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Title: Ellies Spanking - Author: Trumpet4life586

Published: Oct 15, 2008 - Contact:

I swear is this fucking teacher doesn't leave me the hell alone." Thought Ellie.

"Ellie can you please come do the next problem" " You have already called me up there five times why don't you get off your fat ass and teach. All you do is give us lame ass work sheets an make me come to the board a hundred times."Yelled Ellie in anger. The class was shocked. "Excuse me I think you need to go see Mr. Alan." Replied Mrs. Bolton shocked as the class was. " Whatever!!!! Its better then being in this dumb ass class." Mrs. Bolton took a deep breath as to calm herself. "Go stand in the hallway until I get a note written." "Whatever Mrs. Fat Ass!!!" Ellie picked up her stuff an left. Justin soon came out with a note.

"Man she's a fat lard."

"Yeah I know, I hope your not in too much trouble."

"I think I am. O well." Ellie said as she struged her shoulders.

They hugged and he went back into the class room. Ellie went on her death march to her Uncle James's office. She lightly taped on the door. "Come in." She turned the knob an came in shyly.

"Ellie please tell me you are here on a good term."

Ellie put her head down. "No Sir."

"Where's your note."

She walked up to the desk an hand handed him the note.

"Please sit down."

Ellie slowly sat down as he read the note. His face filled with shock.

"This is unacceptable. I think you need a good spanking."

She shuttered remembering the last time she got spanked" Please I am sorry don't do that please."

"Ellie you have been needing one you have also been pushing your dads patience."

"Yeah but I cant sit after he spanks me." Mumbled Ellie.

"What did you say"

"Nothing sir. Please don't spank me."

"Lets see what your Dad thinks about this."

"NO!!!Please don't call him."

"Then I suggest you bend over that desk an lift you skirt." She looked at him shocked.

"Not here someone will hear."

" You Should've thought about that before you misbehaved."

"But I was just being honest."

"Ellie Marie Alan ether do what I say or I will call your Dad. You know if I do that I wont be the only one paddling your rear end. Also am I correct when saying a friend is coming home tonight that would be quite a show for him."

Tears ran down her face. She slowly did as she was told.

He went though his closet an got the 2 foot long paddle that is 1 inch thick with dozens of tiny holes. She turned her head an saw the weapon that was going to turn her rear end on fire. Eliie ducked her head afraid of what was coming. She felt him apply pressure with his hand to keep her in place then, WACK!!!! "OWWW!!" The fire ran though her ass as promised. Quickly another blow hit. He continued at a steaded pace. While she begged, screamed, kicked an cried. WACK!!!!!! "OW! PLEASE STOP IT HURTS!!Ahhhhh!!" She tried to wiggle free with a hopeless Attempt. She finally gave up fighting an laid there hopelessly crying her eyes out. He let go of the paddle allowing it to hit the ground with a THUNK!!!

He rubbed her back until he crying slowed and she calmed down enough so he could speak.

"Ellie get up." She quickly listened. He walked over an sat in his chair.

"Come on you know what to do."

"Please no more Uncle James Im sorry."

"Ellie. NOW!!!! Or else I will get the strap."

She went over his knee.

"Lift up."

"No not my panties PLEASE NO!!!Im too old for that."


"OKAY!!!!" She lifted up he pulled down her underwear making sure to let it slide over her already sore bottom. Tears ran down her face an he did so. When he was done James went though his desk drawer an pulled out the wooden hair brush. He wrapped his arm her.

"100 with the brush."


She wiggled and kick furiously.

"OW!! It hurts. OUCH!!!"

He moved to her sit spot.

"OW!! Not there! AHHHH!"

"When you learn to take your spanking the right way I will move."

"I CANNNN'T IT HURTS."She continued to scream and kick until she had nothing left.

She still had 30 to go so he moved back to the her cheeks an finished quickly.

He put the brush on his desk. Then rubbed her back gently while she cried it out.

"Im Sorry."she managed to choke out.

"Shhhh its okay. All over now you're a good kid."

She finally calmed down. He helped her up. She quicky pulled her skirt down. He handed her underwear to her. She blushed while taking them an didn't bother to put them back on.

"Go stand in the corner."

"Yes sir." Ellie sniffed.

The fire in her bottom was horrible. She didn't dare to rub it. She quietly stood in the corner for 15 min.

"Ellie come here."commanded James

She turn around and he had his arms open for a hug. She went to him grateful for one.

They hugged tightly. He kissed the top of her hair.

"Are you going to behave for now on."

"Yes sir."

"Good girl."