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Title: My Tow Truck Experiences - Author: L Michaels

Published: Nov 5, 2008 - Contact:

I was fresh out of high school, I was due to report to the army at the end of the year. Viet Nam was going strong and my number was up, so I figured why not get a job, earn some money, but it aside and when I get out, I'd have a good start to college, so that's what I did. A friend of mine has a tow truck business, he's always been after me to come work for him, so finally I said yes. He started me off by riding with him to learn the job, I picked it up fast, not to much to learn, so after a couple of weeks of hearing him preach on tow truck safety and things, he let me go on my first job. I got to the location, found the woman in trouble, hooked it up and took her to the garage where she wanted to go, she smelled wonderful, she was very polite and pretty, her clothes were all in place, and she had on what I thought was a business suit, so I didn't get to see anything. I did a few more jobs like this, the phone calls kept coming and I was taking more calls. It was late one afternoon, we were about to shut down for the day, when Frank the owner asked if I was doing anything that night, I said nope, just staying home, maybe watching some movies, he said I'd like to know if you'd take the on call for me the next three nights, Carrie has been griping that I'm never home for her so I want to be, plus I'm hornier than hell, I said I can relate, he smiled and said now you probable won't get any calls until after 2, that's when the bars close and the drunks try to drive home, then you'll get busy, so grab some sleep early and you'll do just fine, I said good to know boss, I told him to have fun this weekend, he said I'll do her once for you, I smiled and wished to myself that I'd do her for me instead, but said nothing. As he left he threw me the keys to the shop and truck, he said have fun with a big grin on his face, I thought what did he mean have fun, so I headed home, and locked the truck up and went inside. True enough, the phone stayed quite until after 2am, I had my first night grab, that's what they called it, grab, so I went to the road, and the area where he said he was, when I got there, he waved me down, he said I missed the curve, can you help me out, I said sure, no problem, I hooked to his car, pulled him onto the road and released him, I made the bill out, he gave me a twenty dollar tip, I pocketed the money and took off, I was no sooner back on the main road when the phone went off again, I thought he probably hit the ditch again, I answered and this time it was a woman, she was a few streets over and stuck, so I turned around and headed her way, she was almost standing up right, she was leaning on the truck of her car, she was an older woman, maybe late 30's or early 40's, she said with a slur in her voice, I sort of missed the drive, she had the nose of the car over the side of the drive and into the ditch, I said well lets get you out of here and see what damage you've done if any, she said ok, so I hooked onto her car, pulled it out, I took the big spot light and looked underneath, she was standing over me, her skirt was short and I could see her panties and pussy lips sticking out around them. I kept looking at the underneath, I really didn't see any damages, but I was enjoying the view of her pussy, she squatted down and fell onto the drive, she started to giggle and her skirt rode up around her waist, she said I fell down, and I can't get up, I crawled out from underneath her car, stood up and helped her up, I said your in no shape to drive home, so I'm going to tow your car to your house and get you inside to bed, she said oh that sounds so nice, thank you, and she kissed me, I smiled and secured the car better and cleared the front seat, I helped her into the truck, her skirt was still up around her waist, I could smell her pussy I was so close, she fell into the cab, I shut the door and came around, she got up and when she did, her tits were in full view, she straighten her top up, she smiled and said ops, I smiled and said no harm, they're quite nice, she smiled and gave them a little lift. I got her home, I said now, how should I make out the bill, she said oh no, you can't, I can't let my husband know that I wrecked again, he'll take the car away from me again, please, name your price, I can't have a bill, well, that got my mind racing, I looked at her, she looked at me, I said I'm sure we can come to a mutual agreement on this then, she smiled, I said I won't make a bill out if we have sex, she looked at me and said hum, have sex with a kid, or lose my car, she said what the hell, I'll do it. She led me to the spare room, she stripped off her clothes and I got out of mine, she saw my cock, she said holy shit, your hung like a horse, I'm going to enjoy this more than I thought. She got into bed, I came around and she started to suck my cock, I got hard instantly, and then I moved around to her pussy, it smelled of pee and a musky scent, I said oh well, I dove in, she moaned as I ate her out, soon she was coming and I came up, and drove my cock into her wet pussy, she screamed as I plowed her pussy, she came again, I pulled out and flipped her over on her hands and knees, I slipped it