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Title: Fun with Ali - Part 2 - Author: Stan Wilson

Published: Sep 14, 2008 - Contact:

She stood before me with high-heels and white panty hose running up to a short and grey "schoolgirl" skirt, a white blouse, and a cute pair of glasses on her face. I was so used to her wearing contact lenses that the glasses were a big suprise, but they set off the whole outfit to make her that much hotter. I took her hand and led her to the coffee table in the middle of the room and lowered her to her knees infront of it and leaned her upper body onto it. I lifted up the back of her skirt and laid it on her and retreived a flimsy, thin, black rod I had found for the event. I didn't know what it's real purpose was for, but I did know that it bent quite well as you brought it through the air, and on contact would cause quite a sting. I touched the rod to her panty hose, looking through them to see her yellow thong. I brought it back slowly and held, and brought it back across the center of her ass making her yelp and lunge forward.

"Count it off; we're going to five."


I brought the rod back again, but this time I brought it back down on her upper thighs. She cringed as the sting went through her legs and then counted it off. The last three hits were spread across her butt making her feel each one.

"Stand up and put your legs shoulder-length apart, and then bend down and grab your ankles."

"Yes sir"

I used the rod to grab a piece of her panty hose and made a small hole; I then used my fingers to pry and rip the fabric. I made the hole big enough until her whole ass was exposed. I grabbed her thong at the part that I ran down her ass and pulled it up to make the thin strip to part her pussy lips and delve in. She moaned at the feeling, and I touched her ass with my other hand.

"Im going to spank you for as long as I see fit. All that you have to do is remain still."

"Yes sir."

I smacked her hand down on one cheek and then the other, the softness of her ass on my hand edging me on. Her small yells leading to screams, her words empowering me.

"Owwwwwww...ahhhhh...owww...yes...yes ...don't stop...oh yes....I've been such a naughty girl...please punish me...ohhh...owwwwwww!"

I turned her ass red and then stopped and told her to stand up straight. I came around to face her and instructed her to remove her shirt and she did. I unclasped her bra at the front and revealed her breasts to me for the first time. They were so large and perfect; with the perkyest of nipples. I moved and sat on the couch and Alison stradled me as I completely removed her bra. I grabbed both her boobs and felt her softness in my hands as I squeezed them. I pulled at both her nipples hardening them instantly. I put one in my mouth flicking her nipples with my tounge and smacked her ass hard as she moaned in ecstacy. I then moved onto the other breast as I continued to smack her bare ass.

"Do you want to suck my dick Ali."

"You know I do!"

She slid down to infront of my cock and removed my clothes from the waist down and took my tool in her hand. She moved her lips around it and swirled her tounge around the head as she bobbed up and down. I grabbed the back of her head forcing her down on it, pushing my cock up her throat. She came up from gagging and smiled at me and asked: "Can I fuck you now, please I need your cock inside me."

"Almost baby, just one more thing."

I removed her skirt and panty hose and sat her on the couch and spread her legs before me. I moved her panties to the side to reveal her shaven pussy. I ran my fingers through her small triangle of pussy hair as I pressed my lips to hers. I spread her lips with my fingers as licked her pinkness and rubbed her clit in small circles with my other hand. She began to moan loudly and become extremely wet; I drank up her juices as her thighs squeezed my head tight as she shook with an orgasm. She subsided and was breathing heavily to catch her breath as I leveled my penis to her awaiting pussy. I reached over for the plastic ruler I used on Ali last time with one hand and grabbed her titty with the other.

"This will hurt at first, but it'll get better."

I slowly began to insert my dick into her. Half way in I felt her cherry pop and she screamed in pain, and I shoved my dick hard all the way in as tears welled up in her eyes. I slowly pumped my cock in and out and her pain slowly turned to enjoyment. I picked up the speed quicky and was drilling her as hard as could, as she moaned loudly I smacked the ruler across her bare thigh. She screamed and yelled, "Fuck yeah, spank it and fuck me harder! Ohhhhh yeah....unnnhhh...oooouuu...I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

She arched her back and soaked my cock with orgasm. "Get on the floor on all fours."

"Yes sir."

I got on my knees behind her and pulled her thong to her knees. I put my dick in her pussy and pumped her from behind. I smacked her cheeks with the ruler as I fucked her with all I had. Her knees became weak as a orgasm swelled inside her, I spanked her one last time and she yelled "fuuuucccckkkk!", and collasped in a heap infront of me.

"Stay flat on your stomach; I'm going to spank you twenty times with my hand and then you can suck me off."

Her ass was already very red, so even though it was just my hand I knew twenty spanks would really hurt. I started off pretty softly but at the end I was packing quite a punch. I landed number twenty and Ali wiped her eyes and got on her knees in front of my penis.

"Can I please suck your cock off, sir."

"Yes Ali."

She put in her moth and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She worked quicky and made my knees buckle as I grabbed my cock from her and aimed it at her face. I shot gobbs of cum and covered her face. Her glasses were covered and she had to remove them to see me. She looked up at me and grinned as I gave her some tissuees to wipe her now sticky and white face.

"From now on when we do this you'll answer to Ali and also the name cumslut. Now go take a shower."

"Yes sir."

"Wait I need one too, and there's no need for us to waste water", and with that I was off and as happy as I person could be.