My Master Buck

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Quote: "A young submissive has a fanasy about being fillled to maximum capacity with liquid nourishments"

The Story...

I couldn.t remember when I was so excited....I'd had this idea for years....and tonite I was going to experience it. My Master, Buck.....tied me face up....lying on my back...with my legs raised up and secured in stirrups. My hands were pulled downwards towards the floor and secured to the sides of the table I was on. My butt was right on the edge of the table....and my head was at the other end...lying on a small lledge,which could be pushed in to allow my head to hang upside down....Bucks favorite way to feed him his cock. By 7pm.....there was 11 of my masters friends there.....and a young female, a nurse by monitor the scene. Eveyone there had been drinking liquids all day and was here with a full bladder. Even the nurse...which excited me even more. Buck, explained the rules. First....I was going to give everyone a blowjob.....which with full bladders, would be vey long blowjobs. I personally can't cum when I have to Buck gave everyone the option of pissing down my throat...before or after...they came in my mouth. "You MUST...cum...and piss...into his belly...we're gonna fill him up tonite...and thats just the first part." "The next part" buck continued.... "Is that after you unload in his mouth...each one of you....will suck HIS cock.....the first few will get the good stuff.....I've been jacking him off and not letting him cum for a week.....and he's loaded!!" "What about the rest of us" someone asked.... "You'll be required to suck his cock....for 20 minutes....wether he cums or not. I didn't know about that part and already the idea of getting 11 consecutive blowjobs had me worried!! Everybody drew numbers and the first guy was at my upside down head. He pushed right into my throat.....fucked for about two minutes...then shoved in balls deep...and began to piss!! I didn't have to swallow....his hot pee was forced right into my belly! He continued to fuck my throat for about 10 minutes...then he grunted...and came in my I would have to taste it...and swallow on my own. Seconds later...a fresh cock was in my mouth. As he pissed and I gulped it down...the nurse laid her hand on my belly. "It;s HOT" she chuckled!! "I can feel the piss in his stomach!!" Now my cock was in a nice wet mouth! I moaned loudly, and so did the guy fucking my throat! I came within minutes...grunting and bucking wildly....and the guy in my throat...exploded and pumped me full of his cum. My second blowjob.....that is....getting it...was immediete and I wasn't cock was still throbbing and very sensetive! I was sucking on cock number three....He was rock hard and hadn't pissed yet. "You're gonna work for this one" he laughed... " I'm gonna cum first....if it takes me all night!" He was long....maybe 9 inches...but skinny...and he slid easily...but deeply right down my throat!! in about 10 minutes....I came a nice wet mouth Suddenly I learned why the nurse was there. In betwen guys sucking me off.....she was there to do it!.....Her mouth was nice and tight...but my cock was again, and still very sensetive...and the pleasure was becoming unbearable!! I sucked the guy in my mouth and throat for 30 long deep minutes....then he came...pissed and replaced the nurse on my cock! My belly was grumbling already....and my balls were getting sore...but not as sore as my cock!! I continued to suck...and drink! My belly ached....and expanded. It took me two hours and forty minutes to suck off all 11 guys and drink their piss!!. My poor cock was still being devoured...and I wanted to scream!! After all the guys had cum n my mouth...Three of them returned to piss into my belly again!! I looked like I was pregnant, and I felt like it too!! The nurse was rubbing my belly and grinning. "I never saw a pregnant man before!" "Ready for the next phase" Buck asked... I weakly nodded. Buck slid a rubber tube down my throat....then packed my mouth with a couple of wascloths, and taped my mouth closed around the tube...leading into my belly. "Theres a one way valve built into this tube" he explained to our guests..... "It'll let liquid into his belly....but not out, in case he tries to puke " "What goes into his stomach gonna stay there!!" Now the nurse got her turn....she squatted and peed almost a quart into a plastic pitcher. Buck produced a huge siphon pump....used to suck liquid out of a car engine....and poured the whole quart of the nurses pee into it. Everyone watched as Buck pumped all her pee into my already bloated belly!! I thought I was going to explode!! The last guy was practicall chewing on my poor limp cock...tugging on my nuts.....and I was in agony! He gave up after his 20 minutes.....and Buck finally let me pee.....which of course also went into my stomach!! I was turning kinda green., when the nurse announced that she didn't think I could hold anymore!, "Well...not in this end anyway!" Buck laughed. I'd had enough,,,and shook my head...but Buck wasn't going to let me off that easy. In the corner....a 5 gallon water bottle was about half full of collected piss from all the guys. Buck inserted an inflatable butt plug into my ass....witha hose thru it....and began pumping my ass full of stale piss!! After three quarts, I was in tears!!! The guys were all chanting..."FOUR...FOUR...FOUR!!" I was frantically shaing my head NO!.....but Buck slowly pumped one more quart into my bowels and clamped off the hose!! "Thats it!" Buck announced..... He noticed thateven though my cock was chewed up and painfully drained...I was half hard again with a piss hard on! my bladder felt as full as my belly!! ....Smiling...Buck pushed a thick chrome steel sound down into my cock.....sealing it! He wrapped my cock with an elastic bandage to hold it in...and stood back to grin at me!! I was crying....begging thru my gagged mouth for some relief!! The pain in every bit of my body was maddening.... "One hour....and you're done!! Buck promised!! During that hour...all the guys paired off...some tormented me with fingers and tongues,,,on my balls...rubbing my belly....pounding on me like a drum...and cumming all over me.....on my face, and in my eyes were plastered shut with cum.. I was carried to the bath tub...and allowed to empty my ass...and my aching bladder.....but when the tube came out of my throat.....what was in my belly...stayed there!. Some of the guys stayed till morning....I gave them blowjobs under the table while they ate...(another one of my fantasies)...and after everyone left...Buck settled into his favorite chair...with the tv remote in his between his legs, and his cock in my mouth...for four hours...and 5 loads of his cum....that was HIS fantasy...and my price paid for him giving me mine1.....Read more stories from our BDSM stories category

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