back into her pussy and fucked her doggy style until I filled her pussy up, she moaned as I pumped my cum into her hot pussy, she said wow, that was earth shaking, I said well hang on, because I'm just getting started, I pulled out, gave it a few strokes, got it up again and slipped it back into her, she moaned again and I fucked her good, I pulled out, had her get atop me and she rode my cock like a wild woman, she came again and so did I. She sat atop me grinding her hips along my shaft, I smiled and felt my cock grow once more, she said damn, I'm going to have to start fucking young guys again, you gt hard fast, I smiled and flipped her over again, I plunged my cock into her pussy, I stroked it back and forth, I let it come out a few times driving her wild, as I slid it back in each time, I ran my wet cock across her ass, then plunged it back into her pussy, about the forth time doing this, I took hold her cheeks, and plunged my cock into her ass, she screamed and said damn, you could have warned me, I don't mind getting ass fucked, but warn a woman next time, I fucked her hard and she screamed a few times more the deeper I went, I pulled out a couple of times to see the gaping hole I was making, I said damn, I'm really stretching you out, she said I know, it's my ass, remember, I fucked her until I couldn't hold out any longer and flooded her ass, she moaned as she felt the hot cum flow into her ass, she said damn, you sure shot a big load each time, I smiled and pulled out, as she turned over, the cum ran out of her ass, it made a big wet spot on the covers, she said looks like I'll be washing this in the morning. I smiled, she got up, went to my cock, licked it clean, straight out of her ass, I got hard once more, she continued to suck me hard, I blew my load in her mouth, she drank it down and I fell limp, I was panting as was she, she said I'm done, if you want any more, your on your own, I'm drained, I looked over at her and said so am I. I got up, dressed and left her on the bed, she was curled up into a ball and falling asleep. I got almost all the way home when the phone rang again, I answered it and it was another woman, she had a flat tire and needed help, I went to her, she was younger, maybe 20's or so, I changed her tire, she paid my fee, plus ten, and she went on her way. I got home, showered and fell asleep, the next morning the house where I have the room at, the owners wife came into my room without knocking, she saw me laying there nude, above the covers and in all my glory, she stopped, looked at me, now I was partially awake, but laying there watching her, she stood there for a bit, then turned and closed the door. I got up an hour or so later, went to the shower and went to my room, I left the door ajar a bit, just in case she wanted to peek, and I heard her outside my door, I stretched a few time, exposing my cock, I played with my balls as all guys do, and my cock flipped up and down, she stood there fix on my cock, I picked up my robe, threw it on, she saw me do this and hurried away from the door, I smiled and walked back to the bathroom to finish cleaning up. I shaved and brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth and went back to my room, I left it open again, but this time a little further open, I pulled the robe off, and stood there looking at my shirts, she was right there looking, I said hum, lets have some fun, I went behind the door, that's where my dresser was, I opened one of the drawers and was looking for some socks, I saw her through the crack in the door, I pretended not to see her, I pulled out some socks and a shirt, I don't wear underwear, they feel strange against my skin. As I put the stuff on my bed, I went back to the dresser and got a clean pair of jeans, as I closed the drawer I opened the door real quick, she was startled at me, I was standing there nude, she was fixed on my cock, I said why sneak, I don't mind, your more than welcome to come in, she stood there frozen, I said Katie, it's your house, and I'm not shy about my body, so come on in, it's ok, I'll not rape you or anything, unless you want to have sex, then we will, it's totally up to you. She looked into my eyes, she put down the clothes basket, and she came in, she said I'm sorry for spying on you like that, but when I saw your cock, it's so big, it just made me want to see it again, I said I'll tell you what, I'll leave my door open from now on, so you can see ti anytime you wish, ok, she smiled and shook her head ok. I said would you like to touch it, she smiled and said oh I can't, I'm a married woman, I smiled and said so you haven't felt you husbands cock, she giggled and said well he's more of a dick, not a cock, I said oh sorry, she said oh it's ok, I do love him, and I love our love making so I'm happy, I said well good for you, I said so that's a no, then, I can put on my jeans, she blurted out, oh no, you don't have to do that, I started to laugh, she did too, she said ok, yes I want to feel that cock, but I'm scared I'd want to try it out too, I said well that's entirely up to you, I'm not going to force myself on you, ok, she smiled and said ok, she came over to me, picked up my cock and started to stroke it, I moaned as she did this, it got hard instantly, she moaned as it did, she said damn, you are a