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  • Image of Despair
  • Published: Aug 7, 2008
  • Author: Peter_Pan
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  • Category: Incest and Taboo
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About: "I like to catch a glimpse of a young girls panties as much as the next guy"

Title: Image of Despair

Maybe when you look at the picture, you can understand why I did it

For more than four years Danielle has tortured the life out of me. Not just by virtue of the coquettish mannerisms that girls start to seriously develop in their early teens but by her deliberately provocative behavior whenever she and I would find ourselves alone in the house. I put it down to typical girlish tease – practicing their feminine guiles on their daddies rather than some stranger or worse still, their history lecturer.

With Danielle though, the game transcended normal dad-daughter interplay. Soon after she turned fourteen, she would come home from school, toss her backpack on the floor in the kitchen, seating herself down at the breakfast bench with what I can only describe as carelessly splayed legs. I mean, I like to catch a glimpse of a young girl's panties as much as the next guy – but my daughter's for God's sake For some this might be seen as something of an "acquired taste," trouble is, I was rapidly acquiring that taste!

Not limiting herself to this one performance, I found myself increasingly confronted by Danielle's "accidental" near-nudity. En route to the bathroom I would often pass her bedroom as she would be sitting on the bed in just her panties, delicately applying nail-polish to her toes. "Oh sorry dad, I forgot to close the door" she would giggle, crossing her arms across her chest futilely, which achieved no more than highlighting her developing breasts. Besides which, this gesture freed up entirely the murderously hot view between her legs, as I'm quite sure she knew.

Since I worked from home, Danielle and I had the house to ourselves for more than two hours before my wife returned from the city where she was employed as an advertising executive. This was certainly no friend to my cause either. I began to dread hearing the school bus pulling up across the street. When I say "dread" I infer not so much what I might see shortly, but rather – what effort it was going to take on my part not to succumb to my growing infatuation with her young body.

Determined evidently to run the gamut of provocative tease, she began finding excuses to bend over to retrieve items from the floor. Kitchen or lounge-room, it made no difference...the number of things she managed to drop was fully incredible. I think I became familiar with every pair of panties she had ever owned. Of course, the day she stooped over to pick up a couple of wayward CDs – in quite the shortest skirt I'd ever noticed her almost wearing, then finding myself staring down at a bright pink g-string that would have afforded the cat little modesty, I had to go pour myself some seriously over-proof liquor from the bar.

Our marital sex patterns took a turn for the better, an event not lost on my wife who asked during the course of her third orgasm one night, "What's got into you Mike You seem to have a renewed interest in foreplay."

Had I told her precisely the cause of my apparent up-sized vigor, she would undoubtedly have pistol-whipped me, called her lawyer and returned to her mother in Sacramento, Danielle in tow....and not necessarily in that order. The fact is though that throughout our lovemaking, all I was seeing was my daughter's lithe and supple body as I took my time stripping and fondling her intimately. Events reached crisis-level the night I softly murmured in my wife's ear "I love you Danielle" during the height of passion.

"What did you say" she spluttered, sitting up.

Showing what I would term remarkable composure given the prevailing circumstances, I simply replied.

"I just said I love you....Angel......why"

Looking at me with vague suspicion she lay back on the bed.

"Sounded like something else," she muttered, unwilling if not unable to qualify the statement further. I figured I best be more vigilant in my oral ramblings from that point on.

This state of affairs was to be perpetuated for almost two years. The more innovative her teasing became, the greater my desire to not only taste the forbidden fruit, I found myself increasingly wanting to observe my daughter being debased in every conceivable way by other my own age.

In hindsight, two things tipped me over the edge, the first barely six months ago. After a long night in the study working on a new product-launch I decided I needed to chill-out somewhat and opted to watch a movie. Adam Sandler's bizarre little turn in Reign Over Me, as I recall.

Not ten minutes into the movie and Danielle sat herself down beside me, my wife long since asleep.

"I thought you were doing your homework sweetheart." I muttered, not even averting my eyes from the small screen.

"Finished it," she announced. "I just thought I might watch a bit of the movie with you dad before I went to bed." So saying, she took my hand and squeezed it lovingly. I glanced at her...finding it hard not to splutter.

Dressed in what can only be described as a semi-transparent and very low-cut night-dress, one I had definitely never clapped eyes on in my life, her pretty breasts encased as they were in a skimpy floral bra, were prominent to the point of jaw-dropping clarity. Equally visible were those matching panties. All this I could see in a glance, I didn't figure a neck to knee ogle might be appropriate right then.

Looking back at the screen I simply said "Sure kiddo, just don't forget though you have school in the morning."

