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  • Neighborhood Sex
  • Published: Sep 23, 2008
  • Author: Sassy One
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  • Category: Group sex stories
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About: "I dressed in a low cut blouse short skirt and high heels"

Title: Neighborhood Sex

My husband made partner in his firm so the money was good. We recently purchased a home in an affluent neighborhood, and when shopping for our home, we wanted to be in a neighborhood that was mostly people in our age group with very little children. We like to entertain so a private backyard with a pool is a must. Often times after parties we will go for a swim and make hot love in our backyard. We love for the outdoors in the summer so privacy was essential. Our realtor assured us this would be the perfect place for us. Most homes were a million plus and the neighbors were our age with children already out of the nest, prefect we said.

Moving day came and so did the unpacking. We made sure we had plenty of help so it would be quick and easy. Our first night in our new home turned out to be hot and steamy, we had sex everywhere including outside. We wondered if anyone could hear us, it was so hot and passionate. Both of us work hard to keep our bodies in shape. He is has a very hard body with a nice size penis. I also have a nice hard body, tight ass, nice firm full cup C’s. We had talked in the past about a threesome, his desire was to watch me with another man and I loved the idea. For the most part it was just talk until one day.

I was returning from the gym when I noticed our neighbor across the street. He was tall, dark hair and skin and obviously kept in shape too. At first we waved to one another as I was unloading the car. When I returned for another load he was walking across the street. Having just worked out, I was not looking my best but I did have on skimpy shorts, tight sports bra and my nipples were erect. He introduced himself as Chad and I could stop staring. I noticed he was doing the same checking out my hot body. I was instantly wet and wished my husband was home so we could have sex. He asked if he could use our phone. He was new to the neighborhood too and couldn’t get cell service. I was so aroused and couldn’t think about anything but having sex with him. I invited him in and showed him where the phone was. I made sure to bend over a lot to show him my tight ass and made sure he could see my sexy body. I noticed he was watching me, I was very wet and he could tell I was aroused. At one point I looked over and noticed he was sporting a nice hard on. I thought to myself, this is working. Trying to hide his arousal he sat at the table so I couldn’t see what was growing in his shorts. I learned he was single and had just moved to the area as well. He didn’t know many and was looking to meet fun new people. I told him my husband and I loved to entertain and to be on the lookout for an invite to a party.

When my husband returned home from work, I had a nice romantic dinner ready and was so aroused from meeting the new neighbor. I dressed in a low cut blouse, short skirt and high heels. I do this from time to time but tonight was different. He was very surprised and loved the sexy outfit I was wearing for him. Sipping on wine before dinner we could barely keep our hands off of each other. I told him about our new neighbor and he became very attentive and instantly hard. Before dinner we had amazing sex, on the kitchen counter, at the bar and once outside. We talked of our new friend as if he was already there. Before we ate we had one last round of hot steamy sex but this time was different. Bent over the kitchen counter he was pounding me hard with his big cock when I felt a stream of oil down the crack of my ass. I knew what this meant and I was so hot and ready for his cock inside of my tight ass. As he slowly entered my tight anus he asked me how it would feel to have Chad’s cock in my tight pussy, I said “oh baby you know I want to feel his big cock in my pussy while you fuck my tight ass.” Feeling more and more of his cock in my ass, I felt my pussy dripping wanting Chad’s big cock. Finally he had all 8 inches inside of me and began to fuck me faster and faster. Pinching my nipples, rubbing my pussy I came like I never have before. The entire time we talked dirty to one another and he told me how much he wanted to watch me take two cocks.

After dinner my husband decided that I should go to our friend’s house and see if he would like to join us for a nightcap. I put my sexy outfit back on minus my bra and panties and knocked on the door. He stood before me in shorts and no shirt, I wanted to cum right there.

I said: “Hello, I am sorry to bother you, but my husband and I wondered if you would like to join us for a night cap?” Looking me up and down, I could tell what he was thinking. He said “sure, come on in let me put a shirt on.”

I walked in and looked around at his beautiful home and thought, not bad for a single man! When he returned, I felt his presence behind me and became more and more aroused. He said “I am ready”

Walking across the street I could feel the heat between us. I was still wet from the fucking I just got from my husband and I just had and wanted to fuck him right there.

Returning with Chad, I find my husband in the kitchen cleaning from our dinner. I introduce him to my husband David. David looked at him and could tell why I was attracted out Chad, and knew I was ready for more hot steamy fun. I let David show him around while I went upstairs to freshen up. The last room he showed him was the master bedroom. Our room overlooks the backyard with a full size balcony, perfect for hot steamy sex. I asked David if he showed Chad our Wine Cellar yet and he said “no, I thought we would go down there for a drink.” The Cellar is kept cool for the wine and we built a bar for those who prefer cocktails. “Nice set up you have here” Chad comments.

