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Title: Airplanes are Fun - Author: "NEMO"

Published: Oct 6, 2008 - Contact:

We had been planning this trip to the Cayman Islands now for the past few months, and the day to leave was finally here. She had our bags packed and she was so excited about this trip. We got to the airport on time and made it through security and all the other travel b.s. The plane was at the gate and she said she had to use the bathroom before we boarded and she left . When she came back she had changed her pants into a long dress like thing and she looked stunning. The flight was supposed to take 4 hours and I had brought a few books and things to stay occupied during the tedious times. We boarded the flight and when we got our seats she wanted the window so we swapped and as we sat she stared out the window. As the plane began to taxi down the runway she leaned over and whispered " baby you will never forget this flight". I thought it odd but blew it off. About 1 hour in she turned to me and said " baby I have to potty and I want you to help me". Well I am not stupid, I knew exactly what that meant. She got up and went to the lavatory and went inside and waited. I followed like 3 minutes later and tapped on the door. She opened and I slipped in and it was very cramped with us in there but she was already ready to go. She spun me around and sat me down on the toilet and dropped to one knee. She had my stiff cock out and in her warm mouth before I could inhale and gasp. She started working my cock over like a child with a lollipop and I was sitting there in heaven. She was sucking and jerking me hard and furious and before long I could feel it building inside. I made her stop and told her to spin around . She did as I commanded and had her dress hiked up and I could see no panties. She leaned back and then down sliding my engorged cock into her hot wet pussy slow and easy. Once she was all the way down she wiggled a little to make a good seal. Then she started moving up and down my shaft and her pussy was drenched with juice. I started to move with her and get a rhythm going and she was getting hotter and wilder by the second. This woman was about to lose control and the idea of what was happening was driving me wild. She began bouncing up and down harder and faster, her panting was getting deep and labored. I knew she was on the verge and so was I. All of a sudden she pushed both hands against the wall hard and rammed her pussy onto my cock impaling herself. She spun her head to the side and bit into her own arm to keep from screaming. The orgasm hit her and hit her hard. Her body began to stiffen and relax in waves as the extasy consumed her. My own orgasm exploded into her tight hot hole and I grabbed her breasts and tried to pull her to me. But she was locked and not moving an inch. She stood up and began to clean herself up and I stood up and damn it was a tight fit in this little bitty bathroom, and I noticed my cock was still hard. That isn't very unusual but after that I figured I was done for sure, but he had other ideas. I told her to stop and bend over, we switched positions and I stood behind her while she leaned over the stool. I raised her dress back up and immediately plunged my rock hard cock into her again. She braced herself against the wall and moaned loudly. I started to ram my cock in and out harder and harder and she was grunting with pleasure with every thrust. My cock was going hard and deep inside her and she was rocking and pushing back against me trying to match my furious thrusting. We finally got in sync and the rhythm and pace was fast and hard. I felt the welling of my second orgasm coming up and I could feel the walls of her pussy begin to spasm. And at the same time we both released them and they rocked us hard I almost collapsed form the sheer pleasure I was feeling. And her orgasm was no mere small explosion but one after the other hit her and she was having multiples right here and now. I leaned back totally spent and exhausted and she spun around and sat down. She whimpered a little when her sore pussy hit the hard plastic but she was smiling. We sat the and smiled at each other for a few moments and then she took my now softening cock into her mouth and began to lick and clean it off. I patted her head and smiled, she knew I was enjoying this. When she had me cleaned I pulled my pants up and adjusted myself the best I could . She stood and began wiping the juices and cum from her pussy and her legs and I helped her get clean too. I exited the bathroom like nothing happened and she stayed to play it off. As I walked down the isle of the plane every guy on the plane was looking at me and smiling big. They knew. And I just grinned like the Cheshire cat. She came out a few minutes later and nobody paid her any attention. She thought we got away scot free and I would never let her know any different...