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Title: Day at the Barn - Author: Nayo Dickens

Published: Oct 29, 2008 - Contact:

I was in the barn, the weather hot and dry as it always is. I had my iPod in my head and chucking bales of hay into the stacks. A normal day for me: chucking hay bales, cleaning stalls, grooming, and riding the 12 horses on the ranch. I did not think anything of Alex walking into the barn and tapping my shoulder. Though that day something would be much different he had a look in his eyes, a smile on his lips, an electric feeling in the air.

One I knew all to well. I turned around and saw his familiar smile, the look in his eyes, a grin crawled across my lips as I hopped down from the hay stack. I quickly looked around the barn ad went back to Alex. He saw the grin and I saw his excitement growing. I took his hand and led him behind the hay piles where some smaller bales were stored.

I sat him down on a bale and pulled my blonde hair back into a tight but messy bun, my grin only growing wider as he watched me. Now I am not a skinny person I am toned and muscular versus your average 19 year old, my hair sandy blonde and my eyes a piercing blue. My hands unbuttoned my long sleeved pink and green plaid shirt and I laid it on an adjacent hay bale. I now stood before Alex in a white tank top with a black sports bra obviously showing beneath. His knees were shaking with anticipation as I readied myself for the romp behind the hay bales.

I never took my eyes off of his, he could see the lust crossing them, the longing for his touch across my skin, for his breath against my skin, my cunt aching, my juices soaking the pink cotton panties beneath my denim jeans, the sweat beading down my spine as I felt the temperature rise from within me. I slowly got on my knees between his quivering thighs his excitement obvious unlike mine. I felt my nipples harden at the thought of getting caught in the barn. I unzipped his jeans and unbuckled his belt, watching his cock trying to escape as I ran my hands along his upper thighs. Smiling up at him licking my lips as my finger reached the button on his jeans. Teasingly I undid the button and giggling softly as his cock sprang free.

I asked him to lift up his butt and he did. I pulled his jeans down around his ankles and smiled up at him, his cock fully erect. Both my mouth and, my cunt watering. knowing every bump, vein, and notch in his cock. I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth, hearing his soft groans as my warm mouth surrounded the sensitive head, my tongue slowly licking already tasting the sweet pre-cum. I took his whole length into my mouth clenching my eyes shut as the head hit back of my throat.

I began to bob my head his hands went to my hair as I rested my forearms on his thighs. He did not apply any pressure to my head as I began to build a steady rhythm on his cock. My lips squeezing and releasing in a random sequence. His groans grew louder telling me he was coming close to cumming I began bob faster keeping my lips squeezed tight around his shaft.

His cock began to twitch in my mouth a low growl came from my throat causing my tongue to vibrate against his shaft. I listened to his reaction and growled deeper his hand took a hold of the messy bun and he shoved his entire length into my mouth and held me there. I felt him beginning to cum, his spunk hitting the back of my throat barely having to swallow as spurt after spurt shot into my mouth and down my throat.

He soon finished and began to soften in my mouth, I pulled my head from his semi-hard shaft and softly licked him clean. I looked up at him, seeing his satiated and pleased face, sweat dripping from his brow, his body still slightly trembling. I rose from my knees and kissed Alex sharing the taste of his salty seed with him. As I broke the kiss I grabbed my shirt and headed for the aisle way of the barn.

I put my shirt back on and buttoned it up, hearing his body thud against the dense hay as he fell back relieved and hearing his familiar 'oh thank god' sigh I giggled to myself and tucked my shirt back in. and found my iPod tossed atop a few bales of soon to be stacked hay. I pulled the hair tie out and pulled the blonde hair on my head back into a pony tale. I looked around the corner of the stack and saw Alex's feet and legs still hanging off the side of the hay bale, I smiled as i put my gloves on and went back to work.