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Title: My Sister and Her Best Friend Shock Me - Author: Someone

Published: Nov 13, 2008 - Contact:

I was 19 year old girl. I was curious about sex and boys. My friends and I had spoken about what it would feel like, but I never knew if they looked at porn like I did. I loved looking at the girls, I always thought they were so beautiful. I had made myself come with my fingers and the 'vibrator' mode on my cell phone. But I knew there was more to it then just that.....

I went about life as normal, school by day, fucking myself by night. I longed for someone to help me, to lick my cunt, to pound my pussy, but, lets be honest, I was 19 and all the guys at my school were stupid little boys who slapped my ass and grabbed my tits on every occasion. Anyway, I had a little sister, Jade, and a older sister Chloe. Chloe was 18, and looked exactly like me. We shared makeup, clothes, secrets, and she even showed me a vibrator she had bought with her friends. I wasn't emmbaressed, and neither was she, we were just really close. One day, she had a sleepover with her best friend, Nicole, who was sos nice to me, she was like my best friend as well. She was having a sleepover, and i was on my laptop. My mom shouted up the stairs

"Chloe! Nicky! I'm going shopping with Jade and then we are going to the adventure park. We'll be back about 7!"

"Okay!" I shouted back.

When I heard her pulling out of the driveway, I heard giggling and then Nicole sexily call my name. I shut my laptop and walked across the landing in my knickers and 34c bra. It was only Nicole and Chloe, we were all girls. I opened the door and my jaw dropped. They were laying on the bed in panties and bra's, looking at lesbian porn. Nicole turned the volume up and slid off the bed. She walked towards me.

"Wow. You look really hot." She slid her hand over my breast and cupped it gently. I felt my clit tingle. I noticed 3 vibrators on the floor, and a strap on. "Guess what" she said.

"What" I replied.

"Your mom is letting me stay for 2 nights." She said, as she moved her other hand over my ass and squeezing it.

"Let me ask you something, Nicky. Have you ever had your pussy eaten"

"N-nn-ooo. Never." I stammered, shocked but turned on by her question.

"Would you like to have it eaten by me And then maybe, a little fuck with a strap on" She smiled, took my hand and pulled me over to the bed. The room was dim and pink, and I could hear slurping and moaning in the video. By now, my cunt was tingling. She pushed me down on the bed and kissed me passionatly. My sister watched and then cupped my breast harder then Nicole, and then lowered her mouth to my nipple. I didn't think it would feel that good, but it did, knowing that my big sister was being so naughty. Meanwhile, Nicole slowly grabbed my teen panties and yanked them off. I had shaved my pussy yesterday, hoping that i would soon be eaten out. Nicole seemed turned on but shocked my this and bite her lip as she moaned a little. I obediantly spread my legs she smiled and licked her lips. Then without warning, she pounced on my pussy, her tongue sliding over my wet cunt. It felt so good i came almost instantly, screaming my head off as i did so. She kept going till i worked it up again.

"MMMMMM, OH GOD YEAH, DONT STOP, BABY. OOOOHHHH YYYYEEEAAAA, OH FUCK. MMMM HARDER OH YEESYESYESYESYES. OOOHH FUCK YEAH.!!!!!!!!" I couldn't believe what as hapening to my innocent little pussy. My sister grabbed a strap on and attatched it around her tiny waist. She started to moan and Nicole leaned down and started to suck it. I couldn't resist sticking my tongue in her juicy cunt, and she seemed to like it! When she and my sister had came together with the girls in the movie, I needed more. Chloe seemed to know this and made her way over to me.

"Lay down, little sister. This will be our little secret. I'm gonna pop your cherry and then fuck you hard, you little slut. Lay down now, whore."

I silently lay on my back, waiting for pain, but instead i got a surge of pleasure. It was so good, i wanted to cry. I couldn't help but scream, louder than i ever had done before, and both girls giggled at my pleasure, and Nicole leaned over and rubbed my clit as my big sister pounded my pussy raw. I came so loudly, you couldn't hear the girls in the movie.

Then I sat up. I heard a car pull up. 2 hours had passes already. Nicole shot up and giggled, and i stood up too. She passionatly kissed me and tapped my pussy hard, so i had to moan a little.

"Quiet. I'll see you tonight, at midnight. We'll be waiting here for you."

I smiled and walked across to my room. I could hardly walk. I looked back at my sisters room. My mind wondered to what could happen tonight...........