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Title: Angelica her first gang bang - Author: L Michaels

Published: Nov 10, 2008 - Contact:

They moved in a year ago, and ever since then, I've wanted to fuck her, she has this body that just wants you to lust after her, she wears these little half tops around the house and panties, that's all, she will wave at me in this outfit, she will bend over to allow me to see her tits, she even once wore these really little panties, they had just a string going between her pussy lips, and when she bent over, she spread her legs slightly and gave me the best view ever, all this time her husband was setting me up for her first gang bang, he wanted me to join in, but I didn't know it yet. We were out on the fairway waiting for the duo in front of us to move, they were elderly folks so that gave us plenty of time to do the guy talks, you know, pussy, fucking and who we'd like to fuck, things like that. So when he came out and just flat out asked me if I'd like to fuck his wife, I was a little afraid to tell him yes, i didn't know if he was setting me up to punch me or what, he said no, he wanted to know the truth, and I was safe no matter what I said, so I said well then, yes, I'd love to, more than that, I'd love to do her several times, he smiled and said well then, come to the house Friday night at 8pm, you not need to have any clothes on, she won't, but there will be other guys there too, she wants a gang bang, so I'm setting it up, she wanted me to be in on it since she had been teasing me for the longest time, I smiled and said well count me in, he smiled and slapped me on the back, he said great, lets blow these old folks off the course and go around them, I said lets. So we played threw, they were really nice about it, we finished up, got to the nineteenth hole and had a few beers, he said now I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tape this, so she can watch it later,ok, I said fine by me, he said so what you packin, I thought a few minutes, I said oh how long, I said 11" his mouth dropped, he said she is going to shit a brick when she sees that monster, I smiled and said well tell her I can cum six times before I'm done also, he smiled and said damn man, your just a fucking machine, I smiled and said nothing. We got back to the house, he told Angelica, she came over to the fence, she said can you come over for a bit, I want to see you for a while, I said sure, she met me at the door, she was totally nude, she took my hand, led me into the living room, she turned around, pulled my shorts down, she knelt down and started to lick my cock, it got hard and she moaned when she saw it, she said I had to see for myself, hope you don't mind, I smiled and and said as long as you finish what you started, not at all, she smiled and sucked me off, I came in buckets, it sprayed all over her tits and face, into her hair, she licked it up as best as she could, she said I'll be right back, don't move. She came back in a few minutes, she had wiped the rest of my load off her, she said now, fuck me you big stud, so I looked at Tom, he said you heard the woman, fuck her, so I did, I pounded her pussy and dumped two loads in there, then I turned her over and fucked her ass, she squealed as I slid my cock into her, she told me to fuck her hard, and she pinched her tits, I slammed her ass, Tom came over and she sucked him off, he sprayed her face and tits good with his load, I finished up by dumping two loads in her, she was going nuts, she turned back around and took my cock back into her mouth and took my last load in her mouth, she fell to the floor spent, she said damn, you need to do this to me until Friday night, so I can get use to having some more cocks in me, I smiled and said my pleasure, so the next night, I was there, Tom had another guy there also, she took us all on, she was going nuts, she had one in every hole and loving it, at one time, his friend Hank and he were in her pussy at the same time, she didn't like that to much, but said nothing, I was in her mouth and she was doing her best not to bite, but I pulled out and she stepped forward to get one of them out of her, she shook her head no, so they split up, Hank took her ass and Tom took her pussy, I went back into her mouth, she was happy then. We did this until Friday night, then when I came over, there was six guys besides Hank, Tom and I so she had nine guys to satisfy, she was all smiles, she said ok guys, just one rule, no to cocks in the same hole, except my mouth, I don't mind that, so they all said ok, well it started, we all jumped around her, she took a cock in all her holes, then one in each hand, they others waited until they first group was done, she spent them all and wanted more, so I came back around again, so did the others when they got back up. We had her filled in every hole, she was flooded and the cum was running out of her pussy and ass, she got up and went to the bathroom to let some out, she came right back and we started again, she was going nuts with pleasure, this was a four hour thing, that's how long it was until they were all spent, I mean totally spent, they had there balls drained, she wanted more, so I was left, I gave her what I had, she was panting after all the guys were done, she wanted more, she was in total heat, she was a crazy woman, she took a bat and fucked herself, so Tom went out and got some more guys, there were three new guys, she took them all, she drained them before she was happy. They left and Tom Angelica and I were sitting there, she was totally exhausted, she was almost asleep when I said I'm going home, she sat up and said oh no, please stay with us, sleep with me tonight, ok Tom, he said fine by me, Jack she can sleep between us, I said ok by me, and that's how we did it, when we woke up, she was in the shower and she was eying my cock, I said I need food first, then I fuck you some more, she giggled and said Tom is fixing it now, but I was hoping. I said well I need to recharge, she giggled and said fair enough, she kissed me and thanked me for last night, I said it was my pleasure, she said I have one more fantasy, and I'm working on it now, I said oh do tell, she pulled off her towel, I sat there playing with her tits as she told me she wanted to be abducted and forced to have sex with numerous guys while tied up, and then there is the party fantasy, when a guy does me while this party is going on and no one is the wiser, it's just so erotic, I said hum, I've actually done the last one, it was erotic, so I had to tell her all about it, leaving nothing out, nothing at all, so I didn't, she was wet already by then, she wanted my cock now, so she sucked me hard and rode me until I finally came, it almost hurt cumming then, but she felt so damn good. She got off and licked my cock clean, I got into the shower and had breakfast. Since then we've done the party one, and we're working on the other, she is a great woman to be with, I'm jealous of Tom, but he shares nicely.