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Title: My Teacher - Author: Tony

Published: Nov 7, 2008 - Contact:

It was my last year of highschool and i had a crush on one of the teachers in my school but the problem was she was maried. The good thing was the hubby was gone alot and i mean alot. I flurted with her all the way through school and she thought it was a joke (it wasnt).

One night while i was at a party with a friend she walked in and i say her she looked hot she had on a short red dress and i could tell she had not much underneath it.

I walked over to her and asked what she was doing there. She said it was her sisters house and she was told to come over and join the party since her hubby was gone for his job (or thats what he told her). I asked her to come in and have a drink and she asked where i got it couse i was under age only 18 I told her not to worry. So we got a beer and talked all night till about midnight. then she diseded she was going to go home but i said she was to drunk and she agread. so we disided to stay and go home in the morning. We disided to go outside to get some fresh air.

There was only one chair outside so I sat down and she sat on my lap (man she smelled good) we talked and she was wiggling back and forth on my simi hard cook making it harder. finaly she asked what was poking her in the ass as she noticed it was me. She looked at me and asked what I was thinking about so i told her that i though she was sexy and wanted to fuck her. She got up and looked at me and i said sorry for being so foward and got up to leave and she stoped we saying she had not hurd that in a long time and it turned her on.

We moved closer to each other as i grabed her she kissed me on my lips we brock and wow it was wounderful. She told me that she wa sfeeling a little hot so asked her what i could do to help. She took my hand and put it under her dress betwean her legs and i could feel ger wet panties. I started to rub her sweled lips through her panties as thay got weter and weter as she moned with joy.

We where kissing the hole time so we didnt notice how far we move and finaly splash in to the pool. As we came up to our feet her dress was floting in the water and wow that was a sexy body. She took it off and moved to me and started undressing me as she did we kissed till we where both naked as we kissed she took me cook into her hand and started to strock it and it felt amasing. Finaly I disided i was going to make love to her so i picked her up into m arms and slide my rock hard cook into her tight little pussy and started thrusting in and out slowly as i started she was so hot she cam. but i told her we r not done as she mooned lowder i thrusted harder and made her tits bounce up and down ( thay where not very big but thay where perfict for her body type) with all that going on and her yelling i felt like i was going to cam . She felt my cook throbing so she got off and went under the water and sucked my cook till i blew me little students in her mouth and like a true champ she swolowed all of it. after that night every time her hubby left we fucked from the time he left till about 5 minets before he got home.