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Title: Just Another Holiday Romance - Author: ShortLittleThing

Published: Jan 25, 2009 - Contact:

In the glorious heat of the midday sun I lay, sun bathing and secretly watching the hardly dressed men, walking about in their swimming trunks. "This is the life" I thought to myself as I reached for my drink, tilting it back to my lips my thirst was not quenched. My glass was empty. I rose from my seat leaving my sun bathing friends and made my way to the bar. "Excuse me Another Tequila Sunrise please." As I waited for my drink my eyes drifted across the other guests of Hotel Riu Vallarta and settled on a tall, well built, dark haired man with deep green eyes. I removed my sunglasses so he could see my eyes, flicking from the bar man with my drink to him, stood but a few feet away. He was staring directly at me, so I took the opportunity to smile inviting him to talk and much to my pleasure he started to speak. "Ah so you're a Tequila girl Powerful and fiery" He edged closer to me. "Well I'm in Mexico I may as well try something Mexican. Also it's much like myself." I hinted andsmiled sexily. "I'm Brendon" he offered his hand for me to shake. I took it and pulled him closer to me kissing him gently on the cheek. "Elle" I said and took a sip of my drink watching him as I did. "So Elle how long are you here for" he inquired. "We only just got here" I offered gesturing in the direction of my friends "We're staying for two weeks" "What a coincidence, so am I" "A coincidence indeed. Anyway I'd better get back to my friends. Perhaps I'll see you around" I walked back over to my sun lounge and glanced over to the bar where he had been watching me, before reclining back to enjoy the suns heat and the delicious men, from behind my sun glasses.

Later that evening at the hotels club I noticed Brendon, sitting with a rowdy group of men who already seemed intoxicated. Looking at him he seemed out of place amongst this group and slightly uncomfortable with their leering and lewd behaviour. I couldn't help looking at him throughout the clubs entertainment, my eyes kept falling upon his lips and his large, smooth hands. I imagined kissing him and having those hands touching my body. Every now and then our eyes would meet, before one of us would look away embarrassed. Whenever I wasn't looking at him I could feel his eyes upon me, making me shift into positions I knew he'd enjoy, leaning forward allowing him a view of my large breasts, leaning back with my legs slightly parted giving him a glimpse of my already moist underwear. I noticed him getting up to go to the bar and immediately offered to buy my friends each a drink. At the bar I positioned myself near a man who was just about to take his drinks, who was stood next to Brendon. I wanted to seem as natural as possible though I was desperate for another interaction with him. "Elle. Hi" he said as the man walked away "Fancy seeing you here" he smiled and looked into my eyes. "Oh don't play all innocent with me. I've seen you looking at me" I teased "Well. Can you blame me" he looked away seeming embarrassed that I'd mentioned it "I can't help looking at a beautiful woman like you" I could feel a blush spread quickly across my face. Just as I was about to reply a rude bar man interrupted. "What would you like" He asked seeming ill tempered directing the question at both of us. "You were here before me, go ahead" I said to Brendon "What kind of a gentleman would that make me Surely it should be ladies first" he smiled again "Look I have other people to serve can you just order" the rude bar man interrupted again. I made my order and waited for the drinks whilst making small talk with Brendon. The manner of the bar man had put us both ill at ease and we were unable to continue our flirting. I went back to my table and my friends pleased to have spoken once more to Brendon but annoyed at the bar man.