Finding it all but impossible to concentrate on the movie, with a heady mix of scented body-wash and other feminine shower cleansers wafting through my nasal cavities, I was taken further to the edge when Danielle suddenly pulled my arm towards her lap seemingly innocently, yet with the side of my hand now resting casually at the literal apex of her legs. I could actually feel her pussy through her nightdress. Was she that naοve, or was this a barely-disguised seduction tactic

As if shifting my hand to better hold hers, I aligned my palm such that it was now angled directly parallel to her thighs, my wrist in contact with the very onset of her concealed ingress. Heat from the general area was fully detectable let's say. Having no wish to push my luck I simply stared at the screen leaving any further moves to my daughter.

For the longest time she just held me to her like that. At one point I was sure she had parted her legs fractionally but was not either man enough or fool enough to risk feeling her up and believe me, my fingers were on full standby. A couple of soft sighs were audible but nothing I could actively construe as a "green light."

Not five minutes later and she returned my hand to the sofa. "S'pose I'd better be going to bed now," she muttered getting up from the couch. Standing there she suddenly inclined her head for a goodnight kiss giving me a diabolically wide-screen view down her cleavage. It was all I could do not to grope those hot little teenage breasts right there, as I kissed her right cheek. For a moment she stood there looking at me sending messages I had no idea how to interpret. Then she was gone and I heard her bedroom door closing further down the hallway.

There was no possibility of my continuing with Adam Sandler. Instead, I went to the bathroom where I jacked myself insensible.

The other thing that happened was the photograph itself. Just a couple of weeks after Danielle's seventeenth birthday mid June, she and a couple of equally well-sculptured school-friends joined Debbie and I for an outing to our local Waterworld theme park. Following two weeks scorching weather, it just seemed like a good idea. In keeping with tradition, Danielle had pulled on the sexiest bikini she could find, much to her mother's chagrin and my delight. In company with her two friends they were causing most every male in the park to run a double-take as they sashayed past.

Having my digital camera with me, I snapped the three of them walking across the small bridge to the refreshments kiosk. Just a spur of the moment thing, but one that was to have major repercussions.

That night, after everyone was in bed I downloaded the picture and studied it. That was my first big mistake.

Sexy as the trio had looked wiggling their young rear-ends across the walkway, motionless on the screen it was somehow sexier. Danielle especially in those skimpy bikini pants that left little to the imagination – front or back. I decided to crop her two friends out of the picture leaving the focus on her own rearward aspect. It was after I had done that – and you can probably see for yourself now why – I became fully aware of just how provocative my daughter's body had become. Did not that bottom cry out for a spanking at the hands of multiple merciless males How smooth might those cheeks feel if one were to slip their hands inside that flimsy little waistband I invite the reader to ponder otherwise

I simply had to chart a new course.

Quite frankly I doubt I would ever have had the guts to initiate anything. Fate, circumstance...destiny – whatever you want to call it, was to present me with a wholly unexpected new ball-game.

Less than three weeks have passed since that Sunday afternoon and still I find it hard to believe it actually happened. Some things I guess you should just accept rather than question.

My wife was out of town at a business convention and Danielle sleeping over with some upstate friends for the weekend. Having nothing planned for the following day, I had called my best buddy Warren Saturday night and asked if he'd like to drop by the following day to watch the game with me. He asked if he could bring a friend of his – Cliff. I had no objection and thus it was agreed they'd be over sometime after lunch.

We made a real afternoon of it. The game wasn't so hot but the porn movie Warren brought with him was no slouch in the "chicks you'd like to rent for the evening" department. Given the added benefit of a few beers and a bottle of Wild Turkey that Cliff had thoughtfully provided, the afternoon was mellowing-out quite nicely.

The girl on-screen was putting up little resistance as two other men were slowly divesting her of both top and hot-pants. Displaying little embarrassment as her breasts were excised from that skimpy little bra, one partner commenced fondling her while the second began to suckle the other nipple. The scene was not without a certain arousal factor, especially when both men slid a hand into her g-string and began fingering her with a remarkable degree of coordination.

No-one heard the front door open. What we did hear was the sharp intake of breath as my daughter entered the room. Her timing was questionably poor since the men on screen were in the process of tugging down her undies, providing the viewer right that second, with a gratuitously hot close-up of the girl's trimmed and fully exposed pussy.

"W-what are you doing back home so early" I stammered, not even having the presence of mind to pause the movie.

"I just came to get some clothes," she replied, blushing acutely. "Sorry dad!"

Cliff was looking at Danielle appraisingly, I couldn't blame him for what I knew he must be thinking. In one of her mega-short skirts and low cut tops she looked what she was – a hot little teen tease! I saw his eyes drop to her curvy bottom. I figured he wasn't contemplating Barack Obama's chance of becoming President.

Danielle was still looking at the girl's worsening predicament on the small screen.

"Never seen a porn flick Danielle" asked Warren casually I realized he must have known her since she was about seven years old.

