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Quote: "Me and a couple of friends decided to have a sleepover so we did and the host was my friend Veronica"

The Story...

Me and a couple of friends decided to have a sleepover so we did and the host was my friend Veronica as my friends and I arived we all just started off talking then watching tv

We all were thinking about it so I finally said "Lets play truth or dare!" everybody agreed so we were just having fun then it got fun!

It was my friend's turn her name is Diana and everybody in that room knew she had a crush on me the first time she saw me I knew it too

She sat up and said "Hey Eric(thats me)I dare you so take off your overshirt!" so I did but everybody thought it was etting late so we just decided to pick a partner and get nasty!

There were 6 people in the room so nobody was left out, so it was me and Diana,Veronica with Luis,and Sirena with Jack

So when Diana heard this she quickly grabbed my hand and took me to a bedroom

I saw everybody was already getting busy as I was being dragged away no even noticed we were leaving

So when we got to the room she threw me on to the bed she locked the door and started to take of her clothes she told me take off my clothes so I did then I got off the bed walked up to her and kissed her softly she smiled and I smiled back she then grabbed the back of my head and she said "I've been waitting for this moment for the longest time" "So have I" I said

She then pulled me in to kiss her when our lips met she wiggled her tounge into my mouth,it felt great when my tounge met hers she let out a soft moan,then I guided her to the bed and she gave me a little push so that I fell on the bed she got on her knees and krept closer and closer as I got harder and harder

She opened her mouth and shoved my whole 5 inches in side of her mouth while her tounge was wrapping around my dick it felt so good and she did that for 6 more mins

Then she got up she sat on the floor with her ass in the air and she said "Have fun!" I got even harder when she said that so I waled up up to her got on my knees and put in 2 inches when she let out a loud moan I asked her if I was going to fast she said no so I kept going when my entire dick was in side her perfect ass I started to slowly take it out and shove it in as I did that rapidly and built up speed she was moaning and groaning I kept going as fast as I can

I let out a sigh then took my dick out of her ass then she got up sat on the bed then she said "Lick my pussy" I walked over to her slowly and started to lick she was moaning very loudly that she put a pillow over her mouth everytime she moaned I knew she was having an orgasim

Thats all that happend but read my next story its gonna be called

The all male sleepover

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