The next day I again lay watching the men and enjoying the sun, whilst scanning the crowds for Brendon. Much to my disappointment I didn't see any sign of him nor his rowdy friends. "What's wrong with you today" Briony, my closest friend asked peering over her sunglasses at me. "Oh nothing. I was just hoping to see this guy again" I sighed "Ooooo the guy from yesterday He was hot. Good body and really nice arse!" she raised her eyebrows "I may have noticed you talking to him yesterday....I was just checking if he was good enough for you" "Hmmm sure you were. And your verdict" "Oh he is definitely good enough and if you don't want him I could always take him off your hands." she laughed. I laughed along to but pretended to be annoyed. "Why am I so bothered that he's not here now He'll probably be in the club later" I bit my lip hoping I was right. Later I sat, with my friends paying no attention to anything they were saying and keeping my eyes on the entrance. Waiting for him to arrive. Finally as I was growing impatient he came through the door. He glanced around the room and then saw me. He grinned, looking pleased to see me and gestured for me to go over. "I'm just going to..umm...go for some fresh air." I made my excuse to my friends and got up from the table. "Elle we've all seen him you don't need to make stuff up" Briony laughed. Slightly embarrassed to have been caught out I made my way over to Brendon, looking back to my friends who were all staring straight at us. "Hey. Do you want to go for a walk" Brendon asked uncomfortable under the glare of 5 curious women. "Yea I think that'd be a good idea" I smiled and followed him outside, the cool air refreshing me after my embarrassment. We walked for a little while in silence neither of us sure what to say. We walked around the resort and stopped at a bench . "So...where were you today" I inquired "Oh. Yea I went to some Aztec place with the guys" He started to describe the temple and rituals but I wasn't paying attention. I was staring at his lips, his full, kissable lips. I couldn't help myself. I leant in closer, put my hand on the side of his face and kissed him. It was so hard to pull away, but I managed to stop. I needed to see his response. "Well that was..nice" He said seeming a little stunned but moved in again to kiss me. I found his hand and moved it up to place on my breast. Remembering where I was I quickly took his hand off my breast. Yes I wanted to fuck this man, but not outside...well at least not our first time together. "Is there anywhere a little more private we could go" I asked "Well we could go to my room" "What about your friends" "They're in town at a club. Besides I'm only sharing with Mark. He can stay with the others" he took me by the hand and lead me quickly to his room.

Once at the door we found it hard to keep our hands off of each other with the anticipation of what we were about to do. I could already feel my pussy growing moist and begin to throb. Brendon fumbled slightly with the key and let us in. We moved quickly to the bed pulling off our own and each others clothes as we moved. All the time our mouths locked together, our tongues searching every unfamiliar part of the other. Brendon guided me down onto the bed, slid off my french knickers and moved his hand down between my legs to my eagerly waiting pussy. I sighed as he slipped in one finger, followed easily by a second. My hips bucked wanting him further inside me. He started to move his fingers in and out and rubbed my hard, sensitive clit with his thumb so slowly it was driving me crazy. He moved his head down, now level with my aching, anxious pussy. Again slowly, gently he kissed around my clit and then licked my soaking slit, dipping his tongue inside me. I rocked my hips forwards in time with his skilled licks. All of a sudden he sucked hard on my clit making me gasp loudly in shock and pleasure. As I orgasmed Brendon continued to lick my soaking pussy savouring my juices as my body jolted and spasmed with the pleasure. As my body began to settle down he was on top of me. I could feel his huge, hard cock against the inside of my thigh. As we kissed again I could taste my own come on his lips. He entered me, slowly, making me bite down hard on my lip and moan. My moaning made him push into me harder which in turn made me moan louder. He grabbed on to my breasts, which were moving from the motion of him thrusting. He squeezed my nipples making them hard and then began to suck and lick them, biting down on them every now and then, rolling them between his teeth. Making me groan. He moved his hand touching it to my face and offering me his finger, which I sucked and then bit. He replaced his finger with his lips. Kissing me passionately, we alternated biting and kissing all the while he was fucking me hard and fast. My legs wrapped around him, pushing him deep inside me. He bit one of my nipples again and I came with a huge scream. Screaming his name. Jolts travelling through my body. As my pussy constricted and tightened around his cock and the orgasm shook me, he came, grunting loudly and panting. Moving off me he kissed me again and lay his head on my chest. Running my fingers through his hair feeling relaxed and knowing he was likely to fall asleep I whispered "Don't go to sleep. I'm almost ready to go again"