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Title: A Gay Tale - Author: kaypee

Published: Dec 12, 2008 - Contact:

I'd always noticed that when we talked together he would put his hand into his pocket and play with his bits. Sometimes I could see the outline of a fairly large cock, for a 18 year old.

I came home from uni that summer and my mother, who worked at the local hospital with the woman next door, told me that this boy had just come out of hospital with a badly broken leg and was confined to bed for the next 5 days. As his mother had already had a week off work, she had to go back and wondered if I would keep an eye on him.I said I would and was told to take him the 'bottle' when he needed it, and make the odd cup of tea.

Around ten that first morning, I went into his bedroom and he said he needed the bottle. I fetched it to him, he threw back the be4d clothes and I saw a beautiful looking circumsised cock. He put it into the bottle and commenced to pee. He vsaid he would need paper to wipe off thev drips so I fetched some. He wiped the end but kept it outside his pyjamas, held it and it started to grow. Of course this gave me an erection which he could see pushing out the front of my trousers. He went immediately stiff and started to stroke his cock. He put his hand towards me so he touched the bulge in my trousers so I undid them and let them drop to the floor and took hold bof his cock as he grabbed mine. I lay on the bed next to him and we started to wank each other. He said he hadn't been able to do this since the accident and was ready to burst, so I upended and took him into my mouth as he shot. What a load. He leant over and started to suck me and wank me so I let him have the lot. Afterwards he said that what we had done was marvellous and he wanted us to get together as often as possible. That week we had fun together every day, sometimes twice, but when he was allowed to hobble around we would use his house or mine to strip naked and have long sex sessions. The best holiday I have ever had, constant sex. When I was back from uni we always got together and he told me that when I wasn't there ha used to go with a boy who lived down the road. Our mothers suggested that the 3 of us went on a camping holiday for a week. We only got dressed to go shopping and eating, the rest of the time the 3 of us spent our time wanking and sucking each other, never rushing but making our times last for ages until our cocks burst over each other. A quick run into the river to wash off the cum with just our shorts on, the back to strip and rub our bodies against each other. Got an erection just thinking about that holiday.