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Title: ONE NIGHT - Author: ttkeys

Published: Jan 19, 2009 - Contact:

I cherished these times, they come so seldom, my wife out of town visiting her folks. Quiet night, tall bottle of wine, just me and well.......me enjoying the solitude, aimlessly watching TV. Short time later, my buddy calls to say he's free for the night and would I be up to watching some porn; says he's got this great movie of some chick doin two guys. Taking a big slug of wine, I said " come on over, bring something to drink."

The movie was as predictable as so many before, these two guys screwin this chick in every imaginable position and, as predictable as it was, it was still a turn on. I get up to go take a pee and when I returned, the movie had changed pace! The chick was no longer in the scene; now it was the two guys screwin each other. I was rather taken back by this scene and, not sure of an appropriate response, I just sat down and immediately gulped down more wine. I took a quick glance at my buddy, his eyes fixed on the TV. Not being sure what to say, I said nothing and went back to my wine, which was now taking affect. But I have to admit, that movie was gettin me hot. "I've always had a fantasy about doin that," he said. I hadn't expected any conversation and, preoccupied with the images on the screen, hadn't really heard what he had said, replying "what" Responding, with a clarity not to be confused, he replied "I've always wanted to fuck some guys ass!" Now I've known this guy for a very long time, married, kids, a very stable kind of guy so this sort of took my breath away. I was in complete shock and could say nothing more than, "really". He went on to say that he has had this fantasy for a long time. And somehow I think he might have noticed that I had a raging hard on as he said, "you seem to be enjoying this movie as well." I guess it was the wine when I told him that I have, on occassion, thought about what it might feel like to be fucked, to which he replied "now's a good time to find out!" I said to him, "you may be right!"

With that, he walked over to the couch I was sitting on, knelt down in front of me and proceeded to undo my belt and slowly removed my jeans and briefs from me, at the same time lowering his to his knees, revealing his hard penis. Instinctively, at least it seemed so, I pulled my knees up and he squirted some type of cool lubricant on my asshole and his cock and began to rub his swollen cock head against my anus. I have to admit that it felt really good as he teased me that way. Ever so slowly, he began to enter my body! At any moment, I expected to cry out in pain, but he was so careful not press into me more than I could accept. And after what seemed like a very long time, his 6 inches of delightful penis was completely inside me. Tired of holding my legs up, I rested them on his shoulders, as he slowly fucked me, in and out, in and outONE of my virgin ass; both of us moaning with passion! I found myself using my legs to control his thrusts, faster some times, slower others. It felt so good, his cock rubbing on my prostate, gliding in my warm ass and I felt like I could go on for hours. But he couldn't.

With quickened pace, he began cumming inside me as he jacked me off. Never in my life have I had such a wild orgasm, wave after wave of delight, my cum shooting out and onto me. It was the best sex I had ever had. I told him that we would have to do this again, next time the wife is out of town. He laughed and said, "she's not back, yet."