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Title: More Than Friends - Author: L.G.C.

Published: Dec 29, 2008 - Contact:

They had been friends ever since grade one. Eleven years had gone by, and their bodies had transformed quite decently. Hailey was thinking of the first day she had met Leighton in grade one. How prim and proper she was. How her hair was perfect. How her dress made her look like quite the girly girl. Hailey was thinking how eleven years later, Leighton was still the same girl she had met back in grade one. Leighton still made sure her hair was perfect, still made sure her clothes were perfect. The only thing different was Leighton had become so un-resistable. All the boys wanted a piece of her eighteen year old ass, she really knew how to turn heads!

Hailey moved in with Leighton a month previous due to some problems at home. She was alone in Leighton's room, as Leighton was at work. She started to think of what a beauty her childhood friend had become. She envied her large 36-C tits, her tight stomache, her tight ass. Ohhh the thought of Leighton's beautiful body was making Hailey hot. She started to imagine her friend naked and how much she'd love to pleasure her. Hailey slowly started to glide her hand down her stomach feeling her right 34-B tits on the way. She unbuttoned her tight short-shorts and lead her hand down to her pussy which was already wet. She started vigorously playing with her clit and let out a small moan. She slid off her shorts and red lace thong so she could spread her legs wide. She inserted two fingers, letting out small moans and pants and occassionally whispering, "Oh Leighton". She was on the verge of climax when she heard the door open. She sat up on the double bed trying to cover herself, embarassed.

Leighton looked at her confused, then noticed Hailey's wet, clean shaven pussy was visible. She felt herself starting to get wet. She didn't understand why this was turning her on because she had never been with a woman. She always wondered what it would be like and knew she wanted to try it someday.

Hailey got up and walked over to her, lightly touching her shoulder. Leighton stared right into Hailey's eyes as Hailey slowly guided her hand lightly down her friends stomach and back up. She leaned into Leighton's ear and whispered, "I've been waiting for you. I want you so bad." Leighton backed away slightly and said, "I've never been with a girl before. I don't want to disapoint you. I've always wanted to see what it's like to be with another girl, but I don't want it to ruin our friendship." Hailey firmly, but kindly said, "Don't worry babe, it won't." She then walked over to Leighton, grabbed her firmly by the ass and pulled her in close for a light, passionate kiss and whispered, "How bout we get you outta these clothes," with a grin on her face.

Leighton smiled back, and lifted off her work shirt revealing her blue bra and toned stomach. Hailey kissed her again, but this one lasted longer. She reached to Leigton's back and undid her bra, quickly taking it off her gorgeous friend. She looked at her round tits and moved from kissing Leighton's lips, to her neck, then to her big, round, perfect tits. Leighton let out a little moan. Hailey then unbuttoned Leighton's pants, and let them fall to the floor, along with her matching blue thong. Leighton then led her friend to the bed and the made out, endulging each other. Hailey then moved her lips slowly down Leighton's body, teasing her perky tits on the way down. She then started to eat out Leighton's pussy. Leighton let out little moans until her friend inserted two fingers, when Leighton grabbed the pillow to keep her self from screaming with pleasure. Hailey quickly got her friend to go, and moved back up to kiss her soft lips. Leighton was loving how soft another females touch was. They continued to make out while Leighton explored her friends body, and firmly grabbing her tits. She then slid her hand down and felt her friends wet slit. She began playing with her friends clit. Hailey was breathing heavy by this point and couldn't believe how amazing Leighton was for a firt-timer. "Oh ya baby! Right there, right there! OHHH OHHH, Im gunna, Im gunna, don't stop. Ahhhhh!" She panted heavily as she felt her pussy contract.

Hailey looked into Leighton's eyes contently and whispered, "Right where I left off." giving her friend a romantic kiss.