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  • Train ticket to nowhere
  • Published: Nov 20, 2008
  • Author: Marsine with Susie's permission
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About: "Her breasts were 36Cs maybe 38s with large almost purple colored nipples"

Title: Train ticket to nowhere

I have had it! I am not going to take any more from a cheating husband. I packed my clothes and what stuff I couldn't leave. I bought a train ticket to somewhere else. I didn't care where. I gave the guy at the ticket counter 4 hundred and fifty dollars. And said "I want a one way ticket east to where this will take me. And I don't care where! He asked if I was traveling alone. "Yes I am and hurry up, I gotta get outta here. He asked what the trouble was. "You're a man and you probably already know. Just gimmie the damn ticket!

I waited for the train to arrive for several hours. Finely! I boarded the train and took a seat. The conductor came down the aisle asking for tickets. "Ticket mam I handed it to him and he punched it and said going Chicago I see. Yeah, yeah I replied. I looked at him with a sarcastic look. Yeah I'm finished with my cheating husband, I left the SOB!

The train left Denver & started off east. It was late fall and kind of chilly at 1am. The train car attendant asked if I needed a blanket. I took it from him, it wasn't much of a blanket, but it would take the chill off. I sat there and watching all the very familiar scenery pass by remembering those good times I was leaving behind. Tears welled up in my eyes I started to cry. I was thinking about the SOB I Had married to and how many times he cheated on me in our 10-year marriage. I though how can someone that is in love cheat That just pissed me off. The car attendant was passing by and I asked him where I could get ah drink. He said The Club Car, but it's about to close for the night. You better hurry if you want a beer or something. He said the club car was three cars back and the smoking car is the forth.

I got up to get me a drink and have a cigarette. The bar tender was closing as I walked into the car. She said "I'm sure sorry mam, but I am closing up for the night. I started to cry, Well Shit! My old man cheated on me the last "F" time and I need ah drink. She said "Let me close up and pull the door shades down and we will have ah drink together, I think I can deal with what you're going through, I had been there & done that" Susie was her name. She was a tall dark skinned black lady. She was about 5'10" her hair pulled back real tight. Susie closed the club car and said "Lets go have ah smoke first. "Sure, I need one also. Oh, by the way I'm Marsine"

Well Marsine. Let's go have a cigarette and you can tell me all about your self. C'mon G/F she said. I thought I have found someone that understands what I've been thru. We left to the smoking car. I thought the smoking car was one back, Susie" her reply "I have a much better place for us, Just follow me. Where you going Marsine" I said "Chicago" Susie asked , What the "F" is there Marsine" I donno, I just gotta get away. She said, "well we're here, this is my birth, my space. I live here Marsine"

The staff car was rather homey, Plenty of room, bathrooms, showers & cooking stoves. This is all right Susie! Thanks G/F she said. "I was once in your shoes. Like you I bought a ticket, but I never left the train. This has been home for 7 years now"

She made us a drink and we began to relate. As we talked she sympathized with me. We talked for an hour or so. We had a few more drinks, I was getting tipsy. Well kind of drunk. She placed her black hand on my leg and leaned over to kiss me. Now, I have never been with a lady nor wanted to before. But Susie was so different. I met her advances and kissed her back. As she kissed me and explored my mouth, lightly suck on my tongue and softly bit my bottom lip, I nearly fell off my seat. This was a new horizon for me. I felt warm and extremely sensual as Susie took her way with me.

Susie placed her hands on my small 34c's breasts and kneading them with her tender touch. My areolas were shrinking and my hardened nipples were all the way out as she flicked my nipps with here fingers. Susie asked me if I wanted her to stop. I did, but not enough to stop her. She sensed something wasn't right. "What's up G/F do you want me to stop Matter

"Well Susie, I'm feeling just fine with what you're doing, but it was my A-hole husband that was cheating on me. I feel I am now the one cheating & it don't feel good" Susie stopped and asked me if I was going back to him. "Susie, we were married for 10 years. He has cheated on me so many times. I can't trust him any more. I don't want go back & I'm now I'm not!" Susie replied. "Well Marsine, If you're positive that you are not going back. It's Not Cheating On Him! It's getting on with your life, now isn't it I just smiled and kiss her so soft & tender. I had never felt this good with anyone in the past.

