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  • Karen
  • Published: Nov 12, 2008
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About: "I kept watching her as she took every opportunity to show her sexy outfit to me"
Ive been working with karen for a few years now, and we have had alot of sexual tension that has never been resolved...

karen is 36 year old single mum, with a pretty face, mousy shoulder length hair, slim body, cute tits, and hot ass.... she can be a bit of princess...

we have never quite managed to get it together, and I had given up getting her. I started seeing this girl a few...THE STORY CONTINUES BELOW....

...months ago, and I noticed that karen responded by dressing in more revealing clothes and giving me more attention...

about 2 months ago, I cycled to work and noticed karen as walked into office wearing a short light summer dress, showing off her beautiful long, slim legs. she was wearing shoes that had thin straps wrapped around her ankles, and her hair was in a couple of plats. she looked hot, and she looked right at me as I sat at my desk... I kept watching her as she took every opportunity to show her sexy outfit to me, hovering around my desk...asking me questions, removing files from the cabinet near my desk. i could feel my cock stiffen, as I admired her horny body..

by mid morning, I decided that I needed to cool off and went to the shower room on our floor. I picked up my towel and glanced over to karen, she was watching me...

I got to the shower room, with my cock straining against my trousers... I was hoping, but not really expecting karen to follow me....

then, the door slowly started to open.... karen stood in front of me, her face slightly flushed. I reached behind her and locked the door, grabbing her by the waist and kissed her... we feverishly kissed rubbing against each other, my hands had made their way unde her skirt and I was finally rubbing the ass that I had fantasised about for so long....

we were like animals, frantically pushed against the wall in the changing area... I fell to my knees and started to lick and kiss her pussy, which was very wet... I stroked her long beautiful legs, I bent her over and started to tongue her ass, she moaned quitely, moving her ass gently back onto my stiff tongue... I was impatient to f**k her now, I stood up... but just at that moment she dropped to her knees and thrust my cock into her small mouth, her lips stretched around my cock as I grabbed her head and pushed my aching cock into her throat, with all my excitement I pushed a little to far and made her gag. I held her by the hair and bent her over a chair, I pushed forward and into her wet pussy, but I didnt want her pussy....

she had resisted me for so long, and I was determined to f**k her ass... I pushed a spit covered finger into ass, as my cock pulsed in her pussy..

f**k, her ass looked awesome, I pulled my cock from her pussy, she told me to put it back in... but this hot little bitch, was going to get my big cock all the way up her tight little ass... I positioned myself, and with no warning shoved my cock deep up her ass, she gasped and looked back at me with shock and told me to take it out.. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth. my cock felt amazing in her ass, and her cute ass looked fanastic with my cock stuffed deep in her anus. I slowly f**ked her ass, getting faster, until I was slamming karens ass as hard as I could, I could feel my balls tighten as I pulled hard on karens hair, and I exploded deep up her sweet ass. I had at last realised my horny fantasy with karen, and f**ked her like a slut. As we got ourselves ready to go back to our desks, she told me she never realised I was such a horny devil! she told me that she would like to meet up again, and since then we have been f**king like rabbits! we have really got into anal, and she will even ATM me now... Im in heaven..

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