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Title: The Ultimate Adjustment - Author: The Captain

Published: Dec 24, 2008 - Contact:

For sometime now, my wife has practiced erotic and disciplinarian adjustments on me, with bare ass spankings as the means of application. They have always been a great stress relief for both of us and a means of coming together in an intimate and special way. The anticipation and the after effect had become very erotic and exciting to me. For her it was the same except she got an additional erotic arousal during the adjustment, while I had to submit to the pain. Although I enjoyed it and sometimes would even request a sound spanking at other than our scheduled times, it sometimes was extremely difficult to endure but just knowing how much pleasure she got from applying it and the anticipation and after effects that I received from it, made the pain secondary to the ultimate pleasure we shared together.

In the past I had experienced the hair brush, belts, light and heavy paddles and sometimes switches which she would have me cut myself. The effect was always a hot throbbing, welted, blistered and burning bottom. A picture of erotic colors to behold and felt for days afterwards. But this one was to be something very special, as her fantasy instrument had just arrived in the mail. A 30" X 1/4 in. rattan cane was now going to be the implement of choice and she was just as excited about using it as I was nervous of receiving it. But as always, I would submit willing.

The day of reckoning had arrived and about 11:00 a.m. we started off along our very private and winding trail leading to the special place, high upon a hill near a small waterfall. I was wearing shorts and a top, no undergarments and carrying our bag of toys and a thick blanket. My beautiful wife wore a skirt and top, also no undergarments. It was warm and looked like it would be a gorgeous hot summer day. About 20 minutes into our journey, I was instructed to lean against a tree with my bottom held out. She quickly slid down my shorts and started to caress my still white tender cheeks as I was told to hold the position as I was going to need several warm up sessions before we arrived at the place for my long awaited canning. From the bag she brought out the leather strap and gave me 6 or 7 light swats to start the process and then after a few moments another 6 or 7 but this time brought it across the cheeks from way back and I could feel the heat and the bounce of my bottom with every stroke. From pink to bright red with a few small welts starting to show. I was feeling the heat as she caressed my bottom and then she told me to pull up my shorts, as we would continue the warm-ups further on. After about another 10 minutes, there was a low branch and I was told to hold onto it with my hands. It was high enough that I had to almost stand on my toes to hold it. She then took down my shorts and admired the previous warm-up results and commented that I would need a lot more before I would be able to take the cane. This time the hair brush was found and it soon found every square inch of my already red cheeks, turning them into a scorching hot inferno. The color was now turning scarlet and the heat was rising like the sun above us. I had taken about 20 swats with the brush but she was not yet finished because she got the heavy wooden paddle with the holes in it and stood back looking at me hanging there and said I think You can take a couple good swats before we go on. She brought her arm way back and let it impact on my bottom with a force that almost made me loose my grip on the branch. The heat was soaring deep inside me now and as soon as I regained my breath, another one fell, harder than the first. It was almost all I could do to not scream. My bottom was now on fire. I was now allowed to let go of the branch but not before she kissed and caressed my bottom while remarking about what a nice painting she was creating on my now very tender and hot bottom. I pulled up my shorts, feeling the heat radiating from me through the material and then proceeded along the trail.

One more stop before the ultimate my dear, she said. In front of us was a very large log which she put a thick blanket over and after lowering my shorts, I was told to lay over. The angle and height brought my burning throbbing bottom about thigh high. After some admiring of her work and few tender caresses and squeezes, the final warm up was about to be administered. The brush, strap and wooden paddle would all be used. About 10 heavy strokes with each although now I was given more pause time between each stoke. It was hard for me to know what was being used as the pain and fire was surging within me with every stroke, all the time knowing that something much more severe was ultimately coming very soon after.

When she had finished, I was literally on fire and I could sense from her tone that she was enjoying the sight and sound with much pleasure. She said You are now ready for the final but before we go on, I will give You some honey nectar for Your thirst. As she instructed me to leave my shorts down and kneel in front of her, she lifted her skirt and I could see her sweet juices moistening her thighs. She took my head between her hands and kissed me and then directed me to the delicious mound of honey and nectar, which I licked and sucked with great joy as she moaned with delight while digging her finger nails into my still throbbing bottom. When she was satisfied that I had received enough nectar, I was instructed to pull up my shorts and get the soft leather shackles from the bag and place them on my wrists and angles. Each shackle had a steel ring attached and would be used to secure me when we arrived at our destination. As we carried on our way, I was told with great glee that I could expect an abundance of nectar to be created during my caning and that I could look forward to devouring it in abundance after she was finished with my bottom.

