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Title: The New Hot Tub - Author: L Michaels

Published: Oct 28, 2008 - Contact:

My family has always told me I was the luckiest son of a bitch that lived when it came to winning on a radio give away. My oldest step daughter told me that the country station she listens to is giving away an elite hot tub and the right caller would get it if they knew the answer to a question they had, now the question could be about anything, so the chances of winning were very much stacked on there side. I told her to listen and when they announce that they are going to take the call, then call me and I would listen in. Well one morning around 10, she called, she said they are going to take the tenth caller in five minutes after this song and commercial, so I tuned in the station, waited and called in, I got number 1 that's what I wanted, I hung up, redialed and got number ten, that's the way I do it, it works for my phone, so I win. They got my name and said ok Jack, here's your question, it's going to be on world history, well I lit up, I majored in history in college, before Uncle Sam called me, so they asked the question and I got it right, they had all sorts of whistles and yells coming out of the radio, but I didn't hear it on the phone, I said great, so they got my name address, phone number and said I had to do a photo shoot for the winning of the tub, I said ok, can do, so they set that up, I showed up, they made me over with some make up, I hated that part, and they took my picture, they gave me the certificate and told me where I could go to get it, it included set up, and chemicals, so I said great. I got there, they showed me the tub, it was huge, it sat 7 and looked like it was almost a swimming pool, I said holy shit, I'll have to build a bigger lanai for this thing, they all laughed and told me they would bring it over in three days, I needed to have electric and water for it run so they could hook it up, I said ok, 220 I hope, they said but of course, I said good, so I ran the electric, and water, it was already for them, they came in, I had to remove a section of the lanai screening, but hey, it fit great threw it after that, they sat it up, got it filled, turned it on, and bang, I had a hot tub. Well that's when every thing changed in my life, now I'm a free spirit type guy, I'm a nudist, and Amanda and I were ever since I could remember, but when she was taken from me, well I sort of went down hill, now this tub was going to be nice, I could come home, relax in it and free my muscles from all that tension. Well that's exactly what I did, the first week was great, then the neighbors wanted to try it out, well I was hesitant at first since I get in nude, so I told them the rules, well that put the brakes on it for a while, then the woman across the street wanted to come over, I told her, she smiled and said fine by me, so she came over and we enjoyed it tremendously, she is happily married but her husband works on the other coast line of Florida, so he's gone for weeks at a time, leaving her alone, so when she came over, with a bottle of wine, well, one thing led to another ad we wound up screwing that night, well one night the next door neighbors heard us back in the tub, they came over, they asked if they could get in, I said as I told you before, I'm nude as is Terry, Kerrie said yea right, Terry your naked in there, she stood up, right in front of her and her husband, Jame's jaw dropped and he smiled, she sat back down and we laughed at them, I told you we were, didn't I, she said well I really didn't think you were, but I see now you are, I said well do I need to stand to show you too, she smiled and I stood up, well Terry had been working on my cock and it wasn't hard, but it was standing out there pretty damn good, she smiled and said ok, I believe you now, I said ok, you getting in, or what, she looked at James, he looked at her, they said ok, so they took off there suits and came in, they said wow, I can't believe we're doing this, I said why, it's totally natural, she said not for us it isn't. We relaxed for the longest time, Terry still played with my cock, I could see through the lights inside the tub, Kerry was playing with Jame's cock too, I said ok, half time, time to switch, Kerry got this panic look in her face, I said what, it's the rules, she said no, I'm not switching, no, I said well that's the rules and with that Terry got up and went over to the other side of James, she said um, feels mighty good from here, Kerry looked at Terry and saw where her hands was, Kerry gave her the look of death, Terry said we're not going to screw, we're just playing, that's all, so relax, have some fun for a change, Kerry looked at me and I said that's right, your a married couple, I would never do anything that was against that vow, so relax, we're just having some adult fun, that's all, she thought for a second, then looked at James, he was into it already, she said oh hell, ok, so she stood up and walked over to me, she sat down, I said see we're just playing, she didn't grab for my cock right away, but after I sunk a finger inside her pussy, she lightened up, she started to stroke my cock, she said damn, your hung there Jack, I said well thank you, I said I'm liking where I'm sitting too, she smiled, after a bit, I said ok, half time, switch sides, that's when James said time out, need to huddle, so Terry and he came together, He came back up and announced that the game is delayed for special circumstances, I said oh what's that, he said because, well just because, Terry started to laugh, she said he's about to blow, that's why, Kerry just about busted her gut laughing, she said well get that cock out of the water then, I'm not going to sit in water with cum floating around in it. He stood up, Terry finished him off, I said well then, seems I'm down on this score, I need to even it up, so I concentrated on her hand job, I said ok, my turn, I stood up, she took my cock into her mouth and IO blew my load into her, she drank it down and we all had some more wine after that, I said wow, now this is having fun, the girls said well it's been a little one sided wouldn't you agree Kerry, she smiled and said I'll say, what's say guys, going to even the score, I looked at James, he smiled and the girls got up on the ledge of the spa, we dove into there pussies, they were drenched form jerking us off, it didn't take them long at all to have there orgasms and we all settled back down into the water. Kerry looked at James and said honey, I need that cock of yours inside me now, and I do mean now, he looked at her and said I love you to death, but I was hoping to have Terry tonight and Jack have you, she looked at him, he had that please look in his eyes, she said ok, fine, Jack, fuck me, and I mean now, so she sat up on the back, I stood up and she spread her legs, I slid my cock into her and pounded her good, James and Terry followed suit and we all had a great night. The next weekend I was enjoying the tub, Terry had gone to see her husband and to get his cock, she really missed him, so I was left alone, so I thought. The oldest girl, Pam the one that actually got the me to call in came over, she had two other girls with her, and they wanted to get in, I said fine by me, but I'm nude and so do you have to be to get in, Pam said your nude, right, I started to stand up, they saw my cock and the girls all moaned, I said now, what were you saying, they had there suits off in a flash, Pam was standing there with her mouth still wide open, I said you coming in, or going to catch flies all night, she shook her head and saw the others in the tub with me, she said well, well, I really don't know, they all said oh come on Pam loosen up, let's have some fun tonight, so she shrugged her shoulders and took off her suit, now I'm not going to tell you I fucked them all, I'm not that good, or young anymore, but I did get to sample them all, it took two days, but hey, they were worth the wait, especially Pam, I really wanted her, she was my night time wet dream hostess for the longest time, I got off on dreaming about her more than once, and after we had sex, I told her that, she giggled and said well I've gotten off by imagining you too, so I guess it's Karma for us to do this, I smiled and said yep, as I played with her large tits. Hell I even got one of the camera girls from the radio station to come in nude, she loved it and we screwed the whole weekend, she was suppose to take some pictures of me enjoying the spa for the promotional side of the thing, so I did give her some nice shots, and she gave me some awesome sex, so it worked out great for us all.