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Title: YOU CHOOSE - Author: ELLIOT

Published: Oct 7, 2008 - Contact:

Sam is 5'9, long silky black hair down to her perfect bum. Her beautiful crystal like blue eyes were a head turner.

She knew how beautiful she was. She just never believed everyone when they told her.

Sam was really shy around boys. Until she had one boyfriend. His name was Travis.

Travis was 6'3. His dark dark brown hair and his green eyes were the reason why Sam liked him. ANYWAYS the story begins in Sam's apartment. While shes sleeping. Travis wakes her up-- NEVER MIND! Just read it!

"Travis what is your problem" Sam asked frightened by the way he was acting. "Oh nothing, I just was wondering if maybe you'd want to do it." "What the FUCK is with you now seriously I told you I don't want to!!!" She said "What the hell Sam I know you do!" He pulled the blanket away from her exposing her perfectly round breasts and nipples. "WHAT THE FUCK! And anyways how did you get into my fucking apartment" said Sam. "Fuck you know! You gave me a key! Now get over here and sit on Travie's lap." he said with a grin.

"Ohhhh you DO know I want this." she walked over to him and they locked lips for a good 3 minutes. They smiled at each other.

Hee hee hee I'm gonna be evil and make YOU think of the ending! Send me your endings at... Elliot-g@hotmail.com

PS If I do get some responses i will OF COURSE! read them and find the BEST one. Please put your NAME! at the bottom so i can make sure i can credit you for the ending! Commmeee onnn i know you want to do it so just MAIL ME! think of an ending more then 10 sentences though or it WILL NOT happen! PS! I MIGHT add more to it!

THANKS! Just a quick little idea. !!! Maybe you COULD do this but i wouldnt want you to COPY me :( well please be original!