horse, I laughed and tried to make a horse sound, but failed miserably. She continued to stroke me, I said well now we have a little dilemma, she said oh what's that, I said well I'm getting close to cumming, now you could stop, and no harm, or you can finish and get drenched in my load, she said well there is another option, I said oh, she took it into her mouth and sucked me off, I exploded into her mouth, she swallowed every drop and licked it clean, sucking all the juices out of it, I was weak in the knees after that. I said damn woman, your very good at that, she giggled and said yea, Henry thinks so too, he loves it when I just kneel down for no reason and suck his dick, it really makes him cum really big, I said he's a lucky man, she smiled and said well now I'm going to share that with you, that is if you'd like, I smiled and said oh yea, I said but you don't want anything in return, like for me to make you cum, by eating you out, she said we'll see, for now, I'm happy.I stayed naked until Henry was due to get home, she sucked me off once more after that first time. I went to take the truck back to the office to fuel it up, I dropped the paper work off along with the checks and went back to the house. When I pulled up, Henry's car wasn't there, so I figured they went out to dinner or something, I came in, Katie was sitting there watching a movie, I said where's Henry, she said he's running late, he should be here any moment now, I said ok, so I sat down, she looked at em, she said today was very nice, I said it certainly was. No sooner than we said that, Henry pulled into the garage, she got up, got him a beer and met him at the door, they kissed a passionate kiss, he took the beer, and she smiled at him, he said yes, and they went upstairs, I heard the bed a rockin so I knew not to go knockin, they came down after a time, they both had robes on and smiles on there faces, I said wow that was a quickie, they said nothing but just smiled, Henry said so Jack, what's up for this weekend, I said well I'm covering the tow truck for him this weekend, he said much action from it, I said oh I have my moments, he smiled and said good for you, some strange is always the best, I said true enough. Katie was in the kitchen and he said have you ever had a woman in her ass before, I said sure, just last night, he said how was it, I said great why He said well I've been trying to get Katie to let me do it there, but she isn't going for it, I said well maybe, you need to try a different approach, and I told him what I do, he said I'll give it a try, and if it works, there might be a surprise in it for you, I said sounds like a plan. I went up stairs and he and Katie stayed downstairs, soon she came up, she said what you two talking about, I said oh my job, and how much I was getting, you know guy talk, she said oh, I thought he was asking you about anal sex, I said well he did bring it up, she said he's been trying to get me to do it for the longest time, but I'm not into it, I said well have you ever tried it, she said no, but I haven't jumped off a bridge either, and I don't plan on trying that, I smiled and said well, if you haven't tried it, then how do you know you won't like it, she said nothing and went downstairs. I didn't get any calls until after 2am again, and sure enough they were all drunks, I got a few blow jobs, some tight ass, and some good old fashion sex against the hood of the car, so I was a happy camper. I got home around 4am, and fell into bed, I was nude and stretched out over my bed, I heard the door open, it was Katie, she was in her robe, she came over to me, started to suck on my cock, she said yum, what's on your cock, I thought a few minutes, I said well maybe some pussy juices, I had sex with a woman for pulling her car out of the ditch against her hood, it was great, she said wow, it tastes great too. She really clamped down on my cock, she sucked it dry and licked the whole thing, including my balls, that got me hard again and she did it again to me. But this time I reached inside her robe and played with her pussy, she moaned as I fingered her, she shook as she came and then I came, she withered as I fingered her some more, I said ok, enough, not unless you want to go further, she stood up, untied her robe and let it drop, I sat there looking at her, she crawled in bed with me, I slipped my cock into her wet pussy and made passionate love to her, she screamed as she came, she withered as my cock slid in and out of her, she tensed up as I flooded her pussy with my load, we laid in each others arms for the longest time, I kissed her and she kissed me back, she said I wanted this the first time we were together, but not sure if I should or not, but when Henry came to you and asked your opinion, I said the hell with it. I slid my cock back into her, she moaned as I just held it there, I said wow, you feel so good, she said as do you, I said hum. We laid there, me still inside her, she didn't want to move. Finally she got up, when into the shower and came back out with her robe on, she said Henry will be home soon, so I could lay there much longer, I smiled and she closed the door. My phone went off, it was a person with a flat tire, a young woman, I said I'll be there in half an hour, I wasn't that long, but I gave myself time to