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Title: Three a crowd part 2 - Author: Kevin hannaway

Published: Jan 15, 2009 - Contact:

I took my cock out of their mouths and stood up "my turn now i said, want you both on the sofa with your bums in the air" My girlfriend and Megan bent over on the sofa, both were whereing really short skirt good thing too i just couldn't be bothered with stripping them down. i bent down on my knees and stared at both my girlfriends and Megans panties they were both wet. I moved my mouth over to my girlfriends panties and started to lick right where her pussy lips were, i could feel her body tingling as i licked it slowly and gently. I pulled down her panties and placed my cock right up to the entrance of her wet pussy, i could tell that she wanted it her pussy juicies were leaking out so i rammed my cock inside her fucking her hard she was moaning with pleasure still fucking my girlfriends pussy i moved my hands over to megans panties and pulled them down. i placed my fingers in her pussy and began to fuck her with my fingers just listening to them both moan was making me want to cum. I pulled out of my girlfriends pussy and moved over to Megan, i knew she wanted it so i rammed my cock inside her and began to pound her pussy at the same time as fingering my girlfriends pussy i carried on fucking them both in turn until i couldn't go anymore. I pulled out of my girlfriend and stared to pump my cock all over their pussys and bums milking my cock dry. Leaning back i collapsed out of exhustion and watched how they moved over my cock and sucked me making sure their was no mess.

Once we were all cleaned up and dressed i offered to take Megan home, however i could help think about what my girlfriend had said to me just before "hope you got pleanty left cause were doing all over again tonight you and me.

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