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Title: Poor Justin - Author: Alyssa T./Trumpet4life586

Published: Oct 18, 2008 - Contact:


" Ellie please come get me." Justin cried into the phone.

"Justin!! What's wrong"

"Please just come get me."

"Where are you"


"Okay I will be right there."

"Thank you."

Ellie ran down stairs to her dads office.

"Dad I have to go get Justin. Something's wrong."

"What happened"

"I don't know. He called and was crying in pain asking me to come get him."

"Where is he"

"At home."

"Okay go and call me if you need help."

"Yes Sir."

Ellie went as fast as she could.

The door was open. Ellie ran around the house an found him curled up in a ball with the phone at his side.


He looked up slowly.

"Ellie I am fine can you help me up and grab my bag."

She did as she was ask an helped him in the car as he yelped in pain.

"Im Sorry."

He winced "Your fine. Thank you."

"Justin what the hell happened. Where's your mom"

"She's in the woods an can we please not talk about it."

"Urg okay. If you wish. You know Dad is going to question you."

They were silent the rest of the way home except for Justin whimpers.

When they pulled in the driveway Ellie's Dad and Mom came out.

Ellie got out of the car.

"Dad can you get him out please he cant walk."

He nodded "Does he need to go to the hospital"

"No sir. I think he just needs some rest."


He opened the car door for Justin.

"I think I can do it sir I'm okay."

He gets up using the car to support himself then tries to take a step an falls on his ass.

"OW!!!!"Justin screams he quickly roles off his back side. Tears welt up in his eyes.

John picks him up quicky and gives Ellie an Lisa a worried look.

"Sir you don't have to."

"Justin it's okay your not heavy. Im just taking you inside."

He lays him gently on the couch on his stomach.

"Justin did you fall and where's your Mother."

"She was in the woods when we left. Can I move In"

John and Lisa were totally surprised by the question.

"Is your mom okay with that."

"She doesn't have a choice it was ether let me go or I would be taken away and she would never see me again. I cant live like this anymore."

John knew this wasn't the time to make him go into major detail and Justin could do that later when he felt he was ready.

"Of coarse you may move in sweetheart you can have the extra bed in Ellie's room until we get the storage bed set up." answered Lisa warmly.

"Thank you so much."Replied Justin with a weak smile.

Ellie was jumping for joy. She ran up and kissed him.

"I love you."She said happily

Justin shyly blushed and replied "I love you too."

When Justin healed he went on living life as a Alan.


Months later............

"Hey dad im going to the birthday party." Said Justin as he walked into the office.

"Okay. Have fun.'

He was having a great time when he realized how late it was. He quickly said good bye. Walked to his car then took out his cell and called John.


"Yes sir. I am on my way home I lost track of time."

"Okay Justin. You know the punishment for being late."

Justin couldn't think hundreds of things went though his mind. The horrible nightmares that happened only months ago. He shook in fear. The scars that covered him from the waist down to his knees. He didn't want them to be seen. He even refused to tell Ellie.

"Justin are you still there."

"Yes siiiir." He stuttered.

"Okay please hurry home."

They said bye an hung up.

Justin carefully drove home. When he got home he got out of the car, locked it, walked to the front door, and slowly walked in the house.

John was on the couch.

"Okay lets get this over with. Come here."

Justin didn't move fear filled his body. John then just decided to go get him as he feet seemed frozen to the ground. So John got up and slowly started walking toward him. Justin saw the an quickly got into a protective ball on the ground. Then regretted it expecting to get pulled roughly by his hair or kicked. Was suddenly surprised when he felt a kind hand on his shoulder.

"Come on Justin." Said John in a gentle voice

Justin slowly looked and felt like a idiot. What the hell was he thinking this is Mr.A for goodness sakes. He slowly got up. "Im sorry." Said Justin shamefully.

"Its okay come on."John grabbed his shoulders and walked him to the couch. John sat down.

"Pull down your pants please."

Justin again flipped out.

"No sir please I cant."

"Justin now come on. You don't have anything I haven't seen before."

"Yes I do."He mumbled to the ground.

"What is it then."

Justin didn't move or say anything.

"Did you just lie to me."

He snapped his head up.

"No sir."

"Then what is it."

Justin couldn't answer tears just fell from his eyes.

John started to get frustrated.

"Justin this isn't a game. Do you understand You broke the rules. Now ether you pull your pants down this instant or I will give you the worst punishment of your life."

Justin again couldn't move. John getting angrier. Did it for him. He quickly unbuttoned an unzipped his pants. Leaving him in his boxers he didn't see anything until he forced him over his lap. At that moment everything was put together like a Jigsaw Puzzle. John was shocked by what he saw on Justin's thighs. He lighting rubbed his hand over one. He decided to ignore it.

"Justin please lift so I can pull down your boxers." He did without hesitation happy that he didn't say anything.. John slowly pulled his boxers off. The scars there where three times worse then his thighs. "Poor kid why would someone do this to him" thought John silently. He didn't want to do this but he knew he had to. He slowly started spanking him. It didn't take long before he was begging it to stop. "OW PLEASE STOP!!IM SORRY." He was soon kicking and trying to get off his lap. "PLEASE IT HURTS I WONT DO IT AGAIN PLEASE OW!!" John knew he must be in 3 times much more pain then Ellie would be at this point. He was only using his hand and the kid was screaming at the top of his lungs. He continued to spanking him. As he screaming finally died down. Justin laid there limply. His bottom very red. John was surprised at how sensitive it was just from a hand spanking. He rubbed his back as he cried it out. He pulled up Justin boxers trying to save the kid some dignity. After he was calmed John helped Justin up. Justin's knees gave out on him again almost falling. John caught him before he hit the ground. He picked him up completely and carried him to his bed room. Where he laid him on his stomach in his bed.

"Justin I will never do this to you again until your healed. Im sorry." John felt horrible.

"Its okay you don't need to do that thank you for everything you do for me."

John sat on the bed next to him.

"Justin may I ask you what happened"

"Yes. Mom was a bad drinker. She was always VERY angry and took it out on my backside. She's has done it for years. Often leaving me to the point where I cant move for days with out pain running though my body. The night I came here. I had enough. I told her what I said the night when you asked if she minded. I told her I had the cops coming and she better run into the woods or she will never see me again and they would lock her up forever. At that point she ran out and I haven't seen her since."

John grew angry.

"Justin me or my brother will NEVER do that to you we all love you. There is a difference between Abuse an Punishment."

"I love you guys too and I know that. I wasn't thinking straight."

They happily hugged.