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Title: A Night of Passion - Author:

Published: Nov 22, 2008 - Contact:

She walked into the room and just looked at him. He looked back, taking in her full beauty. He couldn't stop himself from walking over to her, grabbing her around the waist, and kissing her. They kissed gently at first, but then they fully engulfed each other with their arms and the kiss grew more passionate and deep. They loved the taste and feel of each other's tongues pressing against theirs.

She felt herself walking backwards and leading them until her back was up against the kitchen counter. He lifted her up so she was sitting on the counter, and they never broke their kiss. They stopped and pulled away, each staring into the other's eyes. She looked down and began to unbutton his shirt. He tore it off and reached to remove hers. He lifted it over her head and started kissing her again, passionately. He pulled her off of the counter and they made their way to the bedroom, stopping against a few walls along the way to kiss each other more.

They tumbled onto the bed, and he stopped kissing her so that he could unbutton her jeans and pull them off. She did the same to him, and he proceeded to undo her bra. He tossed it aside, and pulled her panties away too. She flipped him over so that she could be in control, and she took off his boxers and threw them to the side. She kissed his lips, then moved her mouth down the smooth expanse of his muscular chest, made her way past his stomach and finally began to suck on his penis. His dick was so huge that her entire mouth and both hands couldn't even come close to covering it completely. He moaned with joy as she rubbed and sucked, feeling the pleasure building up inside of him. She stopped before he came, though, because she had to have more of him. She mounted him and let his 9-inch-long, 3-inch-across cock penetrate into her wet vagina. She moved herself up and down, and their pleasure built up even more. He rolled them over so he could take over, pushing hard and fast. He kissed her in rhythm with his thrusts, driving her insane with pleasure. He knew he was on the brink of cumming, but he held it back, desperately wanting to give her an orgasm.

He reached his hands up and massaged her breasts in the same rhythm as his kisses and his deep penetrations. They would swallow each others groans of pleasure into their kisses. She felt her pleasure building up, as if she were ready to explode. His penis then hit her g-spot and she came, felling waves of pleasure coarse through her entire body. She screamed his name with pure joy, and he finally let himself cum into her. He pulled out, kissed her once more, and then lay beside her. She turned to face him, and decided that she wasn't done just yet. She kissed him softly, then reached her hands down and took hold of his dick. He breathed heavily as she began to rub it gently. she reached one hand into a drawer of the bedside table and got some lube. She put a good amount into her hands, and then took hold of his penis again. She started slowly rubbing at first, allowing him to get hard again. She picked up the pace as his cock curved up to her, wanting more. His glans turned bright red, and she began to go in a circular motion around the top of his penis, he begged her for more, moaning and gasping and breathing heavily. She tickled the underside of his cock, and gently fluttered his balls. He could barely take the torture, but he knew he was lost in her rhythm. He cummed everywhere, but he was still hard, so he rolled them over and started banging her again. She came even harder the second time, screaming with pleasure as the orgasm rocked through her body. he pulled out and laid beside her and they fell asleep spooning, exhausted from their best sex ever.