take a rinse off. When I got there she was in a small half top, and short, shorts, her blonde flowing hair was around her shoulders, covering one of her breasts, she smiled as I pulled up, she said I must have hit some glass or something, I said no worries, I'll have it fixed as fast as possible, she stood over me as I got the spare out of her truck, I got the jack from my truck and loosened the lug nuts and then jacked it up, she was standing so close I could see her tits, they were very perky and white, I changed the tire, and put the flat in the truck, she smiled and said what do I owe you as she played with her hair, I said well a half hour, and travel, twenty dollars, she looked at me and said well ok, but I'd rather give you cash if you don't mind, I forgot my check book, I said fine by me, I wrote up the bill, she gave me the cash, I handed her the receipt and I was on my way, now I knew she wanted to have sex, but this morning left me a little dry, so I wanted time to recharge. I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat, went back to the house and sat around with Katie, she was waiting for Henry to get back from playing golf. He pulled in about a half hour later, she met him at the door again, and they went upstairs, this time I heard her say no, but he kept after her, she said Henry no, I don't want to do that, I said Henry, go slow, do what I told you, so then she came back down, she had her robe on, but not tied up, it was wide open, like she didn't care, he came back down, he was in his boxers and a shirt, he said you could at lest talk about it, and then he saw her robe wide open, he said your showing a little bit much there honey, she looked startled and covered herself up, knowing damn well, I fucked her earlier that afternoon. She said sorry jack, I'm a little upset, he wants to fuck me in my ass, and I don't want to, I smiled and said Katie, you love Henry correct, she said but of course, I said ok, then, lets try something, Henry are you game for some fun, he looked at me and then with hesitation said yes, I said ok, Katie are you, she said I was, but I'm not sure now, I said ok, then how about going along with me then, for Henry, ok, she smiled and said well for him ok. I said ok, you two stand up, so they did, I said ok, now, both of you, drop your clothes right now, and they both looked at me, I said well I've already just seen her totally nude, so it's not like I haven't, he shrugged his shoulders and looked at her, she shrugged hers and said ok, so they both took off there clothes. I said now the point of the exercise is not to touch the other person, but to get as close as possible, ok, they said ok, so they started, now I had them both butt naked in front of me, they were totally into the exercise, I said now feel the energy coming from each other, let that become your full attention, feel the love, the passion, the lust coming from your bodies, they did this for a while then feel into each others arms, they laid on the floor in front of me and made passionate love to each other, she came in buckets as did he, I sat there stroking my cock, he looked up and at my cock, he said damn man, your hung like a fucking horse, I laughed and said so I've been told. He looked into Katie's eyes, she said ok, but go slow and use some lube ok, he smiled and said I'll do my best honey, she looked at me and said ok, now what, I said just try to relax, and when you feel him touch your ass hole, bear down like your going to take a dump, but please don't, she giggled and as he came back into the room, she got up on all fours, I said ok, Henry, lube up one finger and gently play with the opening of her ass, don't go in yet, he said ok, so he did that, she was rocking back against his finger, I said ok, now slowly insert your finger, so he did, she moaned at his actions, I said ok pretend you finger is your cock, fuck her, so he did, she met his every thrust, I said ok, now take you finger out, put some lube on your cock, lots, and touch it up against her ass, but don't go in just yet, so he did, I said ok Katie, do what I told you, bear down, she did, we saw her ass open up, I said now Henry, slowly go into her ass, but if she tells you to stop, do it, now matter what you feel, so he did, he got it entirely inside her ass, she said damn, it doesn't hurt like I thought it would, she said go ahead baby, fuck my ass, fuck it hard, and he did, he pounded her ass, she was panting hard, I came around and she took my cock into her mouth, she sucked me off was he fucked her ass, he came quickly and I followed right after him, he was all smiles, he gave me the thumbs up and I just knelt there with my cock still in his wife's mouth. We sat there talking about what just happened, Henry said I wasn't excepting you to join in, but I think it was only right that you did, after all, we were fucking right there in front of you, and you did get her to let me do her ass, I said well I do what I can to help out, he said well, I'm all for it, and Katie said all for what, he said you two having sex when you want, it's ok by me, she said oh, so your ok with another man fucking your wife, he said Jack yes, another man, no, she smiled and said well I'll think on it, blow jobs are one think, fucking me is another, and she turned to me and smiled. That