The coolness of the room made my nipples instantly hard. Both men took notice and I act as if I didn’t see them looking at my nipples. David asked Chad if he would prefer a drink or wine. Chad said he would love a glass of wine. I picked out a nice bottle of red for us and went behind the bar open it and grabbed 3 glasses. David commented to Chad that when we are alone I serve him a drink or a glass of wine topless. He said, “It’s like having a private topless waitress.” Chad commented “Wow, you’re a lucky man; Gabby is hot and beautiful.” David looked at me and said “honey, would you mind being topless in front of Chad?” I said “no as long as Chad doesn’t mind.” Looking over at Chad David said “do you mind?” He said “no, not at all.” I knew right then this would be a night to remember. I place the glasses on the table and slowly remove my top. For an added bonus, I rubbed my tits and pinched my already erect nipples. Both men looked on and I could see they were becoming aroused. I bent over and poured our wine when David commented to Chad “she loves to have her nipples sucked after I take my first sip.” I handed David his wine, then Chad and we tipped our glassed to a new friendship. Chad said “don’t let me break your tradition, go ahead Gabby let David suck your nipples.” Moving over to David’s mouth he cups both of my tits and starts sucking one nipple then the other. I looked over at Chad and said “would you like a taste too?” He nodded yes but only if it’s okay with David. David said “go ahead baby let him suck your nipples,” I wasted no time.

I straddled Chad’s lap so he could have full access to my tits. His licked and sucked them gently at first, it felt SO good. David said “suck harder, she likes that.” Sucking harder and harder I could feel my pussy starting to drip with wetness. Chad was really getting into it and I could tell he was really comfortable. I thought we couldn’t have picked a better person for our first threesome although not planned. I looked over at my husband and he had his big cock out and was stroking it. He was so turned on watching Chad suck my nipples; he could tell I loved it too. David came over and removed my skirt. He didn’t realize I had not put my panties back on and said “oh baby, you are so naughty” and immediately began fingering my pussy. Chad couldn’t stop sucking my nipples and looked at me and said “I wanted to do this today when I met you.” Needless to say I was so hot and couldn’t wait to feel his big cock.

I reached down and took his cock out. It was straight, thick and bigger than David’s and I wanted it in my mouth. I bent over and took the entire length of it in my mouth. Chad let out a big moan; he couldn’t believe I got it all in my mouth. I gave him a very wet blow job and in the meantime, David couldn’t wait to fuck me again. I felt his cock pushing inside of my pussy and felt his fingers inside of my ass. I felt as though I had three cocks and it felt amazing! I asked David if he was ready to watch Chad fuck me, he said yes he was. David sat in the chair on the other side of the table and watched as I took Chad’s big cock inside of my pussy. Chad is so thick it took a little time to get his entire cock in me. David looked at me and said “go naughty girl, take his big cock.” As he stroked his cock which was wet from my pussy juices. Once inside and comfortable, I rode Chad’s cock faster and faster. He pumped it inside of me harder and harder.

Grabbing hold of my ass and spreading it apart, Chad pushed harder and harder inside of me. Suddenly I felt David’s cock entering my ass. He slipped in without any problems because of our early fuck session. The feeling of their cocks sent me into the most intense orgasm ever. I came multiple times which made them cum too. Chad let out a big scream as he shot his load inside of my pussy at the same time David filled my ass with his load.

Resting for a moment they pulled out of me. My body shook with desire; I was filled with cum and felt so sexy. We sat in silence for a moment, sipped our wine and looked at each other with big smiles. The night was still young and it was the weekend. We decided what we just experienced was too good to end. We moved outside to the pool and continued our fun. Both men licked and sucked me and I gave them multiple blow jobs throughout the night. Both Chad and David took turns fucking me separately and again together until we were worn out. Chad thanked us for the invite and commented he had no idea a nightcap would be so fun. David went out on a limb and asked Chad if he would like to join us the next day for some fun in the sun. Chad eagerly accepted the invitation and said he would see us in the next afternoon.

David and I went to bed tired from our adventurous evening. He looked at me and said “you are the most beautiful woman any man could have and I Love You.” I said “I love you too, “and asked if he was at all jealous of Chad. He said “no baby, because I know our love is so strong that nothing will come between us.” Then said “you looked so hot taking both of us, hotter than I imagined it would be, I was so turned on watching you take his big cock.” We ended the night with a kiss and agreed that the evening was special and that we couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

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