As we arrived at our very special place, I could not help but think of the many times we had been there before. Everything was always the same. It was a large clearing on the crest of the hill, with a small waterfall cascading down the rocks into a clear lagoon. There were two beautiful oak trees in the middle about eight feet apart. The ropes were still attached and would soon be used to secure me in an upright spread eagle position. The excitement and fear were starting to rise in me and my throbbing burning bottom was reminding me of what was to come.

I was now ordered to strip completely and take my position between the trees. The ropes were the exact length with a clip on the end of each. I was almost trembling as each snap was fastened to each ring on the leather shackles and there I stood, completely naked and vulnerable to what ever my lovely mate wished to do. The sun was now at the correct angle and I could feel the heat streaming down upon my back and burning bottom. Sweat was starting to form on my skin as the sun was heating an already heated bottom. My wife stood back for a time and sipped some wine as she admired her beautiful warm up job. She walked around me, caressing and teasing me ever so gently and then stood directly behind me. She described the multi colored bruises and welts mixed in with a flaming red background, now being made even hotter by the sun's rays. She reached between my legs and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled on them with one hand, while squeezing and pinching my cheeks of torture with the other as she said I think the time has come. The target is ready.

With those words she brought out the cane and slashed it through the air. It made a whistling sound as it cut the air. Five more slashes through the air and I was starting to tremble with fear. I felt it lay gently now across my bottom, as she was now setting the aim for the first stroke. It would be across both cheeks, right in the middle of the fleshiest spot. Her arm came back and then I heard the whistle as the cane cut through the air and landed with a force that made me scream. It was like a knife searing deep into my bottom. I shuddered and went limp as I was flexing my bottom cheeks, trying to ease the burning slicing feeling that was engulfing me. She then caressed the stripe with her tender fingers and told me of the beautiful blue, yellow and red welt that she had created and that there was still five more to come. After about a minute of admiring her work, she then set the cane on the next spot rubbing it back an forth and then I heard the whistle as it came again. This one sliced about one inch above the first one. The searing and cutting pain seemed worse than the first. I strained against my bonds trying to get away from the pain but to no avail. I screamed with pain as the fire penetrated deep inside me. Before I could relax my writhing, another screaming whistle and it landed about and inch below the first one. I was now almost hanging from my arms trying to muster enough strength to withstand the agonizing trauma. She now stopped and allowed me to get my breath and caressed the three now swelling welts of color and pain. The sweat was running down my back and she massaged the salty sweat into the tortured and stinging bottom, squeezing and playing with the welts. She kissed all three of them and was very happy with her work. She stepped back and sat down and sipped some more wine, all the time admiring and telling me what a magnificent site it was to behold.

As I regained my composure and strength, all the time still feeling the searing slices, I wanted to see what she was seeing. I was feeling fear, excitement and a sensual pleasure, all at the same time. Yet I knew there was three more to come. I almost was yearning for them and at the same time wanting it over. She came to me and gave me a sip of wine and kissed me passionately while running her hands over my now sweat covered bottom and promising to make the last three the very best. Without a word she got into position, cutting the air with the cane as if to warm it up for the finale. The cane was laid across the three welts but this time at an angle so as to crisscross the three huge welts already there. The arm went back, the screaming whistle I heard and then a cut like I had not felt before. I screamed and writhed and she said with glee, " Now that is a work of art". The forth stripe had fell across the first three and where it crossed, it had cut deep and blood was now mixing with the sweat. Before I could get my breath, another fell at the same angle only a little higher. The result was the same and I could feel the blood trickling down my scorched bottom. I was literally hanging from my arms. She massaged the sweat and blood into my wounds and was so delighted with her work that she took a picture of it with our digital camera while saying what a work of art she had created. As I regained my breath and stood straight again, she quickly dropped to her knees and placed the cane at the opposite angle. Slowly rubbing the now blood stained cane across all five welts and brought it forth with a screaming force that brought a blood curdling scream from me as I went limp and I could feel the blood running down my legs. This was definitely the Ultimate Adjustment. She massaged the sweat and blood into my wounds and brought cool water from the water fall and cleansed my scorching, welted, bleeding and throbbing bottom. I was then untied and I dropped to my knees and drank of her nectar which was by now flowing, until she came with an orgasm that surpassed all others she had ever had.

We then collapsed on the blanket and held each other, kissed and sipped wine. After a while we gathered up our toys and started back. Every movement was painful but oh so delightful. Upon reaching home, we made love for hours and hours. A beautiful day from start to finish. In my mind I was wondering how we could top this day but in about a month we will definitely try again for another Ultimate upon the Ultimate.