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Quote: "I smiled. I grabbed his already erect cock got on my knees and sucked him"

The Story...

Alex, all the girls loved him he had short black hair and he purposed to his girlfriend. We were all so pissed off but turned on at the same time. We always wanted to imagine him naked.

Well one of us, me, saw him naked when I was cleaning his room. So here the tail starts.

'Oh, sorry." I blushed. 'It's O.K come in, sweetie." he said 'I really think i shouldn't i have to finish cleaning the house.' I said turning to go out. "If you leave then ill fire you if you stay ill raise your salary by $23.02 an hour i know its much but please stay I wanted to talk to you about Sarah.'

Well considering my salary was only 5.51 an hour i decided to come in. I DID work 19 hours a day so i thought-- never mind heres the rest.

'O.k well what do you want to talk about.' i asked him. 'Well, I'm a virgin which is hard to believe and I don't know how to make the move first.' I smiled. I grabbed his already erect cock got on my knees and sucked him. I took him all in. His whole 9 inches. I took him out when i felt him tense.

'Well shes gonna do that o.k' 'O.k.' 'then shell do this.' I took off my shirt and bra. revealing my 38D breasts. 'Suck them.' I said He nodded and sucked the first one. I moaned as he moved onto the second one. I started to jerk him off.

He stopped looked into my eyes and said 'what now' 'Well...' I took off all my clothes. Brought his head in between my thighs and told him to lick, suck and nibble my clit. I sighed. 'I'm gonna cum. Drink it all baby.' I murmured I cummed and fell on the bed next to us. We lay there for a while until I carried on with the lesson.

'Next she will want to ride you or she'll want you to ride her.' I said. 'O..k' he said. I got on him and started bucking wildly. I could see he was about to cum so we rolled over and he was now on top of me. He started to thrust deep and hard. He increased his speed.

I screamed as i reached my climax he cummed in me and we both fell asleep him on top of me.

He woke up at 6:03 am. 'Lexi, Will you marry me' he asked. I answered him with a long passionate kiss.

We are now living happily married. Since that passionate night he has gotten much better and we are expecting a child on March 19th 2009. Read more stories from our Erotic Stories category

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