My daughter shook her head then made as if to leave. Warren grabbed her arm in passing.

"Why not stay and watch it with us sweetheart" he winked at the two of us.

I should have chastised him obviously, but something held me back. Curiosity as to what she might say predominantly.

In fact she just looked at me – whether for assistance or permission I couldn't really tell.

Having no expectation that she might, I patted the sofa alongside me. Still glancing at the screen, she pulled free of Warren's restraining arm and came over. He looked remarkably disappointed. Seating herself beside me she held her fingers to her mouth tentatively as teenage girls are wont to do when nervous.

"I didn't know you watched stuff like this dad," she whispered almost accusingly.

"Well normally I don't sweetheart," I replied. "Fact is, Warren brought it with him...was just for a bit of fun y'know."

Not entirely convinced I suspect, Danielle sat there nevertheless, eyes now the size of saucers, watching as the men propelled the now fully naked girl, g-string around her ankles, into what looked like a threadbare bedroom. Her fingers never left her mouth as she watched the men push their victim roughly on to the bed, one groping her breasts, the other positioning himself between her legs, for the privilege of being able now to insert two fingers deep inside the girl's pussy. I wondered if it was making Danielle wet

Simply the reality of having my teenage daughter sitting in a room with three much older men, watching another girl being sexually assaulted (however consensual) was the stuff of red-hot fantasy. I felt her wriggle in probable discomfort as the man between her legs pulled off his pants, freeing up an erection of not inconsequential size. I had no way of knowing if she had even seen a penis at close range...after all she was still only seventeen, however "adult" her body had become.

Danielle let out a muffled "That is so disgusting," as the man pushed his erection deep inside the girl. I couldn't agree with her assessment, thinking right that second what I would give to see someone doing exactly that to Danielle herself.

My reverie was disturbed by Cliff, who without warning, suddenly sat down on the couch the far side of Danielle. She looked across at him in suspicion, edging slightly closer to me for protection most like.

"Do you like watching this" he asked her, surreptitiously placing an arm around her shoulders. She shot him a glance but made no move to dislodge the contact. I didn't know whether to watch the action on screen or the unfolding events right alongside me.

"It's pretty gross," she volunteered softly.

"Maybe your daddy would let you come over and sit with us" he murmured.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had even less reason to believe my reply.

"Sure, if she wants to Cliff"

Danielle looked at me with a mixture of shocked abandonment and paternal disappointment.

"I said if you want to sweetheart," then carefully avoiding eye contact with her added, "Not like they're gonna bite you is it"

Taking my words as an acquiescence of sorts and not even waiting for my daughter's reply, Cliff pulled her across to the other couch. Reluctantly she seated herself between the two men, arms folded protectively in her lap. Simply the act of sitting down in that tiny skirt bequeathed me a flash of her light pink panties. I wasn't having parentally constructive thoughts at all.

As the girl on screen underwent some seriously defiling moments my own erection was at the edge of anarchy. I hoped Danielle had not noticed. No sooner had our screen heroine been forced to her knees on the coverlet, her sexy rear-end highlighted for all to see, when her co-abuser deftly entered her from the rear, pumping his way to glory in full-lensed detail, every inch sliding into the girl being lovingly captured.

I glanced across the room upon hearing another muffled cry...and near gasped myself. Warren appeared to have his hand up under my daughter's right breast while Cliff had her head back, kissing her hard on the lips. Her vulnerability was extreme, her predicament – interesting! As I watched, the hand supporting her breast moved higher and began to gently squeeze the general area. Cliff then brought his hand up and while not missing a beat in the kissing department, and commenced fondling her other breast.

If Danielle was showing any resistance, I couldn't see it.

That situation changed on the instant. As Cliff took the uninvited liberty of sliding a hand up beneath her skirt Danielle broke off from kissing him and with a curt "Not up there" tugged the hem back down to its mid-thigh limit. Warren meanwhile was still having a lot of fun with her hot little breasts, having slipped his free hand down the front of her top. The aspect from my viewpoint was cumulatively arousing. I wasn't sure how long I could stay either sane or an innocent bystander.

Cliff, quite obviously a man that refuses to take no for an answer, was in re-entry mode and giving my daughter no time to come up with a counter-offensive, thrust his hand as far up between her legs as was necessary to locate the front of her panties. Unwilling to preserve her modesty, let alone her honor quite obviously, I allowed him full license to accost her further.

"Help me daddy" she cried out between breaths, wriggling her hips in shocked distress. "Don't let him do this to me"

All her hip movements were achieving though were to cause her skirt to ride further up her thighs thus displaying to better advantage those sexy pink panties. At the point Warren's hand also found its way between her legs, she probably realized that help was not a realistic outcome. To see both hands now abusing my daughter sexually, one rubbing her pussy through the thin cotton, the other working its inside her panties, was almost more than I could take. So vulnerable did she look sandwiched there between the two of them, I could feel myself getting harder by the second.

