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Title: Male Dominance - Author: April

Published: Dec 24, 2008 - Contact:

This particular night my husband and I decided to work out with weights after we finished our spin class. The only one's left in the building were us and the two owners. They were big time body builders who just so happened to live in the same neighborhood as us. The rumor was they were both gay but we dismiss it as gossip because their demeanor wasn't at all feminine. In fact they often flirted with me and associated with very attractive women on a regularly basis. When I wanted to leave they offered to bring my husband home so he could finish his workout, so I left. Well...here's the story he shared when he got home.

After their workout they showered together before hitting the sauna. My husband described the sight as "silk shaven bodies with muscle from top to bottom". As they lathered up, their well endowed tools stood stiff and proud. They moved to the sauna, and with towels covering the most secret of secrets they discussed martial arts. One of the men asked my husband if anyone ever showed him where vital pressure points were. When my husband said no a demonstration took place with this man applying thumb pressure to his knee and methodically worked up to his inner thigh until he reached his groin area where he began massaging it with his big hand. My husband became incredibly aroused by this. The other man next to him joined in and began working his other thigh. This is when hubby noticed their big swollen tools peaking through the slit in their towels. As the pressure point clinic continued one of the men removed my husband's towel causing his enlarged penis to stand straight up. When the two body builders noticed this, their full-size gear went to full erection. When my husband tried to cover himself one of the men held his hands as the other pulled the towel off to expose his neatly shaven package. They complimented him and asked if I enjoyed playing with such a beautiful piece. The big hand moved from hubby's groin and began stroking his big display up and down, asking if this was how I handled it. When he told them how much I loved to polish his big helmet with my mouth, one of the men boldly stood up and positioned his big tool toward his mouth and forced it in, while the man watching egged him on. My husband said he's never done anything like this before as they told him to demonstrate my talents by going up and down on it with his mouth. Coming up for air he made a plea to let him go, and told them I was much more experienced in this polishing game than he. They asked if I was allowed to polish other men. He said he would volunteer my services if they let him go. The sucking continued as noises of pleasure and heavy breathing filled the room. As the big helmet popped in and out of my hubby's mouth, the man watching said it was his turn. They guided his mouth from helmet to helmet and taught him how to stroke it with his hand. They told him he polishes like a pro.

The first eruption took place in my husband's mouth as he gagged but managed to swallow the protein shake. The second eruption shot all over hubby's face as he skillfully tamed the two wild towers. The two men returned the favor by doubling up with mouth to mouth until his horny tower exploded with contained force. He said they sucked him dry! When it was all said and done they showered and dressed. A promise was made to never tell anyone if he agreed to let me work out with them alone some night. I told him I would never let that happen...truth be told; it's become my secret sex fantasy ever since!