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Title: Monday Morning Shower - Author: Unknown

Published: Nov 21, 2008 - Contact:

It was the beginning of a Monday morning; Lydia was waking up and rose slowly, bed covers slowly gliding down her lightly dressed body. She put on her pale pink silk dressing gown as she turned down the bed, meanwhile, Tristan who was lying next to her not five minutes ago, a slow riser, caught a glimpse of her tender bosom as she put the dressing gown around her, tying it at the waist in a simple bow.

He watched her leave the room, with gentle footstep into the large en-suite bathroom, a loving smile gracing his lips. He heard the shower being turned on, and the soft pattering against the glass door to the shower of cascading water. As she gently hummed a tune under her breath, as she did every morning, he thought of her undressing for her shower and bit his lip lightly... lowering the dressing gown; it brushed her hips, revealing her secrets from the night before, and her soft, warm skin.

He envisaged her face; petit and bearing that incredible smile she always wore, in all perfect proportions her sapphire eyes glimmered in the spotlight of the skylight above, the morning sun emphasised her hourglass figure and made her naturally dark pink lips shimmer, at 5ft8 she stood a couple of inches below her partners height. The skylight being the only source of light in this rural area, she lit a few fragranced candles that flickered against the white tiles, the warm glow now filled the room as she entered the shower, and allowing the tumbling water moisten her skin.

He awoke and rose and intently walked towards the en-suite completely naked, the scent of the lather from the shampoo lightly brushed his nostrils, his intentions now apparent as he silently tip-toed into the shower, she was unaware, the lather covered her eyes and he put his arms around her thin waist and firmly pressed her against him, her tender breasts flattened against his manly physique, they faced each other but she was still unable to see, he kissed her lips tenderly, and she recognised the taste, he knew this but softly said 'Guess who,' in an alluring tone, he licked the edge of her lips and the two tongues met in the middle, as the kiss deepened she felt his hard penis against her thigh, and let out a soft moan, she clasped it in her left hand and he slid his hand up her stomach to her breast, smooth with the lather that trickled down her, he rubbed softly and she soon met his tempo.

The room darkened as a couple of the candles scattered around the room dimmed and Tristan push her up against the tiled wall. His hand fell from her breast to her thigh and slid to her pelvis rubbing down to her vagina, as wet as he was hard, his other hand gracing the edge of her bum... he pressed her against the wall harder and she let out a soft groan from beneath her breath, together they rubbed harder and stronger, their lips clashed in a fury and he held her up as she put her legs around him, arms over his shoulders, together they bonded like never before, she clasped his penis and placed it inside her, then together they rubbed up and down the wall, smoothing the water like a trail, causing a strong glimmer and reflection Tristan could see himself in, her nails dug into his back and he squeezed her bum tightly, enjoying being able to see himself.

They sat down on the floor opposite each other, Lydia sat with her legs open for Tristan, he leaned forward and gently kissed her on the ear lobe and licked it playfully, he whispered 'I love you' and she replied then immediately grabbed his bum and forced him to lunge on top of her, this surprised Tristan in the best sort of way, together they mixed and held together tightly, rolling over with some force until one would be pinned down and took control of the action, Tristan grabbed Lydia's breast and clenched it, he pulled it up towards his mouth and sucked until a love bite appeared around her nipple, she loved the sensation and responded by pressing him against the wall, he now sat with his legs open and Lydia loomed forward and put his penis into her mouth, she sucked and licked up and down until Tristan could bare it no more, he pushed her onto her back and penetrated her softly, it was the perfect mix, by now she was wetter than the shower walls and he could feel the warmth around his penis, barely a moment later and Tristan fell onto her and Lydia let out a moan of pleasure, the climax was more than they both expected. Tristan rolled off her and they lay there in the shower... that was overwhelming for a Monday morning.