night the phone would stop, I got four blow jobs and two pussy fucks and made three hundred dollars to boot, so not a bad Saturday, I came dragging in around 6am and fell into bed, Katie and Henry let me sleep, they heard me come in and go straight to bed, I got up around 4pm and took a shower, she came to the shower and asked if I wanted anything to eat, I said I know it's late but bacon and eggs sound really good, she said I'll have them ready for you when you get downstairs, she said no need for clothes, we don't have any on, I said good to know. I came downstairs after drying, Henry was watching TV, Katie was sitting a place at the kitchen table, I kissed her and sat down, she said we heard you come in this morning rough night, I said yea, long too, she kissed my forehead and let me eat, I finished off the breakfast and set the plate in the sink, she asked if I had enough and I said yes thanks, it tasted good. Henry said well one more night, then your free, I said yea, with hesitation in my voice, he said your enjoying this aren't you, I smiled and said yep, all the pussy and ass I want, plus getting paid for it, what's not to like. Katie came over, knelt in front of me, she took my cock, sucked it hard, then she stood up, straddled me and sat down atop my cock, she rode me for the longest time, she said oh my god, I'm cummmmmmming, and she flooded my cock and balls, I blew shortly after her and she moaned again, she sat atop me for a bit, then got off and headed for the toilet, I said damn, now that was fantastic, he said yes, she is a very passionate woman, I said I'll say, he said oh by the way, my sister who just got divorced is coming to stay a few days or weeks, can you keep her shall we say occupied while she's here, I smiled and said I'll do my best, we've told her about you, and that we don't wear clothes, she said no problem, so she should be easy for you, I smiled and said so is this the surprise you were talking about, he smiled and said nothing. Katie came back into the room, she said now I'm enjoying this, not have to sneak around in my own house when I want to have sex, this is great, Henry said I'll say, he said I told him about Jennifer coming and he's ok by it, she smiled and said did you tell him everything, he shook his head and with a frown, said no, some surprises are best left alone, she raised her head in approval and they said no more about it. I did ask when she was coming, he said Monday night, hopefully you'll be here, I said well we'll see. Sunday was slow, and I was glad, my cock needed a break, and Katie stayed on Henry most of the time, Monday came up and I went into work, Charlie asked how was the weekend, I smiled and said very profitable, he said and, I said yes, very sexy too, he slapped my shoulder and said I thought you'd like it, I said is it always like this, he said Friday and Saturday, yes, Sunday it slows down, i said yes it did, but I was sort of glad, he chuckled and said yep, me too when I'm running. He said what if we rotate weekends, so I get some time with Carrie and you get some ass, I said fine by me, I threw him the keys and got my truck keys, he said ok, lets go to work, he handed me some sheets and said go get them kid, and I did. I finished off the work, clocked out and went home, I stripped out of my dirty clothes and headed for the shower, I heard it running and assumed it was Katie, I pulled open the curtain and I met Jennifer, she stood there stunned at first, them tried to cover up, but just let her hands fall beside her, she said you must be Jack, I said yep, she said well either get in here and close the curtain, of close the curtain and wait your turn, I did the first, she smiled and said Katie said you were hung, but I thought she was kidding, she took my cock and stroked it a few times, she got me hard and slipped it into her pussy, I fucked her right there, when we got out, I did her again, when she bent over to dry, I pounded her again, she said damn, your a fucking machine, now I know why she's been talking about you so much. I looked at her tits, I said ok, how big are they, she held them up, she said well I wear a 42DD I said damn they're beautiful, I took over and kissed them and sucked on the nipples, she moaned and I continued to suck, she shook and came all over the floor, with her juices and mine running down her legs, I stayed right there, Katie came in and said oh good you two have met, good, she looked at the puddle of juices on the floor and said so you've really met, ok then. She stayed for a month, and she stayed in my room, we fucked all the time, she and Katie kept me hard and limp all the time, Henry even did his sister a few times and she loved to be ass fucked, so Henry really got into that, I did Katie a few times in her ass, and she got use to it, so we had a good time until I and she had to leave. I spent 3 years in the Army Green Berets and came home to them afterwards, with my combat pay and my normal pay, plus what I saved, I had enough to buy my first house, Jennifer and I lived together for three years until one day she announced she wanted to leave, so she did. I still to this day fuck Katie and when Jennifer comes around, I do her still to, no hard feelings, I get every other weekend to drive for Charlie and that allows me pussy, so what's not to like.