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Title: And Six Makes it Better - Author: L Michaels

Published: Oct 21, 2008 - Contact:

It was a typical hot day in Florida, we had planned the pool party but we wanted it strictly adults, no kids, so if Paul and Heather wanted to join in, the other grand parents would have to watch the kids, so he got them to. Pam and Greg were suppose to come, but none of expected Greg to come, he was always doing something else with his friends, never with us, so we didn't even look for him. Anna from behind us, was going to come with her new friend, she changes then regularly, but we love her to death, and then Jackie Amanda's personal secretary was bringing her boyfriend, so we had a great group planned. The food was great, the girls went all out, there was chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, chips, hot dogs, the works, we had just started when Pam came in, we all gave her a kiss and she said ok, Greg is with me, we all said no way, she said yes, I finally had enough of him not coming, so I said either come today or not to invite any of his friends around again, so he's here. I got him his crown and coke, I remembered he liked those, he lit up, and we all jumped into the pool, it really felt good, the water was cool and outside was hot. After a bit, they all started to say they were hungry so I got out and started the grill, they started a game of tug a war with the girls on there guys shoulders, trying to make the others go into the water, well it was fun watching them all pull and tug on each other, they played a few games, and I called out lunch was ready. They all came out, got there food, a beer or some wine, what ever they wanted. we all had plenty, and some watermelon afterwards. We sat around for a while laughing and having fun, then Paul said ok, lets get the game started again so they did, the guys got in, stood next to the edge so the girls could get on there shoulder. As soon as they were all ready I yelled out get ready, GO, and they all started towards each other, now Amanda and I were cleaning up and the others were all yelling and screaming at each other, then it happened, Pam got her top pulled off, I don't know if she didn't know it at first, but when she saw it, she shrugged her shoulders and kept playing, well that set a whole new outlook on the game, the girls were all trying to get the others top off, we looked over and I said oh ever is the last one to keep there top, they are the winner, so the girls all were going at it, Heather was the next, then Anna, I said ok the winner is Amanda, and they all looked at me, I said hey, she still has her's on, they said but she wasn't playing. I said ok, then Anna is the winner, the girls stayed topless so Amanda pulled her's off to keep in with the others, we all loved the site, the girls compared tits, they had me judge them, who's it more perky, who's was larger, things like that, i was the judge because it was my house, so I got to feel all the tits, hey, why not. Heather got perky, Anna got biggest over all, Pam got fuller and Amanda got large and full, she was larger that Pam, but it was her daughter, so she tied with her. Then Anna and Pam said ok, you guys have to pull of your trunks, we want to see your cocks, you've seen out tits,.so it's only fair,we looked at each other and after all the drinks we've had, we said ok, so Amanda was the judge, the girls had two minutes to get there guys cock hard, and then she would judge, the girls all knelt down and started to suck there guy off, Amanda just opened her legs up and I stuck my fingers inside her, she was drenched, that sets me off faster than having my cock sucked, I still lover head, but a wet pussy gets me rock hard. Then Amanda had us line up, he all stood there almost at attention and out cocks were all sticking out there well mine and Greg's were all there, but to long to stand straight out there. Paul got most erect, Hector got thickest, Greg and I tied for length, we both had 11" and I was just a bit thicker, so we tied, Anna wanted to have a closer look at our cocks, so she took Greg's and mine into her hands and said damn, these are huge, I think I need to see if I can take these monsters, Pam said oh yea, why should we let you, she smiled and said because I'm asking, Pam said oh, well if you put it that way, ok then, go ahead, have a go at them. She took Greg first, then I said hey just one minute, why should I have to wait, anyone want a go with me, well the hands all went up, so we started a free fall of sex and fun, I even got to have Pam and then Heather too, I ended up with Anna and her pussy was full so she said do my ass, I love it there, so I did, it was tight and fantastic, I filled it up, and we all sat around laughing and having fun, Paul and Greg were able to have more fun than us two older guys, so they got to have the ladies more, but we were happy with the three times we had them. Now that's a way to end a party, don't you think.