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Title: A Threesome with Friends - Author: Mick

Published: Nov 24, 2008 - Contact:

Some years ago our good friends and neighbours moved to the south coast. I would stay over with them when visiting customers in their part of the county. We usually enjoyed a few drinks and had a good chat. On this occasion though after a nice meal and lots to drink someone suggested we play cards as we often did when we got together as couples. Dave fetched a pack of cards and asked what we should play. I suggested strip poker meant as a joke and was amazed when both Dave and Sally said OK.

It wasn't long before we were all semi naked, Sally was the first to strip off completely. When she laso the next hand, dave said she would have to pay a forfeit and suggested she let us suck her nipples. Initally she said OK but when we started She said no way and went off to bed leaving Dave and me to have another drink. Neither of us spoke about what had happened.

A few weeks afterwards I stayed with them again. After dinner, Dave bought out a pack of cards and asked if we wanted to play. Sally said that all we wanted to do was get her clothes off again and didn't want to play, neither of us argued. Sally went upstairs and I went to the bathroom. When I returned I was amazed to find Sally kneeling stark naked in front of the fire with Dave sitting looking looking on. She told me to sit by Dave and then came and lay across our laps. Dave started to feel her breasts and I started fingering her pussy. After a few minutes she got up and suggested we went to bed together. I went to my room and got undressed then headed for their bedroom. Sally was already in bed so I climbed in beside her and resumed fingering her by now very wet pussy. Dave came in and got undressed and joined us. She asked us to suck her nipples which we both did with no encouragement. I felt Dave's hand touch mine and moved it way from her pussy but Sally took my hand and put it back. Dave had fingers inside her and I soon had two of mine their too.

Sally said this was better than forfeits but we had to do as she said and told us to kneel in front of her. We did so and she started to rub our cocks and then started to lick them. She said it was nice that we both had such similar sized cocks. Then she lay back and ordered me to lick her pussy. Dave took over after a few minutes. Then she told me to lay on my back and she started to suck my cock. Suddenly she stopped and said to Dave, "you haven't come already!" I realised that he had been fucking her from behind. He said sorry but he just couldn't hold on.

Sally lay on her back and said it was all down to me now and I had better make it good. I got between her legs and she guided my cock into her wet pussy. I was cautious at first, my wife always complained if I was too rough but after a while I thought that Sally probably fancied it a bit rougher so I started to push harder making her groan with what I assumed was pleasure. The faster and harder I pounded the more she groaned. I heard Dave say "Take it easy mate!" but took no notice. At first I had been worried that I would come too soon but I think that having Dave looking on slowed me down. When I did eventually come Sally cried out as I felt her pussy throbbing with an orgasm. I rolled over and there was no sign of Dave. Sally said I think you had better go to your own room now, as I left she said "that was great, thank you!"

The next morning Dave had gone to work before I awoke. I asked Sally if everything was alright. She explained that Dave had not seemed too happy and she thought that he had not enjoyed seeing me fuck her. She said it was Dave who had wanted to play so it was too late for him to complain now. Sge didn't object when I put my hands inside her bathrobe and felt her breasts but when I suggested we go back to bed she said that it wouldn't be right.

The next time I stayed with Dave and sally I was made very welcome but it was clear that there was going to be no repeat of our threesome.