better when it's with a good friend."

John pointed out the hot pictures to Kandy and then put his arm around her shoulder. "What do you think about this couple, honey"

She thought for a few minutes then replied, "From what I read in their email and profile, they sound like down to earth people. However, I won't know unless we meet them."

He pulled Kandy close, kissed her and then questioned, "Shall I write them back and tell them that or do you want to write them, doll"

Kandy licked her lips hungrily as the hot pictures intrigued her. "I'll write them back if you don't mind honey."

After a few email exchanges John and Kandy agreed this couple seemed to be just what they were looking for; friends as well as playmates.

She emailed them once more, gave them their cell phone numbers, then asked them where they could meet to talk and break the ice.

It wasn't long until they heard back from Rex and Julie. "Hi there, it was nice to hear from you. How about picking a place to meet and get acquainted since you know this area better than us Just don't forget to give us directions. Hope to see you soon, Rex."

That evening Kandy spoke with John. Together they picked out a place to meet and emailed the other couple, making sure they included directions, a cell phone number and the date.

The next day they had a return letter with Rex and Julie's cell phone number and the words, "We cannot wait to meet y'all!"

John soon talked to Rex on the phone and they finalized the plans.

To make a long story short, they met at a local pizza place. When they began talking, things went well; it was if they were all long lost friends reconnecting.

John took a sip of his drink and said, "Rex, you and Julie seem like down to earth people to me."

Rex replied, "Thanks, you too seem the same way."

They were all eating when John nudged Kandy and then winked. With a serious look on his face he told the other couple, "I would like you both to know that my wife is not only into sex, she also writes erotica."

Kandy blushed, looked at John then over at Rex. Rex's face was red, his eyes bulged out, and he was drooling from excitement. For a moment it looked as if he would pass out.

However he didn't, he just took Kandy's hand, leaned over the table and whispered, "By the way, my wife is bi-sexual. Have you ever been with a woman Kandy"

Kandy must have appeared surprised. Before she could reply John smirked and exclaimed, "Darling, you should see the look on your face, a Kodak moment, without a camera."

They all laughed and Julie said, "Looks like we are all going to be good friends. I cannot wait to have you come to our house."

Rex then spoke up, "Me neither honey. By the way, bring your suits, we have an in ground pool. However, it's magical; once you enter it your suit magically disappears!"

Kandy glanced around the room to see if anyone was looking at them. When no one was, she flashed Rex a sultry smile and purred, "Magical huh, I will just have to see that."

Julie looked at Rex and said, "I should tell you that we don't mind you both coming over when only one of us is there. We have an open relationship and trust each other completely."

Kandy then spoke up, "That's nice to hear. I myself cannot wait to play with you Julie."

The two men spoke quietly for awhile as the two women talked, and neither one paid attention to the other's conversation nor the time.

Julie looked at her watch and tapped Rex on the shoulder. "Honey, will you look at the time Remember I have to get up early tomorrow."

Rex smiled and answered, "I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me."

He then looked at John and Kandy and conceded, "It was nice to meet you too and I sure we will become great friends."

Julie then broke into the conversation and asked, "When shall we have them come over, Rex"

He looked at her then back at us and answered, "Maybe next weekend. Does that sound okay to you, John"

John grinned like a Cheshire cat and said, "Sounds like a plan to me. Let me check my appointment calendar when I get home to make sure we are free, then I will email you. Okay"

Rex replied, "That will be just fine."

John looked over at Kandy then back at Julie and said, "We really enjoyed meeting you both too. I'm speaking for us both when I say we had a wonderful time. I know there is more to 'cum'."

We all got up and Rex took John's hand and admitted, "I like the way you think." He then winked at Kandy and said, "You guys can 'cum' over anytime."

Kandy blushed and just couldn't help saying, "You're 'welcome'."

Arm in arm they walked out of the restaurant and then stood by the vehicles to say goodbye.

Rex took Kandy into his arms, kissed her cheek and with a sexy tone in his voice said, "See you soon you sexy thing!"

John looked at them and confessed, "If you don't mind I'm doing that to your wife too."

He took Julie into his arms, kissed her cheek and said, "I cannot wait to meet you again, without clothing on."

Julie blushed and replied, "Maybe next weekend you will."

They all waved goodbye, got in their vehicles, and drove off toward their homes.

Kandy sat quietly in her seat for a moment and then flashed John a questioning look and inquired, "Hey, you didn't by any chance tell Rex which buttons to push to send me into orbit"

He laughed, rolled his eyes, and didn't confess to anything, "Orbit huh! Well shouldn't they know just how many times you circle the earth when you climax After all according to Julie, she wants to turn you every which way but loose!"

Kandy tickled him in the ribs, laughed and chirped, "Smarty pants! I'm really looking forward to being with Julie."

Oh God Kandy was so aroused she could hardly wait until she got home. What she needed now was John's fingers, lips, tongue and cock.

They had just barely made it through the door when she leaned into John and put her arms around him. She then blew in his ear and whispered, "John, wanna see how many times you can send me into orbit"

John took her hand, helped her up, and commanded, "Woman, you must have been reading my mind. Let's go to bed, I want to see how many buttons I can press to send you into orbit!"

By the end of that night, Kandy forgot about the bad encounters and lost count of how many times she climaxed.

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