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Title: The Bus Trip - Author: Curvalicious

Published: Nov 14, 2008 - Contact:

Friday evening and thank god work is over, I walk to the bus stop my feet sore in my hi heels. I get onto a bus and notice a hot stranger up the back, I notice his attire and gym bag and figured he must of just come from the gym. "mmmm must be buff" I think to myself as I let my eyes travel down your body, I notice u listening to ur iPod and and looking out the window. I notice the bus is half full and thought you could be a perfrect way to unwind after a long week. I walk towards u to sit next to you up the back of the bus and our eyes meet. I notice you look me up and down slowly, I get a little thrill of excitemtent as u take in my short black pinstripe chanel skirt and jacket (to which I have no blouse underneath and I notice u trying to work out if I had) my suspender stockings and hi heels. I sit down next to you and notice how good you smell, maybe he hasn't quite been to the gym yet, a smile comes to my mouth thinking what a work out I could give you. I look out the window and and my jacket gapes showing my pink satin bra underneath and I notice you starting. I thank god that last night I shaved my legs and my bikni area neatly and massaged my body all over with luminous body cream. I give into the temptation and allow myself the pleasure of looking down ur body and notice the buldge in your sweats getting bigger, I wonder if u got any boxers or briefs underneath. I notice you smiling at me as you take your headphones out and put your iPod away. I smile back cheekly and think this my chance don't blow it. You smile and nod at me "I'm Max" you say as you put your hand out, I grab your hand to shake it and say "Hi I am Tiffany Pleased to meet...." my voice trails off as you kiss my hand and say "Please to meet you Tiffany, your looking georgeous today". I blush "Thank you your looking hot yourself, and I don't mean because you've been to the gym" You laugh "I haven't been yet, but I need a good work out" I wink and you see heat in my eyes, I place my hand on your thigh and slide it slowly over your groin as I lean in and whisper in your ear "If you get off at the next stop with me I can give you a work out you won't forget" I hear you start to breath heavier as u slide your hand up my thigh under my skirt and reach my suspenders, you mutter "hot" I giggle and whisper in your ear "I will take that as yes then" I then reach down and bite your neck, then suck it giving you a hicky and u rub my thighs. We get off at the next stop of a large secluded park its dark now as I walk down to the park and find a nice patch of grass over looking the river, I turn around and notice u walking slowly behind me whiching my nice tight ass swinging as I walk, I smile and think "Damn I am hot" we get to the area and u open your bag and pull out a blanket, I raise and eye brow and you laugh "its just in case I meet a hot chick on the bus and wanna fuck her till she cums her brains out" I laugh and reply "of course". You sit down and motion me to join you, I sit down and run my hand down ur chest, I hear you groan. We lay down and start making out, your hands running up my skirt and my nails run down your back with you on top. U pop my jacket buttons one by one I look up in your eyes and smile sexily. I feel the cool air blow on my tits through my pink satin bra I hear you moan "Fuck u got some big tits" I reply "good for a big cock to slip between" I moan as I feel u biting my nipples through my bra, with one hand u unhook my bra and realse my big breasts my nipples are hard from pleasure, u lick and suck my tits as you work your way down, u push my skirt up around my wist and slide my matching pink sating gstring off. I cry out as u start rubbing my clit and sliding 1, 2 and then 3 fingers inside me. I push against your hands. "Fuck your pussy is tight and wet" I reply "my god your hands feel sooo good". I feel you nibbling on my pussy lips and clit, then start blowing air into my pussy, I moan and shut my eyes in pleasure. U slide a finger in my ass and a 3 fingers in my pussy while nibbling my clit. I feel u massaging my gspot and and I scream out cause it feels so damn good. I manage to slide my body around into a 69 position and slide off your sweats, my early thought was confirmed you were comando. My eyes nearly pop outta my head at the size of your clean shaven large member. I start rubbing the head of your cock as I lick and suck ur balls, I notice u pause for a moment realising where I have moved to. Then you start nibbling my clit harder making my orgasm build, I swich ur cock to my mouth and deep throat it as I rub your balls, you force ur cock so far down my throat I almost gag, I feel u lick deep inside my pussy and before I realise it I squirt down ur throat, my maons muffled by your big cock deep in my mouth. You slide up to face me and I push my tits together you smile down at me and say "I like what your thinking" you slide your big cock between my tits and moan as I lick the head of ur cock. U keep sliding between my tits and I vary licking, sucking and nibbling the head of your cock as you do, I can feel ur big balls slap against me and notice how full u are, I know ur going to cum soon so I tighten my tits around you. You groan as u squirt ur load over my tits and face. I reach down and lick my tits clean. "Yum I say, once isn't enough for me, shall we go again" you laugh "Damn straight your going to be sore by the time I have finished with you" I straddle your waist and run ur limp cock aginst the head of my clit, I start to feel u harden some more. I slide u slowly into my dripping wet pussy and start to ride u slow and hard, u throw your head back in ecstacy as u push up against me, I feel u getting hard and ur balls slapping my ass. I moan as I push down hard on you, I feel u get as full as u can with your cock well lubricated now with my juices I slide u into my ass and ride u that way, u groan as I pump u, my big tits bouncing. U reach up to pinch my nipples. U push me down into doggy position and pound my ass from behind, as my ass stretches I feel your cok pull straight out and slide all the way back in u reach aorund and start fingering me while pounding my ass, my skirt right above my waist and my stockings and heels still on I look like a right ho, but I don't care I push against u feeling myself wanting to cum. You pull out and I lay down, you slide back inside me and I wrap my legs around your waist and you fuck me hard, I push back aganist you wanting to cum so hard. I feel u tighten and know ur about to cum. You groan and cum deep inside me just as my pussy tightens and I cum too. You bite my neck giving me a hicky and we both get dressed, you take my panties and put em in ur back pocket. "These are my trophy" u smile at me I pull out a business card outta my handbag, I hand you my number "Call me next time you want a work out or just want to unwind" You put your arm around me you walk me home and pull me close for a long last kiss and wink at me "that was the best fuck of my life and u were right a damn better work out than the gym see u tomorrow night" I smile "fuck yeah" I reply and just before I walk inside u spank me on the ass, "catch u later" I smile and think about what tomorrow will bring............. I can't wait hehe.