"Can we undress her" Cliff called across the room. Immediately Danielle began to struggle violently. I simply nodded.

I suppose what I was witnessing was technically aggravated rape, yet Danielle was far from passive in her contribution. Sure she struggled in the early stages of the assault, but after they had pulled her top off and tugged down her bra straps either side, it seemed to me she was arching her back noticeably as first Cliff, then Warren began to draw down hard on her nipples. How I envied their liberty.

Unzipping and removing her skirt took but moments, leaving Danielle seated there in just those sexy pink knickers. Both of them were taking turns kissing her at that stage and it seemed to me Danielle was more than cooperative in this little venture. I was just staring dry-mouthed as they pawed her naked breasts, alternately suckling and groping her.

Things took a turn for the erotic at the point Cliff reached across and tugged her slim body across his knee. Letting out a shocked "what are you doing" her pert young bottom was provocatively angled, her naked breasts making unavoidable contact with Cliff's knee. That was the least of her problem.

His first spank was little more than exploratory, impacting softly but squarely across her tremulous butt. She squealed, but more for show I think. The second was at the business end of the spanking scale. Watching her bottom recoil brought back images of the aforementioned photograph. I was right – it did need to be spanked...and hard!

Danielle tried covering her bottom with her hands but this was nothing Warren could not handle. Leaning across, he seized her arms and held behind her back giving Cliff total access to spank her at will. It also had the effect of making her breasts appear far more prominent. I am almost positive her nipples were erect!

Amidst cries of "No's making my bottom sore," the two men swapped roles and Danielle was then draped submissively across Warren's lap. On screen the girl was being fucked hard by both men. I don't think anybody cared. Without doubt, the plight of a near-naked seventeen year old schoolgirl seemed the better visual option.

"Pull her panties down Cliff," Warren grinned. "Let's see her bare bum."

I have to say it was worth seeing. Unable to do anything but stare at my daughter's continuing humiliation, I was idly stroking my own erection through my pants when Cliff called out, "Your turn dad, show us how you discipline your daughter."

What was I going to say "No"

Close too, Danielle's rear cheeks were near scarlet. I couldn't help first smoothing my hand across those dynamically sexy curves. I had been right, they were so soft and yielding to touch, I wanted her to stay naked until she left home.

"Nooo dad," she wailed, "Not you too"

Given that she had already been spanked stupid, I limited my punishment to just four medium smacks. Watching those cheeks recoil once more was definitely one of life's guilty pleasures.

"Let's take her to her bedroom," Warren suggested, pulling her panties back up. Three votes to one settled that option.

"Are you going to rape me" she asked of her captors breathlessly as they each held an arm, half dragging her down the hallway.

"Why You want us to rape you Danielle" Warren laughed. "So long as it's OK with your dad, yeah I don't see why we shouldn't." All I could concentrate on at that moment was my daughter's sexy panties that barely covered her rear cleft and those prominent jiggling breasts of hers.

Having tossed Danielle on her own bed, she just lay there regarding the three of us. Cliff made the first move. Kneeling beside her he put his hand up between her legs somewhat indecently rubbing her panties. Incredibly she let him.

"You're going to let them do this aren't you dad" she whispered.

I simply stared at her, seeing nothing but a fantasy unravel. I don't even think I recall who raped her first. I think it was Cliff. I do remember my daughter lying there, someone holding her arms above her head while the other man tugged her panties off before insinuating himself between her legs, his erection in hand. I remember clearly my daughter's glistening pussy just moments before whoever it was thrust into her. She didn't scream - more like a grunt of discomfort.

I also recall Danielle's expression as she was being violated. It wasn't all pain I can tell you. Later, when Cliff was taking her for probably his third time, she was clinging to him, her hips thrusting up to meet his incursions.

"You're a real hot little piece of ass aren't you sweetheart" he had said to her.

By then the room was beginning to smell like a whorehouse.

I had presumed the moment would come and I wasn't disappointed. With both Cliff and Warren fully burnt-out and splayed breathless on the floor, Danielle, lying there with one leg over the edge of her bed, her pussy gaping and sore, both breasts bearing the marks of many fingers and with strings of cum all over her, slowly raised her head.

"Come on dad, you can fuck me too, I know you always wanted to."

What I did to her that afternoon, I should be ashamed off. Funny thing is – I'm not.

You can understand though the thoughts that go through my mind when I look at that photograph.

(c)Peter_Pan 2008

Author's Note:

To better appreciate this story, the viewer really needs to see the photograph in question.


Readers are reminded that the much-requested 36th Harper Valley tale "Once Bitten," will be published on the Peter_Pan website and Sex Tails this coming weekend.

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