I said "My soon to be X-husband was Wham Bam, Thank ya mam, he never once thought of satisfying me. He was a Get on, cum & Get Off kind of lover. Then the SOB would always go to sleep. I'm done with that crap Susie, "We don't have any kids is one good thing" Susie held out her arms and softly said "C Cumerre" She held me for what seemed like an hour. She said "Follow me" She led me to the sleeping quarters. "Here baby, Jump up there, I do have to tell ya, this staff sleeping car is Co-ed. "The men sleep here also, They won't bother us though" She pointed to the 2nd. bunk up. It was an over-sized single bed. I jumped up and Susie followed me.

"Susie I have to ask, do you bring all bitches here" she looked at me very angrily and said "Look Marsine you are not ah bitch! You have been fucked over by your husband, who could blame you for feeling like ah bitch! Just Screw all males" Fuck-em!

"Here Marsine" She then took off her shirt and her bra. Her breasts were now in my hands and her large black titties were getting me charged. Her breasts were 36C's maybe 38's with large almost purple colored nipples. Susie had the nicest set of nipples. They were straight out 3 / 4" and hardest I've ever seen. "Marsine, have you ever been with a black partner or even a black lady" Susie asked. Nope! The only sex was from this SOB that I just left. He was the one that popped my hymen 12 years ago. " So you have never been with anyone else then" "Nope" I said.

Well Marsine " This black lady is going to satisfy you girl" She lifted my shirt up & over my head reveling my small breasts. She cupped them both in here soft warm hands kneading them again. Susie took one of my nipples in her wet mouth and started swirling it while in her grasp with her tongue. Here, sweetie lay back and let me un-dress you to your nakedness. Just her soft language and loving caresses was making my pussy moist. I raised my hips and she helped me remove my slacks. Susie reached out to my moistened love hole and there she started to rub my clit very lightly thru my thong panties. She said 'let's get these out of the way" she took them off. I was totally nude in front of a black lady I'd just met a couple hours ago. I felt so warm in her hands.

She then started kissing me as she was lowering her body down to my moistness. She stopped and looked up at me and winked very seductively. "You lady are going to love this" Susie placed her tongue over my clitoris and sucked it in her mouth and out of it's little hiding place. I could feel her wet mouth hungrily licking and sucking me off. She kept this up for some time. She slid a couple of fingers in my wet cunt as she continued sucking and licking on my clit.

Susie was rubbing my insides with her fingers crooked. Inserting them all the way to her knuckles. I was feeling like I had to go pee. I was nearing an orgasm but I had to pee.

I told Susie that I had to go. She just smiled, winked and started to increase her speed and pressure. Then it hit! OH Shit, Susie, I'm going to cum. Oh Fuck, make me cum. Ohhh God! I need to cum!" I screamed. "Finger me deep darling! Make me cum Oh FucK me Eat my pussy! Make me cummmm. I hadda pee Susie. I got to pee. She smiled again and said. " Haven't you ever squirted before Squirt I guess not. What's that I said. Well "G/f you are about to cum like you will never believe. You don't have to pee Marsine. You are about to give me all of your hidden spices baby" Then I gushed everything I had. I had never cummed so hard, so long. It took my breath away for the longest time.

After we had finished our little quickie and gotten cleaned up, Susie asked me what I did for work. I told her I was a restaurant manager. "Hey Sug, we need someone here" Tell ya what, Marsine when we get to Chicago we'll go to the train depot office" My one-way trip did not last very long. I applied for the job Susie told me about & I am now employed on the same train as an on site customer satisfaction hostess. I work very close with Susie, If you know what I mean...we are known as Chocolate & Vanilla. Susie & I have been a couple for two years now. My sleeping birth is below hers. She continues to make me squirt my fluids and my orgasms have always been hard and completely satisfying. Susie is an welcomed un-expected part of my new life.

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